4 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

New year, new you! This cliché may shake heads as you probably rarely stick to your resolutions after the first month. As daunting as this phrase might seem, you shouldn’t completely let go of it despite your resolutions failing year after year. Although, you do not have to completely turn over a new leaf. Maybe you do not need a new ‘you’, you need a new list! You do not have to resolve into morphing into a brand-new person, but you can alternatively rediscover the best things about yourself and learn to live it to the fullest this year. Instead of the usual things you scribble down, make this year’s resolutions unique, exciting and totally risque so that it will be irresistible not to tick everything off your list.

The magic always happens outside of your comfort zone, and it’s nothing like a fresh new year to venture out of your bubble. If last year’s keyword was ‘Change’, scratch that and write down ‘Improve’ as your power word for this year. Rather than taking the steps to change yourself, list down ways on how you can upgrade your already-awesome-self for the upcoming year. Release those pent-up frustrations of the past year and start anew. You can make your list as long and winding as you want, but here are some sexy new year’s resolution ideas that can kick-start your best year yet!

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1. Trade Your Undies for Sexy Lingerie

Tweak your undergarments drawer with some erotic lingerie pieces. We are not talking about having sexy lingerie ready for those special occasions, we are saying that you should have sexy lingerie 24/7, 365 days a year! This lingerie upgrade will definitely not only refine your taste in fashion but also give that much-needed boost to your self-esteem. This year, your wardrobe will not have any room for those granny panties (unless they’re crotchless!).

Why have regular white cotton panties when you can transition into luxe Black and Gold Lace Panties? They are just as comfy and provide the same amount of support and protection but they are undeniably more stylish and sexy. No outfit will ever be boring when you always have a party going on underneath it all. Always keep your bum cheeky and kinky with on-point sexy thongs to get you through day 'til night. It’s time to do some spring cleaning and purge those space-wasting undies that you never use and let a sexy panty take over. Lingerie has also become an item of streetwear and the subject of glam ensembles which will give you more bang for your buck! Like the Burgundy Crushed Velvet Lace Up Romper that will be just as sexy as a seduction tool for the bedroom or with a leather mini skirt for a girl’s night out.

2. Build Your Dirty Talk Dictionary

Have you always been a silent sexual being? If the answer is yes, then put this on top of your resolutions list. This coming year, make sure that the fireworks aren’t the only ones making noise. Greet the new year with a bang by expanding your dirty talk vocabulary. Dirty talk is a sure fire way to drive your man wild! If the past year has been a series of mere moans and groans, then it is time to turn the volume up.

Communication plays a big role in improving your sex life. While you may just want to shut up and kiss, uttering arousing words to your man will make the room even hotter. Having this sense of control will also be beneficial to your sexual confidence. Build up the sexual tension by texting him some hot ‘instructions’ while he is away. On a different day, drop him a sensual voice message to inform him about the Lace Robe you’ll need help taking off when he gets home. Do not hold back on the compliments while you are on the act. Acknowledge him when he hits the right spots then watch how his desire for you will become more than ever. Both of you won’t be able to stay silent anymore for the whole year round. Being vocal with your desires will help you keep plugged in with your libido and therefore steer cleer of a sexual rut.

3. Dare to Bare and Get Naked – in Public!

Less is more is the up and coming trend. Go with the flow by letting your bare skin touch the sun! There are a number of Nude Beaches in the U.S. and Canada that can help fulfill this New Year’s Resolution. Being publicly naked once in a while is good for your body and for your spirit. This year, resolve to love your bare body without always sexualizing nudity. You can reduce stress by taking the weight off your shoulders, which includes your clothes!

Stripping in front of strangers can be an unnerving feat when done for the first time. Especially if you are used to having your partner be the only one to lay eyes on your naked body. You may have an inkling that your naked body will not measure up in a crowd of experienced nudists. Not to fret, nude beaches are also clothing optional. You can ease into going full commando by wearing Micro Bikinis first, then shift to thongs and waterproof Nipple Pasties until you can strip off completely. A sheer micro bikini is fun option to make you feel snug and protected but is almost in the same lines as being barenaked. The feeling will be incomparable once you get to experience carefree sunbathing in your birthday suit.

4. Master the Art of Sex Appeal

Before you jot down ‘hit the gym’ on your New Year’s Resolution list, there are other ways to ooze sex appeal aside from getting toned leg muscles and six-pack abs. Though weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are worth the time and effort, it does not happen overnight. Engaging in sexually empowering activities, on the other hand, will get your sex appeal soaring in an instant. In the study published in the Journal of Social Science expert Catherine Hakim, Ph.D., the Erotic Capital Theory is said to be a “combination of physical and social attractiveness.” She recommends that women use this deadly combination to get ahead in life. Occupy yourself with social activities that enhance your charm, liveliness and sexual skills so that it goes hand in hand with your alluring outward show.

There are a lot of ways to do this like initiating more sex, making use of sex toys or visiting strip clubs. You can also throw lingerie parties to celebrate body positivity. Strut your stuff in your favorite lusty Bra and Panty Setswith your favorite people. The social intimacy that comes with lingerie parties will help release your sexual energy. Your erotic capital is also composed of skills in the bedroom. Another way is by experimenting in the bedroom in order to gain sexual competence. You can roleplay your way to Pleasureville by going for different Costume Lingerie every week! When your sexual prowess is released through these strides, a successful year is sure to follow.

Out with the Old, and in with the New – and Sexy! It is always a satisfying and invigorating feeling when you can finally put a check mark over one of your annual goals. When you blend women’s lingerie to your resolutions list this year, will not only bring self-improvement but will also bring a great deal of fun! There a a multitude of ways to turn the page this coming year, but do not forget to bring the best lingerie sets with you. Make 2019 your sexiest year ever when you shop for high quality yet cheap lingerie in Julbie!

Wishing You a Very Sexy New Year!

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December 20, 2018 — Nicole