Christmas Lingerie

When it comes to lingerie, there really isn’t such a thing as one-size-fits all. Every woman has different bust, waist and hip measurements, as well as different preferences for what materials they like and how they want their intimates to fit, so what is adored by one woman might be extremely uncomfortable for another.

The beautiful part is there is a world of options out there to choose from! Our guide is here to help you figure out your lingerie style and teach you how to care for it year round, so you can be sure to feel sexy and comfortable in your lingerie this Christmas season.

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Know Your Size

Don’t get us wrong - there are the occasional lingerie pieces that will work for all body types - most things packaged as “one size fits all” are made of stretchy material such as spandex or Lycra, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s important to know your size before you go shopping especially if you are making purchases online, or for example if you are buying pieces like corsets where you need to know your bust size.

Once you have your measurements and decide on an item, it also helps to peek at the websites return policy, to ensure you can exchange it for a better size or a different item if needed.

Find Your Perfect Style

So you have your size handy, now what? Do you go with a thong? A one-piece? A negligee?

Well, again, that boils down to personal preference. Remember, lingerie is supposed to fit how you want it to, so if you’re more comfortable with a shift that flows instead of something skin tight, great! You will feel a million times sexier in something you are comfortable wearing, no matter what the style is.

Sexy lingerie is an indulgence, an outfit you buy to treat yourself or your lover to something special - so be sure the items you buy hug your body the way you want them to.

Lingerie Cleaning and Storage

Cotton, silk, nylon, rayon, spandex, Lycra…there are a million different variants when it comes to what your lingerie is made out of, not to mention the fragile pieces such as lace garters, ribbed corsets and stockings that all have their own care instructions.

Usually, any piece of clothing you buy has a care tag sewn in with instructions on how to launder the item. However, lingerie may be an exception - sometimes they don’t have room to add the care tag, or you may have removed it for aesthetic reasons.

Don’t fret! Here are our favorite methods for cleaning and storing your lingerie, and it works for basically all types of fabrics:

Hand Washing

Unless the tag specifies otherwise, we recommend hand washing only. This goes for basic undergarments such as panties and bras (especially bras, as they will lose their shape if machine-washed), and also for your everyday and novelty lingerie pieces.

The soap you use is up to you - we prefer to use just a tiny amount of our normal laundry detergent (make sure to test it on a small corner of the fabric to ensure it won’t discolor your clothing). You can also buy specialty, lingerie-specific detergent as well.

Machine Washing

If you absolutely must wash your item in the washer - or if your well-meaning partner accidentally threw it in the normal laundry pile (ahem), it’s okay! We have some options for you.

Place all fragile items in a lingerie-specific washing bag. This will help protect them from tangling with any other items you may be washing simultaneously and keep them from tangling.

Run the wash on delicate setting, with cold or warm water at most - never hot, as it will cause the items to shrink.

Once the wash cycle is complete, remove the items from the lingerie bag and lay them flat to dry as you would your hand-wash items. Take care to reshape any bra cups that may have flattened in the wash so they can dry back into their natural shape.


After washing your item, lay it flat on a surface to dry. This helps make it so any bands and straps aren’t stretched out while drying and helps the item return to its normal elasticity.

The main rule of lingerie laundry is never, ever, ever put your lingerie in the dryer. Trust us. Major shrinkage.


When it comes time to store your lingerie and undergarments, put some thought into how frequently you use the item, and what the item is for. The worst thing you can do for your lingerie is to throw it all in the same clothing basket and try to dig each piece out individually - this will only tangle and potentially tear your favorite things.

For items you use more frequently such as lace bras, negligees or baby doll outfits, try arranging them so you have easy access to what you use the most. Regular, everyday lingerie should be lined up and easy to grab, while the more infrequently used items should be carefully folded and organized. If you are storing corsets or bras with padding, make sure the cups are stacked against each other without any being squished or deformed. Maintaining the shape will help the piece last longer and look better while wearing it.

Seasonal outfits can be stored in airtight, vacuum sealed bags, or in sealed containers and tucked away until it’s time to bring them back out. You can double down on the protection of seasonal items by taping off the container or adding mothballs to ensure nothing gets in and ruins your outfits.

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Christmas Lingerie for 2018

Now that we’ve gone over all the logistics of choosing and caring for your delicates, it’s time to get shopping! We’ve been good all year, so here is our breakdown of our favorite Christmas lingerie styles for 2018.

Party Costumes

Whether it’s for a fun get together with friends or a cozy night in with you and your boo, party costumes will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit. They come in a variety of body styles so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for you.

What you decide to wear is entirely up to the theme of your party - you can never go wrong with a Mrs. Claus costume, or your everyday elf or reindeer. The best part about Christmas costumes? They can double as Halloween costumes as well!

Two Piece Outfits

Two piece lingerie outfits are a wonderful revamp of standard, everyday bras and panties, and the shapes vary more than you’d think. From bikini and booty shorts to thongs and g-strings on the bottoms, and halter tops, spaghetti strings and strapless on the tops. So many variations, so little time to wear them all…

The important thing to remember when selecting a two-piece for yourself is fit: what is comfortable for you? An easy rule of thumb is to select two-piece lingerie sets that resemble the same shape as your swimwear to begin with, which you already know is form flattering and comfortable to wear. Then, try switching up the shape of the top or bottoms until you have a variety of mix and match pieces ready to be enjoyed year round.


Ah, rompers. The sexy hybrid cousin of the leotard. We love the functionality of these - they are easy to dress up or down by adding sexy boots or stockings, but also look amazing on their own. And did we mention they’re comfortable? You won’t want to take these off.

If you aren’t entirely comfortable in two-pieces, am romper is perfect for you! They are essentially the same shape as one-piece swimsuits, just build with different, more breathable fabrics.

One piece doesn’t equal boring though - there are plenty of ways to dress up or dress down a romper (like this four piece nutcracker outfit for example), and the variety of patterns and cuts of necklines ensures that you will find one that makes you feel both relaxed and sexy.

Chemise or Negligee

A chemise is a long, loose-fitting gown that typically hangs straight off the shoulder. These are typically made from soft fabrics like silk or satin, and can have decorative lace trim. A chemise is a perfect choice if you’re shopping for a negligee for yourself! These make the perfect sexy sleepers because the fabric is very breathable and moves with you.

If you want a shorter version, you can try a babydoll gown, which typically form fit the breast with a bralette and then flows down like a typical chemise. Once you own one of these, you’ll never go back to your old college t-shirts again.

Which style is your favorite? Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, we hope you treat yourself or your partner to a gift to unwrap under the tree this year!

December 12, 2018 — Hilary