Are you on the fence on which lingerie to checkout this time? We get it! When the menu has too many scrumptious items, deciding gets trickier. Sweet? Spicy? Saucy? It doesn’t only apply to food! Sheer lingerie, erotic lingerie, or maybe erotic sheer lingerie? You need to satisfy your style palate with delectable items that suit your taste. When you feel like there are too many options, narrow it down to stuff that you know will speak to your soul! Dressing up, whether in lingerie or any other clothing, is known for being a form of self-expression. You might not notice, but a peek into a wardrobe is like taking a peek into your psyche.

Write your own lingerie story with beautiful pieces that make up your character. Discover the type of lingerie that represents you the best with this quiz! Take out a pen and paper so we can start to spell out the lingerie that speaks your name!

  • A. Catch up on your reading. Romance novels are bedside table items!
  • B. Self-pleasure. Hey, masturbating is good for the health!
  • C. Go on your tinder app! Time to find your next man candy!
  • D. Hop on the tub and take a long, luxurious bath. You deserve it!

  • A. Boxers – the breeze and comfort are all that matters!
  • B. Go commando – what’s the point of wearing one if you’re bound to take them off?
  • C. Briefs – good old faithful. Wear them nice and tight to make sure the junk bulges through!
  • D. Boxer briefs – support and coverage matters, and boxers will do the trick!

  • A.Perfume – possibly a sentimental scent that reminds you of a spring day.
  • B.Handcuffs – you never know when you might need one!
  • C.Lipstick – in case of a meet-cute, your weapon of choice is a stripper red lippy.
  • D.Shades – to block out the sun, and the haters!

Round those answers up and check which of these lingerie personalities you fall under.

Mostly A’s: The Starry-Eyed Romantic

Beautiful babydolls, silk teddies, intricate embroidery, and rhinestones. Anything that would make you feel like a modern-day princess! You love falling in love, smelling flowers, taking long walks, going on candle-lit dates, and cuddling after sex. For you, dressing up in lacey lingerie that is abundant with delicate floral details is a knee-jerk reaction. Nightgowns can be your top-drawer items, and you shouldn’t go without a silk kimono robe or two! You dream about meeting your prince charming one day, or you are already head-over-heels for your beau! You love serving your partner, even if it means dressing up in his fantasy costume lingerie or setting up a boudoir photo shoot.

Mostly B’s: Kinky Couture Kitten

In this realm, dominatrixes and kinksters dress to fulfill their darkest, wildest desires. Your style board is all about wet-looks, fetish fashion, BDSM, and erotic lingerie! If it does not feel in the least bit erotic, it’s a deal-breaker! You love being in control, so your body, your rules! Who says you cannot wear a collar outside? Whether or not you are at the active or passive end of bondage, the sight of erotic fetish lingerie makes you wide-eyed. For you, the winning equation for an astronomical orgasm is a mix of pain and pleasure.

Mostly C’s: Sultry Siren

For you, life is a game of seduction, and your score chart is high! You do not pass on an opportunity to show some skin and get down and dirty. You like sexy sheer lingerie because it keeps you fresh from all that heat! Your flirty uniform includes high heels, high hemlines, and high standards! You perk up when lingerie consists of the suffix “-less” with it. Crotchless lingerie, cupless assless, backless – music to your ears! When there is life, there is love. When there is love, there is sex – a lot of it. And it shows from your head to your toes! Your style template involves anything that amps up your confidence and libido!

Mostly D’s: Basic Boss Babe

The no-nonsense go-getters-slash-glow-getters! Life gets pretty busy for you, but you also want to look and feel superior. Power dressing is already set in stone for you. For the busy-bee, a lingerie capsule wardrobe is a must. You need everything classy and classic that would be easy for your “get up, get ready, and go” routine. You need lightweight pieces that make you look seamless, snatched, and sexy in a snap! Matching bra and panty sets get the job done without you giving it a second thought. You walk in a room, and everyone stares at your power and confidence oozing right through those clothes. Hosiery lets you get away with strict dress codes, but you have no problem using it beyond the boardroom and into the bedroom!

Your Lingerie Style Uncovered!

Disclaimer: These results are not 100% accurate. For all we know, you could be all those results bundled into one badass female! Even when it is not what you expect, have fun with your quiz outcome and let it be your guiding light for your lingerie shopping this time. Who knows? You might even discover a hidden persona, just itching to be set free! Explore all your facets with our extensive list of lingerie items, conveniently organized and categorized by your fairy godmothers in! | Babydoll Lingerie | BDSM Gear

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July 09, 2020 — Nicole