Accessories are the exclamation point of any outfit!

The recipe for making a grand entrance in the bedroom is a mix of sexy lingerie with a sprinkle of the right accessories. The cherry on top will always be your confidence and you can always a little extra sizzle to your hot ensemble. If you think regular lingerie is enough, wait until your accessories make everything a whole lot sexier. Adding accessories will enhance the beauty of not only your lingerie but also your body. There are a variety of lingerie accessories that differ from standard and each option has its own personality and flair. Depending on your needs and the mood you want to set, certain accessories will help elevate the passion in the bedroom. These five lingerie accessories will allow you to personalize and create a custom style when you want to take things to the next level.

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Garter Belts: The Strapped Seductress

A timeless lingerie accessory, garter belts are simultaneously visually appealing and functional. Typically, garter belts sit just around the waist and feature small clips to attach to stockings. Aside from being stocking reinforcements, they add that naughty detail to any ensemble. Garter belts are a staple item for bondage erotic lovers. Release your sexual energies by adding garter belts to your Leather and Vinyl Lingerie to raise the bar in seduction. You can also opt to pair them with lace thigh-high stockings for a vintage lingerie look or wear them without and let him bask in its own simple and sexy glory.

Whips: The Dominatrix

A scary name with a gentle touch. To whip, flog, and spank your partner comes with an erotic power play that both men and women love to receive. Whips look daunting and painful, but the purpose is not always to provide pain. A simple flick of the wrist or light caress across the chest creates a suspenseful pleasure that is lost and forgotten in today’s modern ‘quick f**k’. Is your hubby a powerful business man during the day, but wants to relinquish his role at night? Help him relieve his stress and unburden his responsibilities by letting him play the submissive. Lightly caress the leather strips of the whip over his bare chest and thighs, and just when he’s fully relinquished his power over to you, quickly crack the wrap over his abs and watch him melt with desire at the painful pleasure.

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Tights: Sheer Perfection

Tights always give a breath of fresh air to any lingerie ensemble. Adding that layer of second skin can accentuate your legs and svelte figure. Sheer and fishnet tights allow glimpses of the lingerie beneath it while maintaining an air of mystery. Eye catching tights such as fishnet or colored opaque can add a splash of color and demand attention. With or without lingerie, it is an accessory perfect for taking a trip to lover’s lane. It is a very versatile piece that will surely make a striking impression whether used for sheets or for the streets.

Chokers: The Naughty Necklace

This thin piece of neck-hugging material has been considered as a hip and up-to-date accessory that is widely used for relaxed outfits. Despite its popularity as a casual accessory, it actually has a very vivid history. The choker has adorned the necks of royals and even became as a status symbol for prostitutes. It had its rebirth in the ‘90s where it also became a hot and happening trend. Chokers have become a tool for seduction. Chokers, like collars, subconsciously insinuates submission. For that fact alone, your man will not be able to miss the message. As a symbol of promiscuity once, you can allot space for the choker for your next seduction session. Not to mention, it is a flattering accessory for the neck and décolletage, don’t you think?

Robes: A Matter of Mystery

Even if robes are known to ‘cover up’, a silky smooth robe can help build anticipation. A short robe tied at the waist will accentuate your curves while adding flair to your lingerie set. On the other hand, a robe can also deem practical when you want to conceal certain parts. A high quality robe can work in a lot of ways. In fact, you do not need to layer if you intend to strip down in the nude anyway. A lavish sheer robe can substitute lingerie altogether. Robes, kimonos, and gowns are straightforwardly elegant and requires minimal effort to pull off.

Exercise your right to Accessorize

Using accessories to liven up your lingerie is a stroke of brilliance. Often, lingerie is simplified to matching sets of intimate wear; however, there are countless options available to cater to your specific style. That smidgen of detail can make all the difference. With the same lingerie set, you can shift from girly to wild with just an exchange of accessories. That small step to create a sexier atmosphere will be worth the effort. Use these accessories while applying these 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Partner Drool with Desire and make your night one for the books!

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February 12, 2019 — Nicole