Beginner's Guide to Talking Dirty

A sexy whisper is always a surefire way to get the hair on his arms stand on end. These goosebumps will leave both of you soaking wet with arousal. A lot of partners disregard dirty talking as part of foreplay but even this detail, as small as it seems, will make all the difference in the world. Communication during sex is so essential, and dirty talk is a fun way to get the ball rolling. Never disregard this crucial part of eroticism because it will definitely serve you well in the bedroom. Dirty talk is freeing and makes it easier to let loose in the heat of the moment. Knowing what each other wants and being able to communicate it through your sultry bedroom voices will surely give both of you one hell of a sexual ride.

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Don't Settle For Silent Sex

Just make sure that the neighbors don’t hear! Pleasure is driven by the senses. People often satisfying the sense of hearing. For many people, totally silent sex is something that is the norm, and they don't even realize why they're not fully satisfied, or even why they're unable to successfully have an orgasm. It's amazing how many couples are able to have sex but feel strange when communicating about it. However, those that engage in dirty talk report having sex, which is more fully satisfying, and feel a stronger bond with their partner. The most intense emotions are often exclaimed out loud, so there is no reason to hold back when in the middle of intercourse.

Backed By Science

All the more reason to take down notes and expand your pillow talk vocabulary, doctors recommend dirty talk as beneficial to the health! The largest sex organ is actually the brain, and many couples underestimate just how powerful the imagination and mental stimulation is when it comes to sex. Studies have shown that dirty talk during sex results in significantly increased mental stimulation. Since the brain is where your sex drive begins, this can only mean good things when it comes to your overall sexual experience. Much like when reading 50 Shades of Grey, you can use the right trigger words to stimulate the brain to its optimal desire for maximum satisfaction!

Give Direction!

As soon as you get the waters boiling, it can only go uphill. The most effective way to heat up the room to its boiling point is by actually calling the shots! Telling your partner what you want at a given moment is a great place to start. Although being in the driver’s seat can be intimidating, but having control can get your own heart racing. It's surprising and sad when you consider how many couples easily settle into a sexual routine, each wanting to try something new but afraid of what their partner will think. Dirty talk is the much-needed pleasure adventure you have to take to put a crack on that ice.

Boosting Confidence

Taking a plunge down the dirty talk pool can be good for you and your partner’s self-esteem. Do not hold back on the flattering remarks, both in terms of their physical attributes and the way they make you feel. That verbal reassurance can make him long for you more. The sensual affirmation you moan to his ears will set the mood. Compliments are always a major turn on so throw them like confetti for your next hook up.

Talk About Your Fantasies

Don’t you wish you can live out your fantasies? Do not settle for just playing your fantasies over and over in your head, because you can totally share your wildest fantasies with your significant other. Communicate how both of you can break the barrier between reality and make-believe. You can give and take both your dreams and play a different role each time! Role play is a fun and exhilarating twist to the usual bedroom scenario. You can be a naughty school girl with your hot professor one night then a foxy jailbird seducing her way out behind bars the next day! Your imagination will never run out of fresh new ideas for you to make your sex life more mind-blowing!

Dirty talk and all that comes with it will benefit your relationship not only in the bedroom but also beyond it. Words have the power to put out a fire or to make everything sizzle. If you are a newbie and unsure on how to ease into this verbal sexual act, turn the pages into your sexy vocabulary and take it one line at a time. Talking dirty will always keep him latched on to you even after the deed. After you eventually launch the rocket, it will be impossible to hush the both of you up!

January 05, 2019 — Nicole