Sometimes all you need is that sexy splash of color to brighten up your day.

Remember the days when you get all giddy when you open a box of crayons. We are always drawn to certain colors. We always gaze in awe when a rainbow appears in the sky and deck out our homes with a color scheme whenever we celebrate. There’s something about these colors that elicit happiness.

Colors are so influential that, in fact, marketing experts consider it a pressing matter when building their brand. In a study about The Interactive Effect of Colors, chosen hues of a brand say a lot about the value and the kind of service or product it wants to deliver. For food marketing, the color red and orange are said to bring out hunger while the color green and blue implies thirst.

Do you have a favorite color? Almost everyone does! Do you find yourself often reaching out for items that are in a specific color? You might not have given it much thought but it is probably because that particular color is the one that sparks your happiness and talks to your soul the most. Colors are also a reflection of our personality and mood.

Just like roses, the color of the lingerie you wear sends an indirect message to whomever you are wearing it for. And even if you are wearing it for yourself, it gives you that internal boost of emotion. From striking red and purple to the classic black and white, scroll down and explore the scintillating meanings behind the different colors your choice of lingerie means.

Red: Roses are red… your lingerie should be, too!

The color or Valentine’s day, red is translated into love. Why else will we call the haven for sex, “the red-light district”? Red is practically synonymous to sex and sexy. When you want to be daring, bold and just simply jaw dropping, red is the hue for you! If you want to heighten passion and love in the boudoir, wear scarlet lingerie. Whether you wear a Red Cut Out Body Stocking or the best selling Unwrap Me Satin Bow Red Teddy, he’ll be drooling with desire. In a study by Dr. Melissa Burkley, men subconsciously picked the woman wearing red to be more attractive as compared to non-red color clad ladies.

Black: Stop wearing black… if they invent a darker color!

Classy sophistication mixed with erotic sexiness, black is always a stunner! Possibly the only color that is more seductive than red, black lingerie excites but it also reminds that the wearer is powerful. Black is a timeless color that looks good on anyone and therefore gives you that eruption of confidence underneath your clothes. Conquer the battlefield with a black floral lace garter belt that will make you feel mighty – mighty fine! Give the classic color a delicious twist with this faux leather playsuit.

White:Be Delicately Desirable with Snow-White Lingerie

White is the symbol of purity and cleanliness. This is a dangerous color to wear in the bedroom – because of how hard it is to keep clean! This is the lingerie color of choice of blushing brides on their honeymoon night. It gives out the feeling of stability and eternity. Women who wear white lingerie want to be seen as pure and innocent. Wearing white won't kill the mood, however, even if you're looking for hot, passionate love-making. Keep it sexy even in this pristine color by wearing enticing white lingerie such as the White Floral Bodystocking which is both crotchless and sheer. You will surely become an ivory goddess!

Blue: Keep Calm and Wear Captivating Blue Lingerie

Emulating the color of the sea and the sky, this color will make you feel like you are floating. When you want some relaxed, easy breezy love-making, wear azure lingerie like this gorgeous Baby Blue Cupless Teddy and Stockings. Sapphire, cerulean, indigo, turquoise, cyan, you name it – it is such a serene, peaceful (and blue-tiful) sight! Wear a blue cheeky panty for your job interview or your business meeting. It will give you a rush of calmness so you will instantly feel more composed for whatever gives you the jitters.

Green: Give him the Green Light

As far as lingerie goes, green is a rare and unconventional color. It is often associated with nature and the environment. Emerald lingerie will keep you in tune with mother nature as well as with your sexuality. We have always associated green as the “Go” color. You can use it a subtle that you want to get down and dirty! Moreover, as the color of money, dark green colors suggest wealth, so you can don this perfect lime green thong when you celebrate a promotion or landing a project.

Pink: Through Rose Colored Glasses

Fun, flirty and feminine, pink will always be a lovely lingerie color. Pink is a lighter hue of red, however, so feelings of romance and lust are still present, but are toned-down. Opt for this girly hue when you want to echo Barbie’s self-esteem and giddiness. Hot pink lingerie is sexy and grabs the attention immediately, but pale pink lingerie is softer and more feminine, almost like a delicate flower. A budding romance and new relationships are perfect for pink lingerie.

The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you and makes you happy.

Color is a power which directly influences the soul. Whether or not color accurately influences our psyche or it is simply a result of the law of attraction, it is always fun to contemplate on which color of lingerie you want to slip on. Lingerie is already empowering in itself, what more if it is in the color you love! Homepage

February 22, 2019 — Nicole