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Boudoir Photography Basics

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Women’s bodies are too beautiful to keep hidden. Its beauty deserves to be immortalized, revered, and celebrated! It is nature’s art, and which better way to appreciate it than through another form of art – photography. This is a chance to marvel at your own body through the lens.

Wondering why boudoir shoots have become so popular? Julbie answers the what, who, where, when, why, and how’s of this widely acclaimed and deeply loved craft.

WHAT is boudoir?

The technical definition of the word boudoir is the French translation of a female’s private room. Now, the concept is connected to something less secret. Boudoir photography is a creative expression of your confidence reflected through print images. The setting of the shoot is no other than the confines of your own bedroom. Sensuality, glamour, fashion, and intimacy is captured in a familiar place.

WHAT are some boudoir photo ideas?

There are loads of boudoir photography examples all over the web. Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration. The theme will depend on your personal preferences. It can go from a subtle tease with suggestive poses to full-on BDSM with leather props and cuffs.

Bridal boudoir is a common motif. Brides in clad in intricate white lingerie will pose for a boudoir book as a wedding present for their soon-to-be spouses! A wild and wonderful honeymoon is in the cards after he flips through the pages of you in a skimpier version of your wedding dress. We love the idea of a woman wearing something intimate on her wedding day, or before or after the wedding. Wedding boudoir is special for two reasons: 1) You purchase special lingerie that will be remembered long after your wedding day as a reminder of that special day. This getting ready attire will act as an heirloom for years to come 2) Your bridal boudoir session is a bookmark of this special chapter in your lives as a couple. Create a boudoir album as a wedding gift to surprise your partner and celebrate your relationship.


Couples boudoir sessions are also a creative way to capture your intimacy. Pose in your come-hither lingerie while you strip him of his office clothes, wear cozy pajamas, or curl up between the sheets with nothing at all. Couples sessions are a way to connect and feel more confident with your partner. Couples boudoir captures your relationship 'in the moment' with boudoir poses that are intimate with your and your partner. Use these boudoir couples sessions as a way to celebrate a special occasion such as your anniversary. Posing for your boudoir photographer while you and your partner are engaged in an intimate position will have you and your partner reconnecting physically and emotionally. Wear whatever reflects your relationship and be your natural selves in the boudoir. Hang up this artwork on the wall so you will always be reminded of your passion for each other.

You can also make erotic boudoir as your subject and reveal the dominatrix in you! Whip out your best BDSM gear and pose like you mean business! As a reminder of your power and lust, keep a record of your favorite dominatrix outfits with your own album! With Bondage boudoir, you'll want to find a professional photographer you can keep a long running relationship with as these sessions will continue long after your first. Many times these professional photographers have access to models who can act as submissive props in your bdsm boudoir sessions. Create boudoir photo books or use these images for your Instagram page as your build your dominatrix brand.

WHO is involved in a boudoir shoot?

The subject: you. You and your partner if it is a couple’s boudoir shoot. Bringing in people for moral support is up to you, but we discourage it if it may cause distractions. With that, it is worth it when your performance relied on your self-esteem and not from other’s praises.

The photographer will produce the images, but the work should be equally divided between you and the photographer. The photographer you hire will be fundamental in bringing you out of your shell.

Your chosen photographer could bring a team or not, and it will make a difference in the payment package. Some companies will offer the full-package – makeup, maybe champagne, and a whole pamper sesh if you are feeling extra!

While most would go down the professional route, you do not always have to splurge to get a ride on this creativity carousel. DIY boudoir photography is also an option for the budgeted babes. All you need is a good quality camera, editing apps, a printer, or a printing service. You can do your own makeup or hire a makeup maven to work your magic.

There is no fixed rule on the number of people who can partake in a boudoir shoot. You can rely on your self-timer or make the whole village work for you – for as long as they fit in your room. Whatever you go for, your results will matter the most!

WHERE can I buy my sexy boudoir outfits?

These perpetual images deserve the best ensembles that reflect your best self. is your one-stop shop of all things that scream sexy, risqué, and sensational. Everything you would be looking for to make your photo shoot personal is here. From the toughest bondage sets to the most delicate babydolls, we have it.

Julbie’s lingerie sets will help kick you shoot into high gear. The beauty of every piece comes from the thought put into curating it. We do not only consider the look but also the feel. Comfort is essential, so you can shine without hesitation! Page after page of high-quality apparel will put your motivation into full throttle mode! With the right gear, you will be unstoppable with every click of the shutter.

WHY should I consider a boudoir photo shoot?

While you might be enclosed within four walls, this experience is a gateway to a universe of possibilities. The limited space provides no boundaries.

Being wrapped in sexy, sensational and scandalous clothing might seem intimidating but once you get comfortable in it, boudoir photography promotes body positive attitudes. If you're a curvaceous babe, go for plus size boudoir photography and don't be afraid to showcase what you have.

Are you on the fence about working the room in such an intimate setting? Not entirely comfy with the spotlight and all eyes on you? Remember that this is your territory, and you control it. You do not need to be a professional model of any sort. Your own skin and personality are enough to fill the bedroom with energy and incredible snaps.

On the other hand, you do not have to have a partner to do a shoot. A celebration of yourself is the best of all boudoir ideas. As a homage to your battles, wrinkles, and struggles, pamper yourself with a shoot. Plus size boudoir empowers women to be comfortable in their own skin. This activity knows no age or size! Do it as a social statement and riddle your Instagram page with your photos or do it just for you! From shopping to shooting, it is an experience beyond compare.

HOW many outfits should I bring?

More options, more possibilities. Outfits should compose of colors and cuts that work well with your backdrop. Ideally, several changes of gears would be expected. You could go for a contrast or a complement, but most importantly, all outfits that match your character. Your communication and collaboration with your photographer are of the essence. Their creative insight plus your personal style should work hand in hand to decide on the best ensembles to make your photos incredible!

Lay out your options and send snaps to your photographer for approval or input. Exchange ideas to unify the vision of the shoot and pick pieces that revolve around it. Go crazy with all the options laid out on the table. Pieces that speak to your soul are definitely worth adding to your cart and showing off on camera! If ever you are not able to flash every outfit, keep in mind that no single piece of lingerie ever goes to waste!

HOW should I prepare for my shoot?

For some, being in front of the camera is not on their radar. Especially when a stranger with bulky telescopic lenses is snapping away at your almost bare naked body. It might shirk even the fiercest of egos!

Do not worry; it might take a teensy bit of time to ease into it, but with the right preparation, you will be a supermodel in no time! Prior to your shoot, have a “test run.” Don your chosen lingerie and parade it around the bedroom, making sure to take a good look in the mirror. If you plan on stripping down, doing it alone first would help nudge you into doing it with a pro! Practice your angles and get to know your best side.


The best part? It is an excuse to pamper yourself and carry out a whole beauty regime to make yourself look good and feel good, too!

Don't be blinded by the lights. Let your beauty shine from within!

A boudoir photo shoot can be a journey towards self-discovery. Creating art and knowing and loving your body more in the process. The whole experience will evoke emotions you might not have felt before. Most of all, it is just loads of fun! Things to bring? Your sexy lingerie, props, and your piercing smize! Do not forget to wear your invisible crown, queen!

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June 11, 2020 — Nicole