Shopping is our favorite cardio, but it could really work out our wallets! As much as we want to cut corners, nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy!

A great wardrobe has plenty of variety. It should be comprised of pieces that will allow you to express yourself freely. As trends pass and as seasons change, we pack away those pieces we get tired of and go on shopping sprees to tweak and upgrade our wardrobe.

Great style can come in a range of price points. Our love for fashion does indeed come with a price. The difference in price range can be definitive of the kind of quality the product has. The world of retail go from bargain bins to high-end racks, it is up to you to decide whether an item is worth the extra bucks or not.

If you want to stick to a budget but love indulging in high-quality pieces, learn the principle of balancing highs and lows. It is possible to get your needs (and wants) without abusing your bank account! Let’s dive into the oldest trick in the book – the mix of splurges and saves. Know which items are worth investing on and which items you can get away with bargain prices with this guide:


1. Bras and panties

Putting money into your everyday underwear and lingerie is worth every dime. These are considered necessities, so it is not recommended to scrimp on quality. Since they are worn daily, you cannot go wrong with durable, well-fitting bras and panties. Most will hesitate to dole out hard-earned money for something you go through faster than any other item in your closet. However, imagine being uncomfortable every single day, just because you wanted to tighten your belt! You do not have to run through undies as fast when you choose to put quality over the quantity! The clothes on your back will look so much better, too! Trust us, having high standards when choosing your undies will be worth its weight in gold.

2. Heels and Boots

A journey of thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes. Don’t let your adventure be cut short just because your shoes decided to suddenly fall apart. As they say, good shoes take you to good places, and most of the time, the best shoes come with a heftier price tag. It’s worth saving up for top-grade stilettos or bootie heels for their comfort and longevity. The right pairs will transcend any occasion and every season! Have at least a couple of timeless and top quality heels and boots which you can wear out all day and night without fear of having a Cinderella moment!

3. Basics and Classics

Staple items like a white top or a black dress can serve you for years when you hunt for superior quality. Everyday and essential clothing are like a blank canvass, which you can work around your trendy pieces. Key items in your closet that are in heavy rotation are worth getting in a cutting-edge fabric or an intricately designed silhouette. You could get regular use out of a black lace corset dress or a white tank bodysuit by using it for mixing and matching! If it is in a versatile design, color, and cut, allocate a big chunk of your clothing budget for these core pieces. The same basic piece can be worn to a party, a date, a resort, and more, and you’ll never be accused of being an “outfit repeater”! Indulging on quality will allow you to get more use out of your favorites without it being worn out in one stroke.


1. Hosiery

Pantyhose, tights, leggings, and the like are radically lightweight and sheer.It is expected that they will be the first ones to fall apart as compared to other closet spacers. We think it is okay to cheap out on this category as we know it won’t stick around for years and years. Our best advice for buying day-to-day hosiery is to buy it in bulk. There are plenty of hosiery deals like Julbie’s Buy 3, Get 1 Free on all hosiery and stockings that will allow you to get your money’s worth. And yes, it includes bedazzled and lacy ones!

2. Trends and Seasonal Items

We love following what’s hot! The catch: fads are fleeting. Always ponder on the cost per wear before you make a purchase. On-trend items are usually the first ones to be forgotten after the hype dies down. Before you get your return of investment on a style craze, Vogue would have released the next ‘in’ thing! Jump on the bandwagon, but when you know you are wearing it because of the fad rather than its function, you can stick with lower-priced options. Just like relationships, if you don’t see yourself committing to it, do not invest too much!

3. Party Clothes and Costumes

There are some clothes you tend to switch out as often as after the first use. Prints and colors that are bold and loud are memorable. Dresses for special occasions are made less ‘special’ when worn regularly. Attending more than one rave or festival this year? It’s highly likely that you want variety with your party wardrobe! This goes the same for costumes wherein we express creativity. More often than not, we would not be caught dead in last year’s Halloween costume! If you are easily swayed by stuff in ‘new arrivals,’ scour for affordable versions before settling.

Are you a high roller, or penny pincher? It does not matter! In, there’s always something for every type of budget! (1) For those who don’t mind spending a million bucks to look like a million bucks and (2) for those who are hesitant to pay king’s ransom for a queen’s ensemble.

There are just some things that you spare extra expense for and some things you go all out for. Don’t worry about throwing money down the drain because we guarantee that knowing which worthy pieces to invest in will save you more money in the long run.

This structure might work differently for different people, taking into consideration your lifestyle and your consumption of specific items. The bottom line is: No matter how much you spend on a particular product, wear it with a ton of confidence, and it’ll be worth whatever amount you spent!

January 13, 2020 — Nicole