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White String Bikini Thong
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Red String Bikini Thong Set
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Metallic 'Y' Back Micro Thong Bikini Bottom
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Turquoise String Thong Bikini Set
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String Bikini Thong Set
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Black Micro G String Bottom
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All Sexy Swimsuits 2023


Say yes to adventure, say yes to the sexy swimsuit!

Swimsuit season is just around the corner and we cannot help but be on the edge of our seat. More than round trip tickets, and resort bookings and luggage filled to the brim, another essential item you need to secure is your swimsuit! Women have been on the lookout for the quintessential sexy swimwear as soon as the sun peeks from the clouds. Women cannot be blamed. If it gives a chance to flaunt their bodies and at the same time enjoy the sun? Count us in!

A huge fraction of your time this season might be spent in a bikini so we completely understand the commotion by the swimsuit racks nitpicking all the sexy swimsuits. We do not recommend settling for any kind of swimsuit, we want you to look your absolute best so you can feel like you are on cloud nine. From bikini strings to bikini thongs and everything in between, what is important is how you feel in it.

Whether you are currently wrapped in layers of clothing or you have beads of sweat trickling down your face because of the scorching heat, it is always a good time to hunt for a swimwear sexy. Swimsuit enthusiasts recommend that you equip yourself early for spring and summer break.

Aside from expanding and upgrading your bikinis in terms of trends, it is also advised to purchase new bikinis not only for the fun of it but also for hygienic purposes. Your used and abused swimsuits can only go so far when you wear them to wet places. Because it is consistently exposed to water and sunlight, it is more prone to stains and breakage. Your swimsuits are directly making contact to your skin so it also absorbs an amount of your sweat and other fluids from your body. For these reasons, you should also switch up your swimsuits and bikinis proper for health and hygiene.


The Secret to Buying the Sexy Swimsuit: Virtual Shopping Spree

One thing that comes with swimsuit shopping is the struggle to find something that goes well with your personality as well as your figure. There are times where a swimsuit speaks to your heart and soul but does not translate well to your body. It is a bittersweet decision that you make when going through the catalog in the search for the perfect sexy bikini that will take you to places this swimsuit season.

Going to the mall and trying on different swimsuits in a public place might be an intimidating feat for some. We are completely starry-eyed with the wide selection of sexy bikinis displayed but picking the best one from the bunch is like a needle in a haystack. You are probably searching for a shortcut to save you from the crazy process of shopping for sexy swimwear. We’ll let you in on an inside scoop: Online Shopping!

Escape the pressure of a brightly lit dressing room by shopping in the comfort of your home. The virtual shopping mall is overflowing with sexy bikinis and to die for swimsuits. You can take your precious time without any pressure of mall hours. Munch your favorite snacks while scrolling down and making imaginary check marks on designs that tickle your fancy. If you find yourself in a pickle, you can always wander to the blog posts and product descriptions to enlighten yourself and make shopping easier.

Some e-commerce stores like make the online shopping experience a pleasurable and easy experience. We provide you with comprehensive guides to knowing which swimsuit works best for a particular body type along with convenient shipping and returns policies.

Swimsuit Trends in 2019: 3 Sexy and Fresh Cuts to Try this Year


Keeping up to date with the up-and-coming styles will help you narrow down your choices. Update your collection with varying styles and cuts that will be big this season. We rounded off the swimsuit cuts your body should be seen in this year to make a splash!

1. Micro – Less is more. Talk about strikingly minimalist. We’re adopting the mini micro bikini trend from 2018 because it is bigger this year. Once upon a time, women who wanted to be a bit sexier under the sun would always opt for smaller sized string bikinis. Now, it is specially designed to be risqué and extra cheeky. Micro thong swimsuits will liberate you from the shackles of inhibition. Freedom has never been this sexy.

2. High Leg – Birthed from the ultra flattering high cut trend, introducing the high leg bikini bottoms. Instead of going for regular bikini thongs, pick the high leg alternative. This cut will give you legs for days and will make every photo you post a thirst trap. This bikini cut will single-handedly give you a sizzling hot silhouette

3. Cut-Outs – A saucy take on your sexy swimwear is cut out details. One-piece sexy swimsuits are given a retro twist by adding laser cut panels that will show a hint (or a lot) of skin. This is a trend that mixes basic with risque. If you are too hesitant to go for the all-out with the stripper bikini trend, the cut-out style is a subtle way to show off that figure and skin.


Debunking Swimsuit Myths: 5 Statements You Should Stop Believing

Ever since sexy swimsuits have taken over the world, certain “rules and regulations” have been popping up all over the internet. Some of these rules have caused quite a stir and frustrated a lot of swimsuit enthusiasts. We are here to bust these myths and make sure that all women are empowered.. one swimsuit at a time!

1. FALSE: Plus-sized women should stick to one piece – Why cover up all those curves? With a booty and bust like that, your body is worth flaunting no matter what it says on the scale. There are a lot of plus sized bikini thongs and string bikinis especially tailored for the chunky beauties of the world. It is all about knowing how to work around your flaws and accentuating your assets. Julbie caters to the plus-size queens with skimpy bikinis with extra support.

2. FALSE: Go for black when you want to slim down – Sure, black is a slimming color, but it isn’t your only option when you want to look more slender. Colored bikini strings can still work with the right cut. Don’t let this myth stop you from purchasing a white bikini for as long as the style and coverage work towards flattering your body, you can practically reach for any color. If you still want to go for dark colors without settling for all black, chic and trendy hues are also making noise this season. Plum, emerald, charcoal, rust and the like are stylish and slimming colors as well.

3. FALSE: Over 40 cannot wear a bikini – Sexiness does not come with an expiration date. As long as you have the guts and the confidence to still rock a bikini even if your age does not fall under the calendar anymore, by all means, rock that bikini!

4. FALSE: A bikini body is a size 2 and below – We would like to emphasize that a bikini body is not defined by a number. A bikini body is a body with a bikini. Bow. No matter what your size is, there is a bikini thong for you, so abandon this stigma and hold your head up high!


5. FALSE: A Swimsuit should only be for the beach or the pool – With the surge of innovative sexy swimwear fashion, there are a lot of bikini styles you can don even when the water is far. A halter bikini top can be your makeshift crop top which will go well with a full-length skirt. Use your bikini tops under a sheer mesh top and go for a night out with your girls. Your one-piece sexy swimwear is as good as a bodysuit which can be worn under jeans or skirts for that tucked-in look. Better keep your sexy swimwear at the top drawer because you can wear them all year round!

Leave the stereotypes out the door and say goodbye to swimwear rules because 2019 is all about breaking them and simply put being sexy first.


Decluttering Swimsuits: Keep or Toss?

All swimsuit lovers can relate to the swimsuit drawer bulging at the seams. However this reflects your bursting love for sexy swimwear, a jam-packed wardrobe can cause your constant indecisiveness on which bikini to pack for spring break. Dwindle the number of sexy swimwear so you have an excuse shopping spree to replace all the old ones. An old and worn out swimsuit will just take up space that could have been used for all the freshest 2019 swimsuit styles.

Make a checklist and assess your current swimsuit situation and make space for your new purchases.

1. Toss – Worn out bikinis which has panty-line stains from too much use. Stains are not only unattractive but it is also unhygienic. Unless it can be saved by a powerful detergent, it is best to throw out your botched string bikinis. It will save you a lot of effort and money to buy a bikini as compared to shelling out dough in constantly trying to repair the old ones.

2. Keep – Classic styles and cuts worn once. These are worthy of being kept if they are still in mint condition. Sexy swimsuits like a basic triangle bikini can be an opportunity to mix and match with your latest pieces. Black string bikinis will provide you with endless style options, So, if you have a bikini that is a style staple and is still usable, keep it for your next swim session.

3. Toss – Swimsuits you do not fit it. You have probably purchased Our bodies are constantly changing and our sizes may vary over the years. If you are keeping a mini micro bikini in the hopes of you fitting in it again, you might want to move on. Unless the bikini is of sentimental value, keeping a bikini that does not fit will only pressure you to alter your body type. Instead, look for bikinis that will do wonders to your current shape and leave that poorly fitting bikini as a thing of the past.

4. Keep – A swimwear set missing a match. You have your favorite bikini top but it is missing the matching bottoms? This does not have to stop you from continuing to love it. Before you throw it out, try looking for an existing piece from another set that also looks well with the lone item. Creativity is key in making the most out of your purchases even if you unintentionally lose its partner. Mix and match your bikinis and let your sexy imagination run free.

Say yes to the adventure because Spring break is all about the destination, but no matter where your feet take you, make sure you bring along the all the most eye-catching sexy swimwear and a whole lot of confidence. Make it an adventure to remember by taking advantage of the hottest deals in and say yes to the swimsuit!