Top 5 Sexy Accessories to Transform Any Outfit

It’s always the small pieces that make the bigger picture.

One of the most crucial steps you could take to increase your wardrobe’s sex appeal is to accessorize! Clothes may be the highlight, but the frills and accents tell the story. An intimate story will be made memorable when you put even the slightest thought to your accessories.

There’s power in the details.

Undeniable power that is! Every tiny detail counts when you want your outfit to pop! Drab to fab in a matter of seconds, just by putting on something extra. Julbie has collated five cult favorites in the accessories domain. As long as you have these in your arsenal, you will always have ‘sexy’ in the bag! These items will instantly turn any staple into a sizzling hot outfit.


Jewelry is like dessert; there’s always room for more! We won’t recommend the sartorial clichés like your diamond earrings and bracelets. You most likely have a couple in your collection, but it wouldn’t hurt to add more! The neck is one sensitive erogenous zone. A faint touch can make your spine tingle. Make sure the neck does not go unnoticed by picking pieces that are unique to your usual taste. Trade your traditional pearls for something on the polar opposite side!

Chokers are statement pieces that will turn heads! A black choker with a heart ring, or something along the same lines, is the outfit tweak that will send a bold message. The daintiest lingerie or a simple bare shirt will be made erotic with just a thin leather neckpiece. If your feeling frisky, cop chokers which flash expressions of your current ‘mood’!

Nipple Pasties

Stimulate the tits and the nips with fun and flirty nipple pasties! Another vulnerable erogenous zone is the areola or nipples. They are often neglected when it comes to accessorizing. Hence, pasties make sure that your nipples and boobs get all the attention they deserve! This should be your accessory of choice when you have a drab top.

Materials of the sheer, mesh or see-through variety can be made incredibly sexy with your choice of undergarments (or lack thereof!). If you cannot go full-on ‘free the nipple,’ nipple covers are your best bet. Your whole look will instantly light up! Not all that glitters is gold... it could be your nipples too! There’s an entire spectrum of nipple covers that could fit every kind of kink. With all sorts of designs and cuts that will help express your sensuality and build up excitement, from basic nude petals to glow-in-the-dark ‘fuck me’ nipple pasties, never let your nips be lonely again!


Staying warm while increasing your sex appeal is no picnic. When the cool breeze makes it difficult to keep your ‘sexiness’ in check. Especially since being sexy is always linked to showing a bit more skin.

Hosiery is our favorite in-between accessory. To heat up the room and to stay cozy too! It highlights and elongates the legs. Coordinate your pure black thigh highs with your intricate lace lingerie. Use it as a pop of color for your monochromatic ensembles or attach it to your garters for that full bombshell effect. Leggings, pantyhose, and tights add the right balance of mystery and sultry!


Your shoes are non-negotiable when you want to pursue passion and pleasure through your clothes. Limit or lavish on your jewels and props, but never ever forget your shoes. There’s something about feet that arouses a fetish. People have been feeding on this kink as an excuse to don the sexiest footwear.

High heels are on the top of the shoe food chain. It tramples all other kinds of footwear for its striking and flattering form. You can customize the height, depending on the need. A soft, kitten heel will complement casual to business attires. Sky-high sandals can go from elegant to erotic in a quick wardrobe change. Platforms, clear heels, and bootie heels are just some of our versatile favorites! It always adds the perfect touch of sophistication and sexiness to anything you go from a throw on your back.


While this is a category all on its own, Bondage-inspired details will always make an outfit stand out. You can harness power even outside the BDSM play scene by adding a touch of dominatrix to your day-to-day. Collars have become a chic accessory as opposed to its usual functions. Take the power exchange to the extreme by dressing it down with an off-shoulder or low neckline top or dressing it up with head-to-toe dom lingerie. Handcuffs, whips, crops, and paddles are also excellent props for photoshoots when not in use. You can jump on the power play, without the pain by utilizing this erotic paraphernalia for styling and shoots.

Anything leather, chained, studded, and wet-look can put an impactful spin on any ensemble. Dress to impress with a BDSM-inspired accessory because it definitely leaves no room for you to be shy!

Provocative, show-stopping, and sensationally sexy stuff!

Spruce up your clothes (even the most worn-out ones) with new accessories and transform your look into a real-life fantasy. Play up with accent pieces and express your wild desires and passionate pursuits through trinkets and baubles! You can get away with ‘outfit-repeating’ just with mixing and matching your accessories. Go full-out and extend your embellishments from the neck down to the toes, or sprinkle it as confetti only over the parts you need to accentuate. Julbie is a treasure trove of fun, funky and sexy accessories. We made sure you’ll never run out of options! Comb through our wide selection of accessories that will cater to all types of kink. Word of warning: You’re gonna want to cop them all!

February 05, 2020 — Nicole