There are very few things as liberating and exciting as wearing a teeny bikini. Women wear micro bikinis for a variety of reasons that range from attention seeking, functional tanning use, or an emboldened sex appeal. Whatever the reason, the common denominator they all share is that micro swimwear empowers you. You get to wear what you want free of judgement and free of care about the status quo.

For many women (including myself), it can be terrifying to imagine your body exposed to the world. “Will I be able to wear it at the beach?”, “Is my body type right for this?”, “What will people think?” Subconsciously, we put up a wall and discourage ourselves from stepping outside of our comfort zone for fear of judgement and ridicule.

All these worries get in the way of unlocking our true empowerment: freedom. Of course, you need to decide for yourself that wearing a micro bikini is right for you, but in case your curiosity is piqued, here are a few other reasons.

1. It makes you stand out – The first, and most immediate, effect of wearing a provocative micro bikini are the number of heads that will turn to look at you. Your swimsuit will attract attention like a magnet. Blending in with a bikini-clad beach crowd is sometimes inevitable but with an outrageous swimsuit, you’ll wow the crowd like a firework! It may sound daunting, but is it worth it? Hell yes! Natural instincts tell us to avoid situations that we fear, so the only way to overcome the fear of attention is to face it head-on. Feel good stepping outside that comfort zone and boldly do what very few women have done before!

2. It gives a chance to express and explore – Express yourself without the involvement of other opinions. The benefits are rooted in science that say that the act of self expression is important to distinguish yourself from others. It allows the ability to reflect on your own beliefs and needs and validate your own self-concepts. Those insecurities and judgements we hold about ourselves, are they your beliefs or others? If you truly feel that a micro bikini is not for you, then at least you tried it and you’re re-affirmed in your beliefs. However, the beauty in self exploration is not the finale, but rather the journey.

3. It boosts confidence – Once you’ve decided to break free of traditional swimsuits, your confidence will become noticeable in how you carry yourself. Your stance, your gait, your facial expressions; everything will feel lighter. Wearing lighter fabric will certainly help, but your liberated self-confidence will certainly benefit. Soak up the sun while showcasing your beauty no matter what shape and size! If you're not ready to go full-blown micro, the best way to build your self-confidence is to start small. Begin with a normal bikini top and pair it with a thong string bikini bottom. That way, you can familiarize your body with less fabric. Unloading all those insecurities will spare you from wasted opportunities. When you choose the jaw-dropping bikini over your insecurities, consequently, you allow yourself to push the boundaries and simply seize the moment!

4. It attracts positive vibes – Now that your self-esteem has taken on new heights, the natural laws of the universe will convene to attract others that are similarly self-assured and attract positive attention. Whether it’s in the form of complements or new friendships, self confidence acts as a magnet to those seeking it. However, not everyone in the world will be positive towards your new style of swimwear. Don’t let their negativity and insecurity dissuade you from your newfound confidence. You’ll find that you can now brush off those unwarranted comments with ease. Who knew an itty-bitty two-piece can hold so much power?

5. It paves the way for body love and acceptance – Choosing to bare your “tata’s” and your booty means you are also choosing to throw your insecurities out the window! Stretch marks? Tummy rolls? Cleavage overload? Skin spots? Who cares! Give zero f*** and put on that bikini anyway! The only voice that matters is yours. If your heart is beating fast when you see that sexy bikini, that’s just a sign that it’s looking for some swimsuit lovin’. Seeing yourself in a whole new light in a free-spirited bikini omits a surge of happy hormones! Eventually, you will learn to love and accept every bit of your body, flaws and all.

6. It symbolizes women empowerment – It speaks volumes on how women should not be bound by expectation in the mainstream social construct. In a world still dominated by old beliefs centered around a ‘female’s role’, we’re told to cover-up as a form of submissive servitude. What many people often forget is that a woman’s body is not the ownership of anyone else, but herself. Ignore the haters and relish in the sunshine that comes from within! When you go for that risqué bikini, you are sending a message that you are truly one loud, proud and unbothered queen!

Why Go Vanilla When You Can be Bursting with Flavor!

Safety lies in the comfort of the known, but true transformation doesn’t happen without taking a risk. While you're on the path to building confidence and self-esteem, why not experiment with other forms of apparel like lingerie. Micro swimwear may sound scary, but we can guarantee that the risks are well worth the reward!

Micro bikini swimwear

July 04, 2019 — Nicole