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Top 5 Ways Spoiling Yourself With Sexy Lingerie Is Good For You

When you find yourself in an ‘underwear VS. lingerie’ dilemma, the latter often loses the debate. Primarily because of the considerable contrast in the price tag but it is also mostly because of the notion that lingerie is for sexual purposes. When many women think about lingerie, they only think about the sensuality of it. The common misconception is that lingerie is solely for pleasing men. Truth is: men could care less about what women wear in the bedroom. By and large, they prefer you without anything on.

While you might be driven by the purpose of seduction (which is also great!), it is always a good idea to indulge in lingerie for yourself. Underwear is for your body as to lingerie is for your soul. Here are some reasons why lingerie should be at the top of your list for your next self-care session.

Confidence-Booster: Lingerie is like wearing an invisible crown

Lingerie are considered luxury items so you are guaranteed to have top-notch quality against your skin. One distinguishing factor of lingerie that sets it apart from regular underwear is that it is specially tailored to flatter a woman’s body. When you know you look sexy, even underneath your clothes, your self-esteem will skyrocket! Take advantage of the confidence boosting benefit of lingerie by going for luscious lace panties beneath your job interview suit, a feisty red silk lingerie set for a romantic date, or a strappy camisole with your jeans on a casual day out! The deluxe feel of gorgeous lingerie against your body makes all the difference for promoting self esteem. You will find yourself strutting with your chin up on the concrete catwalk!

Make Your Clothes Fit Better: Do your silhouette a favor... showing it off! Lingerie isn’t only aesthetic, it is also practical. Lingerie is not just for looking good in the bedroom. It can actually make you look better in your clothes. Some lingerie have waist cinching details that will give your shape justice. Push up bras are a favorite when it comes to giving that extra ‘oomph’. Your feminine curves will no less be the highlight of your charm and it will reflect on how you carry yourself.

However, in order to make sure that you get the most out of your lingerie, a seamless fit is vital. Have yourself fitted and read the labels to make certain that your lingerie will complement your outfit in so many ways.

Refection of Your Mood: Never underestimate the power of lingerie on a bad day

The lingerie you choose can also reflect your disposition. Feeling sweet and flirty? A pink babydoll. Feeling wild and naughty? A wet look bondage teddy. Feeling regal? A floor-length mesh kimono. Moreover, the colors of your lingerie can also be an echo of your feelings. Reach out for the lingerie color that can help hype up your energy for that day. Red lingerie when you want romance; black when you want to seduce; pink when you want to feel girly; and multicolored when you feel playful! Your mood is something that constantly changes from day to day. Say goodbye to any form of negativity when you don one of your cherished lingerie pieces.

Creativity and Imagination: Lingerie can be the ultimate expression.

When you want something to break the monotony of every day, lingerie can be your escape. You can definitely use it when you want something to liberate your senses. The wide array of lingerie designs can help you explore and experiment with varied fashion and styles. You can mix and match bras, pair lingerie with your casual and formal pieces. Play around with beautiful and functional lingerie and get your creative juices flowing, and makes life so much more exciting and interesting. If you have a day job that discourages your wild side, build your self confidence with colorful and daring lingerie underneath those professional clothes. While you may look the same in your professional clothes, underneath is goal setting tigress who is slaying her work.

Spice up Your Love Life: The right way to a man’s heart is through… sexy lingerie!

Switch up your usual unmentionables with larger than life lingerie that will drive him wild! Keeping the spice in a relationship is one of the keys to a long-lasting one. There are several ways that lingerie can spice up your relationship. Wearing something unexpected will send a message that he is in for a wild ride! Increase those high levels of endorphins by wearing a sexy cupless bustier that will increase your arousal, and his. You can also play out both your fantasies with some imaginative role play lingerie costume. Putting that extra effort on your boudoir ensemble will make your partner feel special (without even knowing that it makes you feel special too!).

December 06, 2018 — Nicole