5 Quick Tips to Get Sexy Fast

“Make your body the sexiest outfit you own!”

Who would not give to have perfectly voluptuous curves? Women covet a bikini body even as the temperature drops. An important thing to note is that sexy is more than skin deep. Perky boobs, toned abs or a thick bum are a bonus but being sexy is not just for one type of body. Contrary to popular belief, sexiness is more than just your vital statistics. Sexiness can be seen in your personality and what you do to ooze confidence. What is true for everyone, no matter what your personal idea of sexy may be, is that feeling sexy and being sexy go hand in hand.

When you choose to be sexy in and out, you will always feel on cloud nine. When you bring sexy anywhere you go, expect that you will be stopping traffic (in a good way!). Everyone around you will start feeling your radiating confidence. Your sexiness can spread positivity. Magnetize everyone who dares comes close. It can also ignite the spark in the bedroom, that he might not be able to keep your hands off of you!

There are days, however, where your self-esteem may not be up to speed. That is totally normal! When you are off to a girl’s night out and need an instant pick-me-upper, there are some quick remedies to get your sexiness back on its feet for a night on the town. Here are five quick tips for feeling sexier:

1. Meditate:

In order to start feeling healthy and sexy physically, you need to make sure you have a healthy mental state first. Practiced meditation, at least weekly, but preferably daily, enables you to find calm and inner peace. This centered state of being will help you to be happier, more alert, and more in touch with yourself. You will be more self-aware, which is extremely sexy, and more outgoing, which is also very sexy. A great way to incorporate meditation into your daily routine is to use an app such as Headspace that provides useful and timed meditation practices. Just plug in your ear buds and let Headspace walk you through a more calm and focused state of mind.

2. Do Cardio:

Cardio is number one if how you wish to achieve feeling sexy is through weight loss. It makes your heart pump faster; meaning your blood is pumping faster, you are breathing harder, and you are sweating. This all means a lot of calories burning, which leads to weight loss. Cutting tons of calories out of your diet is pointless if you do not do cardio. Our human bodies are designed to move and be active so that we can burn more calories than we consume. Sustaining a well balanced, low sugar, healthy diet, as well as working out as often as you can, will keep your weight where you want it on the scale. Not only is your health important, but cardio is widely beneficial for mental health. Cardio produces endorphins which are structurally similar to morphine that reduces pain and discomfort in the body. Endorphins are related to natural reward circuits that make you feel euphoria and a general sense of happiness.

3. Do yoga/Pilates:

While cardio helps you burn a lot of calories, with higher intensity and longer workouts providing more calorie and fat burning power, yoga and Pilates can not only help you lose some weight, depending on the type of yoga or Pilates you are doing but in doing one or both of these forms of exercise, you will get toned muscles, and you will be stronger. That is what Pilates and yoga have in common. As similar as they can be, however, they do have a few varying benefits. A yoga practice focuses on mental clarity as well as physical. Yoga makes your joints more flexible, and with flexibility comes a wider range of movement, which allows you to do more poses and helps you with your cardio workouts as well. Yoga will also make your muscles strong and toned. Pilates focus geared towards relaxing tense muscles, toning them, and strengthening them, specifically the core. It does not put as much emphasis on the spiritual element of the physical as yoga does. Both forms of exercise will give you a toned, strong, and healthy physique.

4. Eat Healthy:

Eating healthy gives your body the fuel to do all of the aforementioned tips for becoming sexy. Your body is simply a machine that needs fuel in the form of food to run at optimal efficiency. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or meat eater, a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, minimal or no sugar, and as many unprocessed foods as possible will allow your body to work at its best, have more energy, and stay lean. Use an app such as MyFitnessPal to track your eating habits and incorporate healthy eating choices.

5. Choose Clothing that Empowers You:

After all, is said and done, sometimes all it takes is some retail therapy. Clothes, lingerie included, have the power to turn things around, and fast! Turn that frown upside down when you choose to don sexy clothes that make you feel like a hundred bucks. If you love your body, you want nothing but the best for it so indulge yourself in sizzling hot outfits that will put your senses on overdrive. It will help stimulate happy hormones when you love the clothes on your back. Select clothing that accentuates the assets you love most about yourself. Do you feel that you have a great butt or long legs? Show them off! Wear clothes that continue to enhance what you love about yourself because it will translate into YOU loving yourself. 


November 29, 2018 — Nicole