It’s widely known that lingerie can set the mood for romance and sex, but did you know that it has benefits outside the bedroom? The luxurious fabric woven together to form a beautiful piece of art is more than just a tool for seduction.

Many people underestimate their undergarments – both men and women alike. The tendency is that we stick to what is practical and convenient which in many ways are solid factors for purchasing lingerie. However, before you settle for those cotton granny panties because they are ‘comfortable’, stop and think about all the beautiful lingerie calling out your name.

Lingerie fashion has changed over the years to include more fashion-forward pieces that are intimidating for even the most adventurous woman. While we want to look sexy, you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone as much as you may think. Substituting granny panties for lace panties are a small, but huge step in updating your look. Also, as intricate and delicate as lingerie may seem, lingerie can be comfortable (if not more) than regular panties. Lingerie boasts a beautifully crafted creation outside, but it also serves as a psychological boost that you will only get to witness once you try it on.

In a study on Lingerie and Femininity by Rachel Wood where different accounts of women dictate that they purchase lingerie initially for a sexual intention, but end up doing more good for themselves as compared to their partners. The journal suggests that ‘You do act differently when you’re in it.’ The magic that comes with lingerie is not only with the beauty it provides and the sexiness it gives out in the bedroom, it also has psychological benefits that will take your confidence to greater heights!

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Here are some ways where lingerie can lift your mood:

1. Confidence Booster – If you have ogled celebrities and models and wondered why they always consistently have a spring in their step. Well, the cat’s out of the bag! They are most likely wearing gorgeous lingerie underneath all those clothes. Whenever you are feeling a bit lackluster, lingerie will perk you up in an instant. Slipping on lingerie that will flatter your imperfect body look perfect will be enough to put a smile on your face. Knowing that you look like a million bucks in just your skin and your lingerie will instantly send waves of confidence and positivity. Follow the example of empowered women and cop a number or couple of Sexy Lingerie from Julbie.

2. Self-Care Measure – When you love yourself, you do everything to maintain your positive disposition in a healthy body. Aside from making you look like a goddess, lingerie will also take care of you and your body. When you have high-quality lingerie on your back, you are taking care of your skin and your psyche. Remember that your Bras and Panties are always in direct contact with your skin. Lingerie will support your body in more ways than one. Good fitting bras will prevent breast-related problems like sagging while panties with excellent fit will keep your privates clean and protected. When you use lingerie as a step for self-love, it will reverberate outwardly and lets you reach your goals while being utterly sexy.

3. Therapeutic Claims – It does not come as a surprise that shopping can elicit stress-relieving hormones. When you splurge on luxurious lingerie it emits happy hormones causing your mood to shoot up the roof! Buy new lingerie to reward yourself after a whole month of frantic work. Slip on comfortable and sexy Babydoll or Chemise as your sleep buddy when you’ve had a bad day. Doing something small just for yourself can improve your outlook on life. Indulge in a long soak in the tub followed by dressing in soft and silky lingerie for a wonderful way to unwind after working hard all day or week.

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4. A Celebration of Femininity – Just like when Superman wears his costume underneath his suit, you can wear your lingerie anywhere as a symbol of power. Being a strong and empowered woman is something to take pride in. Lingerie has been celebrating with countless women all over the world so you should join in on the party too! Better yet, throw a Lingerie Party! That powerful feeling knowing you are keeping a sexy little secret beneath your clothes is empowering. You will be able to radiate your female sexual confidence even outside closed doors.

5. Loving yourself is the Greatest Revolution- Loving yourself does not stop with the clothes on your back, but it seeps deep within yourself. Purchasing some fabulous lingerie can be an instant boost of self love that doesn't cost much or require a lot of effort. You do not have to have Paris Hilton’s bank account to purchase lavish and sexy lingerie because Julbie will provide you only the best at budget-friendly prices.

Many women neglect to wear sexy clothes when they are not in a romantic relationship. Self-confident women tend to be more in-tune with their inner selves and are more likely to wear lingerie because it makes them feel good. Wearing lingerie for your self confidence will make other areas of your life improve. Wearing a billowy nightgown of pure silk will give you that ‘Marilyn Monroe’ air of seduction, or opt for a peek-a-boo bustier that will make Victoria’s Secret envious at the secret you hide beneath your clothes.

Lingerie will always have your back whether you need that pat on the back for your office presentation or if you want to fan the flames of passion in the bedroom. There will be a noticeable change in the way you carry yourself. Watch people turn their heads in awe of your confidence as soon as you walk in the room and moreover when you leave your partner breathless – all because you chose to wear confidence-boosting lingerie. Homepage

January 11, 2019 — Nicole