When the gusts of wind turn chilly, it becomes the perfect time spice up your romantic life. The first impulse to this cozy weather is to bundle up. Winter makes you want to layer up and just turn into one big ball of fuzz and fabric. But a massive pile of clothes on your back might not be the sexiest nor the most seductive look to channel in the bedroom.

Looking sexy (and feeling sexy) should not be limited to seasons when the sun is always shining, and the breeze is warm and we have all the reason to show a bit – or maybe a lot – of skin! Always choose to be sexy even as the temperature drops. But how do you look sizzling hot while braving the cold?

The answer is Sexy Lingerie.

Lingerie is the key to keeping that irresistible sexy charm under layers of clothing while giving a chance to share some body heat after hours when the leaves are a-changing. We’ve rounded up some cuddle-weather worthy lingerie that will keep you toasty and looking hot even below zero!

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Long Sleeve Knit Romper

Who says sweaters have to be drab and bulky? A long sleeve knit romper will keep you warm and cozy both in and out of the bedroom. Keep it chic in some warm colors such as red, gray, navy and black with plunging necklines. The deep cut will show off your sexy décolletage but the long sleeves will balance out the cool. Tuck it in your snug winter jeans while out on the streets and strip it for a cuddle session with your partner.

Lace Kimonos and Gowns

Layering up could be sexy too when you pick the right items to put on. You can keep wearing your skin-baring lingerie even in frigid temperatures as long as you have a luxurious kimono to plop on to keep you from freezing your butt off! Kimonos and gowns are the sheer ‘sweaters’ of lingerie. It does not only keep you warmer and more comfortable but it also maintains your sexiness even when covered up!

Sheer Full Body Stockings

Skip the Long Johns and opt for a sheer bodystocking instead. If you plan to brave the cold temperature outside, you can definitely slip it on under your coats and pants for that extra layer of warmth. When you can finally snuggle in between the sheets, the bodystocking is as good as wearing pajamas, but also as good as being naked! Keep him on drooling for your heat with skin-tight bodystockings.

Velvet Bodysuits

Is there anything more luxurious than velvet? It is practically an aphrodisiac in a fabric form. Aside from being eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, velvet is actually a firm and thick material that provides the wearer ample heat and protection. Don a love-inducing velvet bodysuit and take the term winter wonderland to a whole new level. Indulgent velvet lingerie is, it is actually very soft and comfy. It is definitely a sight to behold but also a delight to the skin.

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Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks may be the accessory you need to turn up the heat during frigid nights. You always strip down to the bare minimum when having sex but it might not be the most practical thing when you find yourself shuddering because of the cold – and that is not sexy. Recent studies suggest that wearing socks will help induce earth-shattering orgasms. Socks for better sex? Count us in! When the temperature peaks, maybe socks is all you need!

Red-hot love comes in many forms – in this case, it can come in sexy lingerie! These are just some of the lingerie essentials that will make you hot – in all senses of the word. Work yourself up to a fever pitch with Julbie’s sultry, seductive and totally sexy lingerie. Let us know how you turned your chilly nights to a boiling point!         


January 30, 2019 — Nicole