A festival is a place to escape the ordinary. It is just brimming with culture, art, music, and fashion. It is where most people like to let their creativity run loose and simply have the best time of their lives. Nights turn into morning, strangers turn into friends, the music turns into magic. A festival will turn into a memory that lasts forever.

Raves, music festivals, and concerts are the events to have boundless fun but it can also be a hot mess! While we love spontaneity, preparation is still key in making the most out of the event. The simplest details will make all the difference. Once you have the ticket in your hands, it is time to start planning your outfit and start packing the necessities!

Get ready to take on the jam-packed crowd of riled up partygoers by making sure you have the following items in Julbie’s festival survival list.

  • An Outfit that Screams “FUN!”-- It would not be a festival without an expressive and imaginative ensemble. It is a guarantee that other people attending the festival will be bringing their A-game when putting together an outfit so you also want to bring your own sartorial vision to the table! If you “ain’t got time for that” then rompers, bodysuits and onesies will be your best friend. These stylish pieces are chic, flattering and practical! It can be your whole festival outfit bundled up in one singular clothing item.
  • Sweat-Proof Top – For the women who love a good mix and match, your top will be significant to the overall experience. It will be the centerpiece of your whole ensemble. You will be dancing all night and screaming your lungs out so your top must serve a double purpose: keep you stylish and keep you comfy. It is expected that you will be sweating profusely amidst a chock full of ravers under the glaring sun or pulsating lights. A festival top that will keep the stickiness at bay is essential. Crop tops and transparent fabric are styles that will show off your curves while keeping your movement free.
  • Sexy Bikini Another practical option is just to use your two-piece swim tops as your crop top alternative. For festivals which involve a lot of water like the Wet Electric Festival, a bikini top might be the smartest thing you’ll put on. With it, you can dance AND go down the waterslide! They are literally designed for absorbing and drenching so you have fewer worries about ruining your look. You can also layer your bikini with see-through tops, denim shorts or flowy skirts. Make sure you pack one or two because this versatile piece can take you beyond the festival like a post-concert dip in the pool.
  • Something Sparkly You can bring light sticks, glow bands or bling because take it from Riri – shining bright like a diamond is must! When the concert stretches from dusk ‘til dawn, make sure you won’t be consumed by the shadows by wearing things that GLOW! This “wow” factor will keep you noticeable even as the sun goes down. You can also keep the sparkle overflowing even when the sun is out by adding some jewelry, temporary tattoos and glitter! You can never have too much glitter!
  • Comfy Cover-UpsWe are all for being Sexy AF and festivals are the perfect venue to express your sexiest self with the skimpiest outfits. No matter how much skin you intend to flaunt, it is still wise to bring with you an added layer that will keep you cozy and protected just in case the air conditioning gets chilly or if the weather starts acting up during outdoor festivals. Stay warm while still looking cool with coats and jackets in a stylish design like hoodies or dusters. Choose the right one which will tie seamlessly with other pieces in your ensemble.
  • Eye-candy Beauty and Skin ProductsMoisturizer, lip balm, and sunscreen are some of the essentials you need to pack with you. You need to look good but you also need to keep your skin healthy and glowing! Protect your skin from the harsh festival environment with some skin care measures. Do not forget to pack light makeup for retouching because the sweat and the heat are bound to melt yours off.
  • Easy-to-Grab Sun ProtectionWhen there’s little chance of shade on the festival grounds, your SPF lotion might not be enough. A chic pair of shades and a nifty hat will be your shield against harmful UV rays. They can also serve as a bandaid solution when your hair and your makeup get disheveled.
  • A Bag to Hold Everything Bring with you a convenient waterproof backpack. A drawstring bag, or a trendy fanny pack to keep all your essentials close to you. You can squeeze in a water bottle to keep you hydrated, an energy bar to munch on, your phone to take pics for the ‘gram and a power bank to keep your gadgets fully charged and not to mention your tickets and your wallet. They all need a home!

The things you bring to a festival greatly matters. When you are properly equipped, you can freely feed your soul with music, memories and magic. Merge fashion and function on your next rave, concert or music festival. Julbie is your one-stop-shop for your festival gear. Click through the shop and tick off all of the above so you can be all set to take on the festival by storm! 


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June 21, 2019 — Nicole
Tags: Festival Rave