Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 

February 14th is the day when you have all the excuses to be all up on your partner. Cupid is right around the bend, ready to aim its bow and arrow yet again! It means it’s about time you scour the internet for the perfect gift for your s/o!

You shouldn’t be caught dead with a last-minute and thoughtless present this 2020. Still, we understand the frustration – when you’ve spent so many Valentine’s together, racking your brain for a unique gift might is not as easy as the first time!

Everyone deserves EXTRA LOVE on Valentine’s Day, and we have the best ideas to send butterflies in your tummies! Dive into our treasure trove of V-day ideas that both of you will surely ~heart~!

How to Dress Sexy on this Valentine’s Day

While the be-all and end-all this heart’s day is to end up naked, the clothes you’ll toss on the bedroom floor is just as important! It would help if you had fresh inspo for the most romantic day of the year. We’ve whipped up some of our faves that fit the season of spreading the love (and legs, of course!)! Reveal the depth of your affection through your choice of clothing. If you are not spending the day with anyone special, then it will be the perfect time to spoil yourself with some new retail love!

It takes another revolution around the sun before you get to dress up for the occasion again, so don’t be afraid to go all-out cheesy, cheeky, and oh-so-sexy!

Think Pink, Red, Sparkles, and Hearts All Over!

A burning passion is best reflected in eye-popping colors like blood, red, and hot pink! Add a tinge of these colors to your every day, and you’ll be sending lovey-dovey vibes wherever you go. Look effortlessly romantic in this racy red high-slit dress for a date. If going all-out with color is not your thing, you can still spread the love by copping sky-high red heels that will give another meaning to the phrase “head over heels” ! Red sparkle nipple pasties are a great addition to any sheer outfit you already own. These sweet and sexy details, even the smallest ones, can send a buttload of arrows towards whoever it is aimed at!

You can still bask in a roses-and-chocolates-clad atmosphere even when you are not romantically linked to anyone. Arrange a single’s night with your self-loving peers and get all dolled up! A red floral lace teddy sounds so much better than a bouquet! Don’t you think?

Less is definitely MORE!

Toss your neutral, ho-hum undies because the love month calls for a lingerie upgrade! It does not matter how vanilla you were the whole year, going a step further in your lingerie game is a token of love, not only for your beau but also for yourself!

Put a sassy spin to your bras and panties by going for cupless bras, crotchless panties, sheer, lace, and mesh fabric that show a ‘Lil bit more skin and shape! Surprise your partner with a naughty number. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like this lace peek-a-boo bra and panty set !

The only thing I wanna do on Valentine’s Day is... You!

Scribblethis note on a card, and it will send tingles down their spine! Make sure both of you are in for a wild ride because no better way to celebrate the day of hearts than turning up the heat until passion overflows! To reach cloud nine, we have collated this list to help you cop the perfect gift that will fulfill both your kinks!

Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Her

♥️ Sexy Dress and Heels Ensemble – When your girl gets hold of both, it’ll be a match made in heaven! Spy on her online ‘Wish List’ and check out the outfit that she has been eyeing. Trust us, if she has it in her cart, you couldn’t go wrong! Leave it for her to open up before you take her out to wear it. A happy ending is in the cards!

♥️ Luxurious Nightgown and Robe – Every woman loves a little luxury. Make her feel like a million bucks without having to spend a million dollars literally! A black, satin, and lace robe will be a piece she’ll be wearing all year round! She’ll be able to use it with her closet full of lingerie. It’s sweet, but still a sexy gift she will be able to cherish for a long time! It works both ways, for a low-key night in, or a pleasure fest that will wake up the neighbors!

♥️ Customized ‘Love Box’- Can’t choose one gift? Save yourself the trouble, and assemble a customized ‘package’ with all the potential gifts on your list! Throw in a top, a g-string, stockings, nipple pasties, a bottle of wine, a scented candle, and whatever you think will make her wildest dreams come true!

Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

♥️ BDSM photos – When you’ve got extra time on your hands, arranging a BDSM boudoir photoshoot will make a lasting gift! Cop BDSM Lingerie that will register beautifully in front of lights and camera. Go full-blown dominatrix with props and poses that will take his breath away! Have these photos developed, leave it with sexual love letters before the actual celebration. He’ll be wide-eyed, looking forward to THE day!

♥️ Erotic Massage – Your touch is the most sensual gift you could give! Build up his sexual appetite with an erotic massage. Bundle up with a satin robe while you slowly rub and tease his pleasure senses. Throw in a surprise lap dance or striptease with erotic dancewear you can keep hidden under the gown! Witness his drive and excitement exponentially rise up!

♥️ Kinky Gear – If you know your man likes to take control, gift him something he can use to dominate you in bed. On the flip side, give him full power as a gift if you are the Dom in the relationship. BDSM Gears like handcuffs, whips, and paddles are ‘Big Boy Toys’ he will appreciate. He will undoubtedly be able to put to good use – with your participation, of course!

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Avoid

✘ Gents, do not make the mistake of sending half-baked lingerie that is not ever in her size! While a slinky bra and panty set may be the first thing to pop into your mind, it is not the easiest thing to gift, especially if you are not 100% about her size and preference. Avoid a V-day faux pas and let her do the dressing up while you do the undressing!

✘ Ladies, avoid jumping into something you are not entirely comfortable with. Fulfilling your man’s fantasies might seem the best gift, but it is best to go in the direction where you can also be the most confident in. Strap on some costume lingerie only if you can take the deep plunge into a world of kink and play.

✔ A unique and personalized gift is what you need to make the day truly memorable. Heart’s day clichés may never go out of style, but you will most likely see that all over the place. A box of chocolates will seem much more appealing when consumed as an aphrodisiac leading to... a bedroom role-play, perhaps? On the other hand, flower arrangements can be translated into a beautiful babydoll with floral embroidery instead. Let your imagination and creativity do the talking. After all, you know your sweetheart best!

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January 22, 2020 — Nicole