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Bring an elegant look to the bedroom with sexy Gowns and Kimono lingerie offered at Julbie’s sexy lingerie shop. Lingerie gowns create an elegant touch with the long floor-length styles that elongate a woman’s figure.

Lingerie gowns are finding their way into popular culture with celebrities walking the runway in sheer, almost see through, gowns. From notorious celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian, lingerie gowns are growing in popularity as these celebrities transcend modern fashion by wearing nearly naked gowns in public. While the sheer gowns are meant for the WOW factor, they beautifully accentuate the female body and embrace an empowerment over their voluptuous figures. Lingerie gowns accentuate the lines and curves of a woman’s figure, contrary to shorter lingerie that immediately draws the eyes to the crotch, buttocks, and breasts. Lingerie gowns leave more to the imagination and make women feel sexy and confident in their bodies.

Lingerie gowns vary in the cuts and styles and make for a wide selection to choose from. Gowns typically come in floor length styles that vary by the cut at the top and material. Coming in fabrics that range from silky, to sheer, to glitter mesh, gowns come in a wide variety that make finding the perfect look, very possible. 

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