Sun’s out, bun’s out! This summer, it’s all about micro bikini swimsuits. If you’re on Instagram or other forms of social media, you’ve undoubtedly come across images of models dressed in scantily clad swimwear. Thanks to the female empowerment movement, many women are deciding to wear less and less material as a nod to their self-esteem.

While the micro bikini fashion movement is gaining in popularity, the places to wear them have remained limited. Many public beaches and public locations are family-friendly and require an extra level of sensitivity so you’re not breaking any public indecency laws. As the experts in micro bikinis, we consistently get questions such as “where can I wear micro bikinis?” and “is it wrong that I wear a micro bikini to a public beach?” Therefore, we created a list of the right places to wear a micro bikini regardless of where you live!

The 411 on Bikinis: Which Swimsuit “Suits” the Situation?

Micro swimwear is popping up everywhere you turn. Even the Kardashians wear their thongs in the snow! However, not all micro bikinis are the same and should not be treated the same at every venue. Micro bikinis are the umbrella term to numerous other styles that include (but not limited to): thongs, g strings, monokini, slingshots, teardrops, and sheer.

To consider the appropriate venue for the suit, we have to consider the style of bottoms.

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Thongs can be distinguished by the triangle shaped fabric that forms just at the top of the buttocks. The bottom of the triangle stretches out to the middle of the butt cheeks. G-strings, on the other hand, have a T-shaped string that goes down between the buttocks. In this sense, g-strings are more revealing as compared to the thong.

Micro bikinis refer to both the top and bottoms and are typically sold as a set. A micro bikini encompasses coverage on both the top and the bottom (which is often in g-string form). Fabric wide enough to cover the nipples and crotch, these bikinis just barely pass the muster for public decency laws. Due to their minimal coverage, these bikinis come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs to match the bold personality of the wearer. Don’t be surprised to see this bikini in a sheer fishnet mesh.

No Strings Attached: Best Places to Wear Your Micro Bikini

If you’re convinced that a micro bikini is right for you, then let’s jump right in to the appropriate places to wear one:

✔︎ Private Beaches – Exclusive resorts and islands where smaller crowds reside are more permissive in bare-it-all bikinis. Tropical destinations such as Barbados, Hawaii and the Caribbean tout privacy as a selling point. Where public beaches are surrounded with kids and families, private beaches at resorts are designed for women and couples to freely dress as they wish. If you’re looking for a little adventure, check out these incredible private beaches around the world you can visit.

✔︎ Public Beaches – Destinations which have been tagged “nudist-friendly” and “clothing optional” will definitely allow you to wear your micro bikinis. This is the safest option because if you go in your birthday suit, then you can undoubtedly wear a barely-there swimsuit. There are a lot of beaches in the US and Canada that are progressive when it comes to liberated dress codes. South Beach is no stranger to the micro bikini so if you plan to head out to a no-dress-code resort in the area, by all means, go for the sexiest bikini you own!

✔︎ Romantic Vacation – A lover’s staycation is also the best time to pack your micro bikini. Celebrate your anniversary in a hotel jacuzzi or a swanky indoor room pool like those in Bali, Indonesia. Many people wear micro bikinis for the eroticism. Sheer fishnet materials that leave nothing to the imagination are a must-have for romantic hot tubs. Feel free to go slinky on a far-flung destination with your S.O. even if you are just a budding microkini aficionado. What are the odds that you will bump into someone you know in an exclusive resort in Mexico? Slim!

✔︎ Adult Resorts -- A lot of people are oblivious to the fact that there are adult-only resorts all over the world. You will be free to roam around in your bikini without fear the dirty stares of a mom with her toddler. Just make sure to lug around a cover-up when you roam around the resort in case certain areas impose a different dress-code.

✔︎ Backyard Pool – The comfort of your own home is one place you can (literally and figuratively) dip your toe in the water. It is the most comforting and secure location when you are just starting out your micro bikini journey. Because it is considered private property, no one can hold your itty bitty bikini against you. Just make sure there are no kids around! Otherwise, soak in the sun and get that tan on your own backyard.

A Word of Caution: Worst Places to Wear Your Micro Bikini

❌ Some foreign countries have strict rules and consider excessive skin-show in public as indecent exposure. Some consider butt-baring suits is equal to being nude. When going in the nude is considered a crime, a micro bikini may also get you in big trouble. Religiously-specific dominated countries, such as Dubai, are less appreciative of skimpy bikinis. While you might not get arrested on the beach, showing more skin may mean disrespect for their culture.

❌ Family-friendly resorts/Community pools – Expect these places to be packed with children and the elderly. Even if there are no certain rules posted, you may want to wear a full-back bikini to keep parents from shielding their kids’ eyes! Use discretion with this one, scope out the pool area and clientele to see if there would be any issues wearing a g-string.

❌ Cruise Ships – Depending on the cruise, micro bikinis can be acceptable. If you’re going on an adult’s only cruise, then you can pretty much guarantee that micro bikinis are OK. However, if you’re going on a family cruise with children present then it’s probably not a good idea. Caribbean Cruise? Why not!

The Bottomline: Bare Your Butt Responsibly!

The trick to knowing whether it is appropriate to wear the biggest – and smallest – bikini trend to your vacation is to RESEARCH. It will be worth the extra effort if it saves you the worry and the trouble when you get to your destination. A bit of investigation and proper discretion are just small prices to pay to be able to respect and abide by the rules. Taking the location into great consideration will save you from breaking any laws. In any way, you will always find other measures to keep sexy without going against standards.

If in doubt or if time-constrained, do as the Romans do! Pack more than one bikini option. Observe what the crowd is wearing and be on the lookout for some signs so you will know which bikini is best for the situation and setting. Use your discretion and you’ll be just fine!

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July 11, 2019 — Nicole