Power Dressing: Tips to Make Yourself Feel Powerful and Sexy

The power of clothing has a profound bearing on our psyche. In Julbie, we believe that the clothes we choose have a particular impact on how we feel and how we send signals to others. While it is not the sole source of power, it reinforces how we carry ourselves. Feeling POWERFUL through clothes may seem superficial, but most of the feeling will come from within!

Power and sexiness can be translated into pieces of beautiful fabric sewn together. When you want to signal strength and sexiness, you have to know how to choose the right clothes to don. You have already won half the challenge when you have an outfit that screams your strength and style. 

Clothes can be both your literal and metaphorical armor shielding you as you conquer the world! Here are some tips to make sure what you are wearing will radiate your electric energy and personality. 

Buy High-Quality Empowering Clothes

Choose quality over quantity. Keep in mind that the quality of your clothes, as well as its fit, matter much. Whether it is for hustling at the office, a dip in the pool, a yoga class, a night out dancing, the right pieces will add an inner fierceness. No matter if it is intended to be seen or be worn under other clothes, it will shine through how you carry yourself throughout the day. Immense comfort and sexy style is a deadly combination! Put comfort and quality at the top of your list, and it will send waves of happy hormones.

Choose to be Sexy

If there’s anything that comes naturally to women, it is being sexy. All sides of our femininity and sensuality deserves to be explored. You are already sexy without even trying, so you can let this sexiness overflow with a touch of sass and seduction sprinkled over your everyday clothes. A manly suit can be made sexy by wearing lacy lingerie underneath, while your bikini top can serve as your alt crop top on warmer days. Be a force to be reckoned with when you take charge of how you dress. 

Celebrate Your Strengths

If you love your boobs, wear cleavage-bearing tops and flaunt it every chance you get! Do you adore your legs? Adorn it with the most luxurious hosiery. Pay no mind to your insecurities and focus on what you love about yourself. Rock every item and be comfortable in your own skin, flaws and all! Dress your best, and the rest will fall into place. 

Wear Your Personality

Your individuality can be your weapon. There’s beauty in your uniqueness. A powerful sense of self will help you choose which fashion items will speak to your soul. You should be able to feel extremely passionate with the clothes on your back. You can go along with the trends but always keep in tune with yourself. BDSM babe? Who says you cannot wear that choker for brunch? Don’t be afraid to stand tall. Wear those and heels and hear it clicking on the pavement!

Step Out of Your Bubble

Be brave and bold. A risque piece of clothing, such as a micro g-string, can evoke intense feelings. Still, it is dodged by many because of its intimidating form. But there’s a reason why a lot of women love wearing it so much! It is liberating! It gives you a feeling of being in control. Aside from just keeping your style in check, also take time to internalize whether your current wardrobe is doing your esteem any good. Your comfort zone is a pretty place, but rarely anything flourishes there. Try something new (add that corset to the cart, wear cosplay, try out sheer bikinis). You might just be surprised at how much you’ll love it. If not, then hop on to the next thing you haven’t tried yet. 

Be Unapologetically You!

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula on how to signal power through your clothes. Some women find confidence in layering and covering, and some express themselves better when they strip off and show off. Everybody else’s definition of sexy does not matter. Whether you want to make a statement or be subtle, you do you!

You get to define power.

Now, the dress code to power and sexiness is not limited to a uniform. Gone are the days when to ‘Boss Up’ your wardrobe means to only have a closet-full of masculine suits and stiff pencil skirts. It reaches beyond business suits, shoulder pads, and crisp button-downs. It can be a crop top, a pair of stockings, a high-slit skirt. Any item that speaks to your soul and boosts your confidence is powerful! Be a #bossgirl or a #bosslady in the boardroom, bedroom, strip club, gym, dance class, beach, and beyond!

Evolve, transform, mix and match, bloom – Remember, you are in control!


March 24, 2020 — Nicole