Oh, to have someone to hold – and have mind-blowing sex with! Your daily grind becomes bearable with the thought of someone waiting for you to get in on before you hit the sack. The heat of your passion decreases as your time together increases. Never ignore the plea of the dwindling flame as it may have a poisonous impact on your relationship as a whole. Good thing there is a quick antidote to put your love life ablaze: Role Play.

Everyone has a sexual fantasy. Whether you have buried it deep in your mind or you have openly divulged your wild dreams to your significant other, no doubt it gets your senses tingling in a good and pleasurable way. In a study called What Fantasies Can Do to Your Relationship: The Effects of Sexual Fantasies on Couple Interactions, sexual fantasies act as a stimulant that increases your sexual desire and therefore results in a happier and healthier relationship. So abandon all your inhibitions and delve into these 10 role play ideas that will ignite a mushroom cloud of pleasure!

1. Photographer and Model: Sexy Snapshots

Imagine all the photos you’ll be taking! If you are a couple who appreciates art and photography and fantasizes about being behind the lens. Whip out a camera and take it up a notch by portraying a sexy lingerie model while your partner dictates your poses and snaps away!

2. Cop and Criminal: You are Under Arrest!

Don an irresistible cop costume and make him put his arms up in surrender. Proceed to inspect every inch of your aroused law-breaker and whisper his punishment for being “bad”. Don’t forget your handcuffs! The chase would not be the same without it.

3. Librarian and Bookworm: Silence Please?

There’s something about libraries that make the pursuit more exciting. Create a tranquil environment while you emulate a nerdy bookworm in a sexy school girl uniform who can’t seem to keep silent. Catch the attention of the hot librarian and break the silence by making *noises*. Let the rest take flight.

4. Strangers at a Bar: Unexpectedly Expected

This one is guaranteed to end in steamy sex. Agree on a bar to meet at, but arrive at separate times. Whoever gets there first sits at the bar and waits for the other to come up and flirt with them. Act like you haven’t met before and take it to the boudoir by surprising each other with completely new positions.

5. Hollywood Starlet and Director: Lights, Camera and Action!

One of you is a famous movie star, the other is the domineering director. Pick a sexy costume to play the part and then let the show begin! This can be a fun and sexy game because you get to let your inner diva out and your partner can control the scene or vice versa. It will surely be a bedroom blockbuster hit!

6. Masseuse and Client: Two-fold Pleasure

It starts out a massage but by the end, you're having passionate sex on the table. You can only expect a pleasure overdrive when you only have a sexy robe on and he can touch every inch of your body. Grab some massage oil, light the candles, and go crazy! Try to hold off actually having sex for as long as possible, until one of you will be asking for that extra service.

7. Voyeur and Exhibitionist: Hush Hush

There is always a peeping tom inside all of us. Keep the door just slightly ajar and let one of you observe for one hot minute. Strip and masturbate as if no one is watching. Switch roles until you are both worked up with desire. Pretend as if you are surprised to be caught in the act and the world is your oyster.

8. Painter and Muse: “Draw me like one of your french girls.”

Who could forget that hot and heavy scene from Titanic? Become his muse by going au naturel or by wearing your sexiest babydoll or chemise. Pose teasingly while he concentrates on every detail of your body. You do not have to be artistic to enjoy this scene, it’s all about the imagery – the sexy imagery that is.

9. Treasure Hunter and the Pot of Gold: Hit the Jackpot

Hit the spot, hit the jackpot. Make him hunt for your lovin’ by organizing a quickie treasure hunt. Hide clues with some of your lingerie until he lands on the motherlode: you in your birthday suit.

10. First Date… The Second Time Around

Your first date might have been a hit or a miss. Most likely, both of you were awkward and self-conscious. Relive the momentous occasion by putting a sexy flare to it. Eat at the same restaurant and visit the same places but act in the way that you wish you did. Wear a sexier dress and be prepared with drool-worthy lingerie. Create your alter ego and see how things turn around for your first date… again!

Sexual Stimulation from Creative Simulation

These are only a few of the multitude of role play scenarios you can play out. Being transparent with your fantasies will help establish a safe and trusting haven for you and your partner. Not only does role play benefit your relationship as a couple, but it also does wonders to your imagination and self-confidence as well. It is the perfect excuse to go the extra mile with your lingerie and be an absolute freak in the sheets!

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February 08, 2019 — Nicole