Lingerie Football League: A Sexy and Sporty Combo

For the love of the game and lingerie – Lingerie Football League, or now known as Legends Football League gives fans a little slice of heaven.

With football and fashion in the mix, people crowd the bleachers to get a great view of man’s two most beloved things: boobs and balls! Sports are played with competition in mind, but with this novelty football league, it has become so much more than that.

Football is generally an intense game and when you inject lingerie into the concept, it takes the sport into a whole new level. People are hooked and it gets more airtime than one would expect.

Female athletes playing football while wearing skimpy clothes has caused much controversy and debate. While it is all a matter of perspective, this sports event is definitely exhilarating and entertaining. It may seem that this is purely for audience amusement, but for the players, it is a serious business.

These female athletes are upping the ante by playing with the same gameplay and the same skillsets, but doing it with less fabric to protect them! Thus, putting female empowerment into the picture when there’s a lot of boob and booty going running like a beast and kicking ass!

Support this female power phenomenon by sporting your own version of a DIY costume. We will tackle the factors that comprise this world-famous lingerie sports uniform.

Spunk, Spice and Everything Nice

A Guide to Lingerie Football League Style

Even if you do not have any intention of playing football, it is fun to emulate these strong females for a sexy costume or lingerie party! Here are some DIY costume ideas to get your head in the game.:

Start with picking bright ‘team colors.’ Football uniforms, even in the form of lingerie, are color-coordinated amongst teams. It is usually a combination of two hues: white and blue, yellow and purple, and the like. Since you are going to be picking out individual items instead of a set, establishing a color will make it easier to build your ‘uniform’.


Start from the top and build your head-to-toe performance apparel. You need a top that would usually show off a player’s washboard abs and flaunt a good amount of cleavage, too! A tight-fitting crop top or a sports bra is ideal to do hurdles and even your own bedroom brawls. A wrap-around top will accentuate that waist, and will ensure that it stays on! Mesh bodysuits are a sporty alternative for one-piece buffs.


For your shorts, bum-bearing is the only acceptable kind in the lingerie football league universe. Booty shorts or sexy boyshorts are both comfy and cheeky at the same time. You can move freely and look sexy – the best of both worlds! Spandex or any stretch material is recommended so as to flaunt those buns of steel while being perfectly comfortable scoring your goals.


Complete the LFL ensemble with some athletic thigh high socks. Go for old-school gym socks that have colored stripes that match your outfit. You have the option to go for traditional white schoolgirl socks or add a sexy twist with some see-through sporty hosiery.

Top the look off with some sneaker-inspired bootie heels which will tie the whole motif together. You can also slap on your team’s color with face paint as a true-blue lingerie fantasy league player would.

Play Like a Girl – Fast, Strong, and Sexy!

Even though it may seem that it’ll be a challenge to ‘keep your eye on the ball’, the lingerie is just extra sauce. Fierce femme fatales with paint smeared across their cheeks working the field in uniforms other women wouldn’t mind wearing is never an easy feat. Men and women will surely be howling from their sheer talent more than superficial factors.

What is lacking in gear does not necessarily mean lacking in skills and strength. It takes high levels of discipline and determination to at least be in their shape to toss, tackle and touchdown in teensy weensy lingerie!

Be inspired by these fearless females for football season and dress up in their honor. It is more than just looking like sporty spice; it sends a message that women can wear what they want and do what they want and look sexy while they are at it!

May 12, 2020 — Nicole