Bikini Season All Year Round!

How to Wear Your Swimsuit Beyond Sunny Days

Swimsuits are one of our favorite sartorial inventions. Monokinis, microkinis, see-throughs, bikinis, -- these are just a few of our favorite things! They feel like second skin, lets rays of sexiness shine through and send us a massive wave of confidence! There’s something about them that makes them even better than skinny dipping!

The catch:

If there’s one drawback, we usually have to wait until we hear the call of the beach before we bring out our arsenal of sexy swimsuits. You do some wrist-breaking from scrolling to sift through the condensed market for that perfect number, only to get to wear it a handful of times. Bummer, right?

The solution:

Build a whole outfit around your swimsuits! Maximize cost-per-wear by working your bikini into your everyday ensembles. They are actually more versatile than you think. You might already have a few in your collection without realizing that you can totally wear even when the temperature has dropped!

The swimwear industry is ‘on fire’ as bikini-clad posts make rounds all over social media, all year round. Retail sales have skyrocketed since the virtual forum (Instagram’s blazing the trail!) inspired a lot of women to go out and flaunt their bikini bodies, even when there’s not a beach in sight!

The looks and the inspo:

ENDLESS! It only takes a bit of imagination, inspiration and a whole lot of love for swimsuits to take it from the beach, to brunch until the bedroom, perhaps? Why not! A lot of women are embracing their bodies and swimsuits pave the way for confidence to take flight! Here are some of our favorite looks:

One-piece swimsuits can double as bodysuits. Bodysuits are the new staple and it’s coveted by many because it provides a seamless style that stays in place the whole day! We especially love pieces that can go more than one way like a short-sleeved black monokini that’s classy in front, but a party in the back! A white backless monokini that has a halter neckline will like your everyday essential tank top but on steroids! Tuck it under your pants, shorts or skirts, and you have yourself a body-hugging shirt that raises the bar of casual styling!

Your swim tops might be the most fluid (no pun intended!) item in your closet. You can layer them with practically anything. Sweats, skirts, jackets – you name it! A bikini top is bound to match it. It will instantly give you that model-off-duty vibe! With oodles and oodles of bikini top styles, cuts, colors, and fabric, a simple teeny weeny bikini top can take you from season to season.

Even if it is designed for taking a plunge, it could take you to festivals, gym, streets, and the sheets! It is literally no sweat to style and layer up with other clothing while keeping you dry and comfy!

‘Suit up’ in all senses of the phrase with your favorite cleavage-bearing swim top. Balance it with contrasting pieces like a tailored blazer or trousers. Opt for a strappy top to add a dash of sultriness against a crisp outfit, and a bright triangle top is meant to be paired with a monochromatic outfit for that yummy pop of color! Sheer clothing is made even more scandalous when you trade your usual undies for a bikini top shining through.

Swim bottoms are too pretty to only be seen on the beach. The controversial style that has arrived is the peeking thong! If there’s anything we love to show off, it’s our booty on a g-string! Thongs are a celebration of our bodies and in our neverending quest to find another purpose for our swimwear, we are over the moon that the trend has made its comeback! We recommend jumping on the bandwagon without hesitation. Now that intentionally exposing your g-strings are all the rage again, it’s time to put those sexy thongs and micro bikinis to good use! G-strings have harnessed versatility from being underwear to swimwear, and beyond!

The shop:

Now that we’ve spilled the tea on the hottest trends surrounding our most loved swimsuits, it’s time for some retail therapy! Seasons, weather and location have become somewhat obsolete when compared to our love for swimsuits. No need to feel blue because you do not have to pack away your faves. Keep them top drawer and stock up on some more so you never miss out on the liberating feeling of wearing your swimsuit, even after summer ends! is your source for the sexiest bikinis all year round! Experiment with mixing and matching products from different categories. Do it for the 'gram!

March 06, 2020 — Nicole