A new year is not just about coming up with a brand new list of resolutions or tidying up your home or getting a fresh haircut, it is also an excuse to update and upgrade our favorite part of the wardrobe – our lingerie. Chances are, you are already kept up to date with the up and coming fashion trends before the new year drew in, but did you keep your eyes peeled for the hottest lingerie trends?

Lingerie has become more than just underthings with more and more women unafraid to flaunt their lingerie in the streets, in the ‘gram, practically everywhere! Lingerie has revolutionized how women see their body on a daily, and everyone is jumping in on the hype. If you want to hop on the bandwagon, then spruce up your lingerie collection starting with these new flavors of the year. Here’s a roundup of five lingerie trends that we are expecting to hit it big this 2019!

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1. Nude: Your skin is IN!

Leave it to the Kardashians to make everyone go absolutely gaga on the nude trend. The term Nude has been given a whole new meaning from the ‘pale and light tan’ color it was coined for. Nude now refers to the color of everyone’s skin. Whatever your skin tone is, 2019 is the year to embrace it wholeheartedly. It could be lingerie in neutral colors that will blend splendidly with your skin or it could also be lingerie in sheer fabrics that let your natural skin shine through. Going ‘nude’ and ‘naked’ is making a huge mark on the intimates industry. Whether you are dark chocolate, honey, or vanilla, lingerie is one way to love your body while making it your deliciously drool-worthy all throughout the year.

2. Ath-leisure: Combine fashion with function.

Thanks to the athleisure trend, we all want to be in our yoga pants and sweatshirts 24/7! Women everywhere are realizing that they can look beautiful and be comfortable at the same time because it doesn't take tight clothes or 10" heels to be pretty. Chic, flattering cuts along with cozy, flexible fabrics make it a combination to beat. Thus, it comes to no surprise that lingerie is quickly following suit with workout-inspired mesh fabric, elastic bands, and logos galore. Wear your ultra comfy sports bras, bike shorts, thigh highs or sexy hoodies for that model-off-duty look. And no, it does not require any gym membership!

3. The Matrix: A Strappy Sensation

Think leather, vinyl, straps, wet and wild, wild, wild! BDSM fashion has gone far beyond closed doors. Dominatrix styles have ceaselessly caused a mind-blowing sensation in the boudoir but 2019 is not keeping this trend in the shadows. Leather and Vinyl Erotic lingerie are fierce and fashionable styles that will make you too hot to handle. What was once uncharted territory was made mainstream and is now a consistent item in the Best Seller’s list! Let your creativity run wild with your inner seductress. Immerse yourself in these power pieces and pair it with feminine or casual clothing for that alluring twist.

4. 90’s: Bold, Bright and Brilliant!

Take a trip down memory lane and apply retro 90’s styles to your lingerie. Bright colors and pretty patterns may be set to take over the scene that has been dominated monotonous colors for so long. Nineties fashion has eye-popping colors, ribbons, mesh, and cheery patterns. History always repeats itself and nineties couture will always be around to bring youthful and quirky fun to your life. Add that vibrant pop of color to your lingerie and give your everyday style that nostalgic touch.

5. Bralettes – Delicately Sensual

The Bralette craze is upon us, and the most fascinating thing about it is that most of the bralettes that are sold end up being worn on their own, without being covered up by a shirt. This year, you are encouraged to keep in touch with your femininity and lingerie is practically the definition of that. One very feminine piece is making waves in the lingerie market and everyone is living for it! Bralettes are dainty, girly and perfect for days when you feel like going extra feminine. Slip on a lace or velvet Bralette on a plain deep neck shirt and be all dolled up at a snap of a finger!

2019 lingerie keywords are Inclusivity, Feminism, and Self Love!

Take note of these lingerie trends and conquer the new year with lingerie as your weapon of choice. Lingerie is becoming yet another way women can express themselves, whether or not they are wearing it in the bedroom. The best thing about this list is that it will not burn a hole in your pocket since all of them are multifunctional. Whether you want to go with the flow or turn from the tide, there’s no denying that lingerie will spark humongous happiness into your life. More than the beauty it provides the wearer, the confidence and empowering feeling it gives out makes it worth the purchase. 

January 21, 2019 — Nicole