Fall in Love in One Fell Swoop

There’s an indescribable feeling that comes with wearing matching sets. You feel inexplicably happier and more confident when you know your undies match, even without the intention to be seen by others. Like having a pair of mismatched socks, it won’t matter when it comes to performance. Still, the feeling of having a coordinated look is undoubtedly a confidence-booster! A bra and panty set is the first thing a lot of women reach for when they want to feel powerful, but also when they feel lazier than usual. Knowing that you copped a great deal also adds to the endorphin equation. Lingerie shopping is really personal, but you can never go wrong with a matching set no matter the reason you have to wear it!

Our Not-So-Secret Arsenal of Thongs and Things

We will let you in on a secret: practical can mean pretty, too! Even when you have no choice but to put on duds, who says you cannot be fab underneath? Why settle for one piece when you can have multiple products in one package? Why splurge when you can save? The answers lie with our fave lingerie items that already come with matching thong or g-strings:

First on the list is this hubby/boyfriend-approved babydoll and g-string set. Feedback will show that this product is a front-runner as a gift or a surprise for their significant other – no surprise about this fact! One look at your body in this matching ensemble, and anyone will be wide-eyed in delight! Designed for bedroom play, it has all the details for flirty fun! Part of what makes it head-turning is its flowy ruffled off-shoulder top, which is the perfect balance to the minimalist string panty. With just a dash of styling and imagination, you can totally wear this all-black set beyond the bedroom. This pair is comfy enough for you to feel absolutely carefree, yet sexy enough for a game of seduction. Black is an all-time classic that is perpetually flattering even when styled with other hues. This babydoll and panty are a match made in heaven!

Fiery red and romantic lace is already a combination that turns up the heat. However, when worn literally from your fingers to your toes, it becomes explosive! Gloves, bralette, garter, and G-string – this red firecracker set comes with a long list of attributes that would have you reaching for your wallet without a second thought. Add, subtract, mix and match pieces as you go and never look even a bit drab! Though the only catch is having to buy separately sold stockings, we would still sell our soul to this stunning four-piece set! Use and abuse these babies for Valentine’s day, anniversaries, holidays, and just because. You will never run out of ways to style it. For less than 20 bucks, you already have a handful of saucy wardrobe staples.

Everyone needs at least one baby pink item in their lingerie closet. The little details in this pink sheer bustier and panty set scream femininity in every angle – polka dots, floral lace, and a yummy cotton candy color. But do not let its delicate façade fool you because this packs a punch in allowing your body to shine! The bustier cinches the waist, pushes up the bust, and does everything it needs to do to let your confidence soar high. Having a matchy panty is a bonus because it will make you feel that you have your whole life together (even when sometimes, you do not!) This sheer set is sheer perfection! They say women know what they want, and this is definitely high up on that list!

A tank top and a panty combination is basic cool-girl starter pack. Nonchalant, laid-back coordinates that make you look on-fleek, without even putting much thought into it. Just have this ready-to-wear lingerie in your top drawer, and just like that, dressing up is over and done! The fishnet material makes it all the more lounge-worthy! When you have zero plans, and you have the whole couch to yourself, this is the lingerie set that we can imagine wearing during “Netflix and chill. It does not matter whether or not you expect some company, you can still look good for yourself! Feel yourself, as you should, even on your laziest days!

Lingerie just took an exotic turn with this cuffed cutie bra set. Equal partssoft and sweet but also sultry and sexy. This set can turn nice into naughty with just minor edits. The ebony cupless bra and g-string panty work in perfect harmony. The bra and panty set is an overall versatile fit, but the accessory it comes with is the wild twist! BDSM collar, chains, and cuff provide the contrast to the traditional black lace. Switch from flirty femme to badass BDSM with its matching bondage gear! Save yourself a trip to the BDSM gear aisle by adding this set to your collection. This is a bundle to beat as it always provides the option to go from cute to kinky.

You know how it goes: when it’s a match, swipe… that card!

Matchy sets will look like an indulgence but actually pretty practical! It is basically two items for the price of one. Every single piece of these sets can be an indispensable item in your wardrobe, whether you choose to use it altogether or not. Dwindle that shopping list and add luxurious lingerie sets to your cart.

Are you a firm believer in wearing matching sets as a confidence-booster? Or are you just looking for individual pieces to add to your ‘pick and match’? Go crazy and grab those great deals! Check out Julbie’s Lingerie Sets and be totally guilt-free!


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June 25, 2020 — Nicole