Nipple pasties are the new boob revolution that women all over the world cannot get enough of. Even if we love a supportive bra, pasties offer a different kind of feeling: liberation! Pasties have paved the way to embracing our breasts no matter what size they come in. The no-bra look has reached an all new high and nipple stickers are helping the modern woman achieve a seamlessly sexy look without exposing the nips.

The 'sitch'. They have always been used as a bra alternative to keep those nips at bay while wearing low cut tops but now they have also become a new breed of risque fashion. Take for example, Hollywood: celebs are already rocking the industry’s new obsession in public by using it as a statement piece instead of just an undergarment.

The catch? It may seem impossible that anything can go wrong with a pair of these uncomplicated nipple covers. However straightforward it may seem, it can still go awry if they are not applied thoroughly. No one wants to be accused of 'indecent exposure'!

A Guide to Avoiding Sticky Situations

Get it?

A fashion faux pas is avoidable when there is a correct application. Follow this quick guide on how to properly apply pasties:

1. Read instructions. Prior to placing it, go over the instructions. Packaging of these products usually come with directions. Pasties can be self-adhesive or come with a separate adhesive. Words like non-reusable, waterproof, medical grade are also something to look out for. Self-adhesives are often disposable after a couple of uses while those that come with separate glues may be reused. When you shop pasties, read the description or ask the store if there is anything to be aware of that's not already listed on the package.

2. Clean breasts are a must. Dirt, moisture, oil and other body fluids will get in the way of the pasties clinging on the skin. Towel dry your body before you open your pasties.

3. Skip the moisturizers and lotions. It might not be a good idea to slather your favorite rich lotions on your breasts when you plan to stick on pasties. If you're going to a music festival where you plan to cover yourself in glitter and rhinestones, always apply your pasties nipples first! Failing to do so will prevent your breast pasties from sticking to your skin and ultimately ruining your look.

4. Test its position prior to placing. Take some time to position the placement of the pasties over your nipple. For example, if your pasties are in the shape of a heart, you'll want to make sure that the heart looks vertical and the boob heart follows the curves of your breasts. Face the mirror and find the perfect spot at the middle, completely covering the areola. This will help you get the fit symmetrical on the first placement. Since many of the self-adhesive pasties are single-use, the glue only lasts one wear. Any attempts to fix your pasties after they have been applied can cause your pasties to fall-off prematurely and not stick as well.

5. Place it in front of the mirror.

For self-adhesive:

* Peel off the plastic covers halfway, then stick it to your breast.

* Remove the rest of the paper backing once you are satisfied with the placement.

* Press it gently until every curve has fully adhered to the skin.

For separate adhesives: A separate glue or double-sided tape may come with your pasties.

* You may test these out on your wrist to ensure that no allergic reaction will take place.

* Place the tape or glue on the outer edges of the pasty.

* Spread liquid adhesives with a cotton bud for precision.

* Cut the tape in accordance with the pastie’s shape before peeling the back.

Extra Step: You can press on to your pasties tightly for a few seconds for that extra security measure. Check its staying power by wiggling and twisting your body. If it falls off, it’s a sign that you probably need extra adhesives. Otherwise, you are ready to put on that top and head out the door!

Those of us with sensitive skin are advised to wear pasties for no more than 12 hours. Many boob pasties are made with hypoallergenic glue from 3M and maintain the status of 'Medical Grade' quality. If you're prone to sensitive skin, then make sure to look for that status. However, many hypoallergenic nipple pasties are still only recommended for limited time to prevent the skin from irritation. Many nipple pasties brands are coming out with reusable nipple covers as a cost-effective solution to one-time-use nipple pasties. Follow the instructions on the package to clean your reusable nipple pasties after use because not only do you want them to stick again, but ensure that they do not irritate your skin overtime with improper cleaning.

Pasties Life Hacks

More tips and tricks for living in the braless territory

It is one thing to apply a pasty, but keeping it on for the duration of the day is another. If only it is as simple as “lick it and stick it”, but since that is not the case, here is an arsenal of anti-nip slip tricks:

1. Double-sided tape for your fabric pasties works like a dream. Double sided tapes can be used for your more delicate pasties. Get the one intended for fabric. They are also called as “fashion tapes” or “toupee tapes”. They are thin and light so can also keep a few strips tucked in your purse as extras.

2. Spirit Gum is for long-wear, heavy-duty purposes. When you intend to wear your pasties for hours on end, just know that spirit gum is the go-to glue of burlesque dancers. If you are willing to splurge on this professional glue and its corresponding remover, it will guarantee you a longer lasting bond even after hours of sweating. Take it from the dancers who swear by it after bouncing with tassels flailing from their boobs!

3. Keep it simple with quick and easy eyelash glue. Yes, you read that right! Eyelash glue is a classic trick of the trade for those who are looking for double purpose adhesives. If it is safe for your eyes, you can also count on it to be handy for your boobs. Put it simply as how you would apply it with falsies. Wait a couple of seconds before you put it on your boobs. Just pop it in your bag and whip it out every time you need a touch-up.

4. Those more well endowed might need tighter clothes. If your cup is overflowing with sexiness, pasties can still keep your nipples tucked. But don’t expect it to give you the proper support system you need. Tighter clothes hold your breasts up. Some put extra tape from the bottom of their breasts extending just above the areola for that “push-up” effect. You can also stretch out the tape from one breast to another, bringing both of them to the center creating a fuller cleavage.

Wear as a pasties bra, a rave top, costume decoration, an object of seduction, a burlesque dancer uniform, a fashion accessory and more! You can get creative with these undeniably useful products; no doubt, a pair will be worth every penny. We have a specially curated collection of the best, the brightest, the boldest nipple pasties. Shop from dress-code appropriate, exotic dancer-worthy tassels to glow in the dark rave pasties. has you covered... underneath it all!


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June 27, 2019 — Nicole