When the cold breeze takes over, we start to edit the contents of our closet from the ground up. Some seasons require you to bundle up and stay warm, so there will come a time when transitioning your skimpy outfits is inevitable. When the temperature drops, it might be a challenge to put ‘sexy andseductive’ outfits as a top priority, but a pair of sexy boots make this endeavor a piece of cake. The shoes you choose can take your style to a certain degree, even when it is below degrees! When building the cold season’s wardrobe, boots are a non-negotiable item! The “It” shoe that has taken the fashion world by storm is utilitarian boots, and this is the perfect time to put them to full use.

This is a chronicle of our favorite boot styles and how you can integrate it for every occasion from day ‘til night!

1. For Sunday brunch:

Brunch outfits usually require a casual yet slightly dressed-up look. Take your boots out for a bite and stay comfy and stylish all throughout. A pair of bootie heels is the perfect candidate for this type of plan because you can keep it relaxed and yet still be on-trend. Cuff your jeans, show off a bit of ankle, and let the boots take the spotlight. Flowy skirts and light dresses will be more weather-appropriate when you have boots to keep you company. Throw on some hosiery, and you’ll be ready to brave even al fresco dining!

2. For a casual walk:

Whether your feet take you to the park or the mall, make sure you choose shoes that you will literally be able to walk in. Nothing beats the satisfying sound of soles crunching crisp leaves or smooshing soft snow as you tread your path, make sure you look good while you are at it! This mid-calf black velvet booties is a favorite for that casual stroll or a shopping jaunt because its 3-inch height does not kill your feet! It does not scrimp on style too – the velvet material with gold details is so chic and sexy that it will add a spring in your step! With it, you can look drop-dead-gorgeous with your skinny jeans, tights, or sweater. Stroll, shop, and strut the whole way without risk of strain and pain.

3. For a fun night out:

Let’s face it, rave wear and club wear are not usually designed for chilly nights. When dancing the night away, exposing skin is one way to keep the sweat at bay, but what will happen when it turns chilly? When roles are reversed, you can add boots with a flair to your party ensembles. There are a lot of boot styles that are spot-on for dancing! Keywords: glitter, rhinestones, iridescent, fringe, and all that jazz! Boots may be a practical option but add anything extra, and it will make you stand out even in a crowded room! A mini skirt or booty shorts worn with these black glitter thigh highs will make you the hottest amidst the coldest seasons!

4. For romantic dates:

Weather-appropriate and date-ready is not always an easy outfit combination to pull up. Our answer: High heeled boots hit the spot! When you want romance to lead to something more, the formula should have a dash of temptation, and heeled boots is our top pick! We suggest opting for pointed-toe boots and extra heel height that set the balance between classy yet ‘come-hither.’ This black stretch thigh high boots will hug your curves while keeping you protected. It will also allow you to wear your most form-fitting and high-hemmed dresses without looking out of season! When paired with a little black dress, the night will undoubtedly lead to happy endings.

5. For a sexual rendezvous:

You do not have to light up a fireplace to heat things up, all you need is a pair of thigh highs. Anything vanilla will be turned to erotic when you put on lace-up wet look boots, which can also be great for working a pole! Vinyl, leather, and other wet look material look the most appealing when it comes to generating body heat in the bedroom. It’s the ideal shoe to match a dominatrix outfit or as a steamy reinforcement to your lacy lingerie. Killer boots are the perfect finishing touch, which will take you to wherever the night leads you.

Here at Julbie.com, sexiness is only a pair of boots away!

Boots are timeless, and it will never escape the list of our top wardrobe staples. You can never go wrong with the shoe that has stood the test of time! Both practical and pretty, you do not have to put too much thought into your outfit when you have head-turning boots. Anything can be spruced up with the right pair of boots, even if it means layering up. They offer comfort, convenience, and they come in sexy silhouettes and chic styles. Our lineup of sexy boots will have every occasion and event covered. When you have found the right pair, it can transcend seasons and be put on heavy rotation the whole year ‘round! Forget glass slippers for a while because princesses also need a pair of boots! 

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December 13, 2019 — Nicole