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Hosiery: A Woman’s Second Skin

If we have one staple accessory that we need to own it’s hosiery. Our wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without any type of leg wear. Hosiery is a general term for anything we slip on our limbs. No matter what season or event there is, there is a suitable leg wear you can integrate in your outfit.

Hosiery may be mainly for keeping the legs and feet warm but it can also be a fashion accessory to highlight one of women’s most coveted assets: the legs. It can instantly turn any outfit from simple to chic. It can be the cherry on top of a bland outfit. With hosiery making rounds in the fashion world, providing all styles imaginable. You can already cross two hurdles with one leap when you wear sexy and fashionable hosiery to keep you warm and cozy and yet still in vogue during the winter and fall. Wearing hosiery is not anymore limited to the colder weather and seasons, you can wear one whenever you like: at weddings, raves, even at work! It is not dubbed as second skin for no reason.

Aside from highlighting the shape of the legs, hosiery can also be used to conceal your limbs when you have that imperfect skin days. In addition to this, everybody looks good in hosiery, no matter what your body type is.

Combine fashionable with functional with the wide selection of hosiery available. Know the basics about hosiery and determine which type best fits the occasion and the weather:

Pantyhose – These are leg coverings that are skin-tight and cover the toes up to the waist. It can be used as layers or styled differently as a fashion accessory. There are different thicknesses for pantyhose.

  • Opaque pantyhose can provide more coverage and shoes less to no skin. Mainly used as a layer underneath when wearing a skirt, the opaque pantyhose come in various colors. It ranges from the simplest designs such as black which can be used for corporate and more formal events to the more offbeat designs such as stripes and patterns. It also goes as far as having two different colors per leg, perfect for costume parties or rave parties!
  • Sheer pantyhose are mainly transparent therefore shows off your leg more. It adds embellishment to the natural skin tone of the leg. It can be simple as a plain sheer pantyhose to cute subtle designs such as kitty faces and skeleton bones. Aside from this, you can choose for a tattooed effect showing your skin with a patterned sheer pantyhose.

Socks – Socks have always been a necessity. It keeps your feet warm and comfy no matter what footwear you slip on. Despite its convenient and practical nature, socks can totally be sexy and fashionable! Get rid of your drab and worn out plain socks and purchase some from our stylish collection.

  • Women’s knee high socks are usually viewed as preppy chic. You do not have to be a school girl to rock this classic fashion accessory. When you need to keep bundled up during winter and fall seasons but your feminine side says you want to wear skirts – a mini even! You can still keep warm with a pair of knee high socks.
  • Thigh high socks are quite similar to knee highs but are closer to the groin. Unlike a pantyhose, it doesn’t go all the way to the waist but your legs can still be practically covered.

These styles are not limited to skinny, legged girls. It can also look very sexy on any size! Shop plus size thigh socks and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Wear either styles with a pair of chic boots and instantly add a little pizzazz to whatever outfit you are wearing!

Fishnet Tights – From how its named, fishnet tights bear a similar diamond pattern to those used by fishermen. It is an open knit type of stocking and can be a pantyhose that go up to the waist or simply stockings that you wear around your thighs. Much like other hosiery, fishnet leggings come in all colors. It can be embellishment to a plain outfit; wear black fishnet tights underneath your little black dress to turn sophisticated to sexually tempting. It can also turn casual outfits into a stylish fashion statement; add a bonus to your distressed denim jeans with fishnet stockings peaking underneath.

Socks Vs Stockings

No, we aren’t talking about the ones you hang up the fireplace during the Christmas season. Stockings are often confused with socks. This question often wanders the minds of women when out to shop for some leg accessories. They are practically the same in terms of functionality but the only difference is their material. Socks are usually made of cotton, wool and thicker material whilst stockings are made of light to sheer material like nylon or silk. Thigh high stockings are often used as a layer underneath boots.

Tip: It is not advisable to wear a size smaller than the regular. It can cause unwanted leg “muffin tops” and cause wreckage to the thin fabric. It’s best to measure your leg dimension and find the perfect fit!

Leg Warmers – Leg warmers are socks on steroids. These are hosieries that provide the ultimate protection from the cold. These date back to the 80s when it was all the rage. Little did we know that these furry leg accessories will be making a comeback. As they say, history           repeats itself and people are finding innovative ways to style this new (old) fashion piece. Leg warmers are often used with micro skirts and shorts to balance the skin-bearing clothing. You can wear these with flats, sneakers and boots. Anything goes! Leg warmers are also making a scene in rave parties where attendees use it with their out of the top costumes. Furry leg warmers in rave scene go to the lengths of having LED lights adorned around it. Styles of leg warners have expanded to every design you can think of from glittery hot pink fur to native Pocahontas-themed lace up warmers! You will have fun even just browsing the huge selection of leg warmers that it will be impossible to consider just one!

Leg Wraps – Are you off to your next rave party? You definitely have to try on leg wraps to match that psychedelic outfit of yours! Leg wraps are the perfect accent to your platform heels and boots. Leg wraps are extra flirty and fun so it will add a bit more sex appeal to your already sexy ensemble. Holographic, metallic, iridescent, tie-dye, neon and even LED-lights around your thighs. You will surely find a rave leg wrap to match!

Putting on Your Hosiery: Not as Simple as it Looks!

You did not expect leggings to have a step by step guide, right? Well, you have probably experienced a bit more time on putting on your hosiery as compared to your other pieces of clothing and you might not have even noticed it. Since it is skin tight, and very delicate, we also need to treat it with utmost care. Knowing the proper way to put on a pantyhose or stockings can save you a lot of time and it will lengthen the life of your leg wear too! No to runs and holes; your legs will thank you for it!

Step 1: Make sure you aren’t wearing sharp jewelry and mind your nails if you have long nails when handing it. You can put lotion on your hands to keep it from barring the process but avoid applying thick lotion to your legs as it will stick making it more difficult to put on.

Step 2: Sit down and wear the ends of on your toes. Gather the rest of it down to your toes.

Step 3: Roll the stockings up to your thighs one at a time, only gently pulling to avoid any runs.

Step 4: Once your tights have reached your thighs, stand up and pull the rest until its band is securely in place.

Pro tip: For extra measures, you can apply clear nail polish to the seams of the toes. This will make them stronger and lessen the chances of breaks and runs.

Hosiery Care: Leg Accessories Also Need Some TLC!

Admit it, you have probably neglected a pair of your socks, stockings or pantyhose and just threw it in the washer. We often take care of our other intimates such as bras, panties and other lingerie but why not do the same for our hosiery? They also deserve our attention so as not to keep destroying our new purchases. How we wash and store our hosiery also contributes a lot to its shelf life, aside from the quality of course.

It is recommended for you to wash your hosiery by hand. Because they are thin and delicate, washing machines have the tendency to weaken the material. When drying them out, bunch them together then let them dry flat.

Let them air dry. Do not iron them or let them dry in extreme heat or sunlight.

You can store them in a regular drawer but make sure to stock them with other leg wears in a dry garment bag. Make sure to fold them properly.

To sum it up, we often think of jewelry, scarfs, hats and such when the word “accessories” comes up. Because hosiery is viewed more as an essential rather than something to accessorize an outfit with, we overlook it from our wardrobe. Do not take your leg accessories for granted. You might not realize its contribution to an outfit until you put it on. It balances out a heavy ensemble, it keeps you comfortable and warm and not to mention, it also emphasizes your gorgeous legs (or keep it hidden), whatever works for you. You may even utilize a sexy pair of stockings for your next intimate night. Just slip it on with your sexy lingerie and let them do the talking!

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