Sexy 101: Get an A+ with these sexy school girl outfits!

Class is now in session! Going back to school is always an exciting time, but who says only the kids can get in on all the fun? Adults can celebrate the start of a new school year minus the books and exams. There is one homework we’ll require you to do: dress up as a schoolgirl the sexiest ensembles for your next ‘class’. You can use the preppy yet provocative concept for a role-play in the bedroom, a sexy striptease, a costume party for Halloween, a hen party theme or maybe even just because!

The Innocent-But-Feisty Formula

The sexy school girl has been every woman’s (and men’s) dream alter-ego. Even though it has gained notoriety, people cannot deny the power the schoolgirl charm. When you go for campus hottie look from head-to-toe, it will be a guaranteed turn-on! It is enough to make one want to reminisce their teenage sexual escapades and recreate an adult adaptation of it!

What do you need to complete your seductive school uniform? Mixing and matching is fairly simple when you want to go for campus chic. You need two staples: the basic button-down shirt and a pleated mini skirt.

Those two elements are enough to earn your grade but the tiniest details will make all the difference. Put on hosiery like thigh high stockings or socks, and platform Mary-Jane heels to earn that extra credit! Work around those staples and spice it with up with risque details to complete the naughty schoolgirl look.

An Era of Sexy School Girls: Our Favorite Campus Hotties

Be inspired by these sexy school girl pegs from celebrities and characters which you can take to your own private lesson!

1. Baby One More Time –The song was definitely a turning point in the singer’s career and Britney Spear's sexy schoolgirl outfit was one of the things that made a permanent mark in pop culture history. Britney’s on-screen transformation from straight As to straight-to-detention has inspired teens (to parents’ horror) to head to the mall to cop a similar outfit. To recreate the look, all you need is a tied front top with your bra peeking under, a black pleated skirt, black thigh high stockings, and platforms or you can buy an all-in-one set here! Top off the look with high pigtails and you’re ready to burst out with “Hit me, baby, one more time!” or to ask for some spanking!

2. Jennifer’s Body – Megan Fox’s body might be the defining point of the movie but we have to give props to the costume department for making her iconic Jennifer’s body school girl look. This badass outfit is enough to land you a week in detention but there’s no denying that it is sexy as hell! Centered on a bloody and diabolical plot, emulating Megan Fox’s school girl look requires a dark and devilish outfit. Choose a black trouble-maker outfit that looks extra baddie! Instead of some thigh high socks, get sheer stockings with lace detail as a more ‘sinful’ choice.

3. Clueless – The movie starred by Alicia Silverstone will always be one of the best fashion films ever. As a paradigm of ‘90s fashion, it has set the standard for schoolgirl/preppy chic look. Channel Cher Horowitz's most legendary look: the plaid outfit. Even 20 years later, it still inspires women to dress up as a teacher’s pet but we like to put a dash of sultriness! Pay tribute to the fashion’s ultimate cool girl with a yellow plaid matching blazer and skirt which adds a sexy twist to the character’s most unforgettable outfit.

4. Bring It On – What’s high school without cheerleaders? A cheerleader costume is designed to make anyone either burst with glee or get tongue-tied. Just like how Kirsten Dunst’s uniform in the movie was instrumental in making her everyone’s favorite cheerleader. Take a leaf out of the spirit and sass of the cheerleaders from the Bring It On movie franchise with a risque version of the uniform with way less fabric! Wear a cheerleader lingerie costume and come up with your dance routine... in the bedroom!

5. Mean Girls – The cult classic movie starred by Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams brought us drama and fashion that will last an eternity. With a chock full of pink (especially on Wednesdays) and a whole lot of midriff-baring, the Mean Girls still sets style trends even after its release a decade ago. Halloween costume or not, wearing a flirty pink school girl dress will surely make you embrace your inner drama queen!

The balance between innocence and naughtiness is a recipe for an irresistible look. While it does not have anything to do with school anymore, you can always usher in a new school year with a different kind of celebration. It is always fun to take a stroll down memory lane by reliving your teenage fantasies and desires and there’s no better way to celebrate it than dressing up and breaking the rules. Throw away strict school dress codes because this time, there are no rules! When you shop Julbie’s best-ever selection of schoolgirl outfits for adults, you’ll surely pass with flying colors! Homepage

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September 16, 2019 — Nicole