What’s the Big Deal about Clear Shoes?

Heels, in general, are a serious matter in the world of stripping. Without a pair of sexy, sky-high heels, a stripper outfit just wouldn’t be the same! Like a soldier going to a battlefield, success and survival rely heavily on the hands of the weapon of choice. Of course, CONFIDENCE is the main tool that will make one the star of the show but heels come to a close second. The shoes you choose make a significant difference in how you carry yourself and how you perform. It just adds to the overall vibe!

You can easily get lost with the wide array of stripper heels available in the market. If in doubt, there’s one particular kind of heels that strippers/pole dancers reach out for the most: transparent heels. In this case, transparent pumps have been the go-to footwear of strippers before mainstream even caught a glimpse of it. Odds are, you’ve already seen women wearing this trend left and right!

Specially Designed for the Modern Day Cinderella

Before the naked shoe has dominated, it has already gradually peeked in the fashion industry in red carpets and runways during the ’80s, with only having bits and pieces of the shoe as transparent. It was either the straps or the heels which were merged with opaque materials. The pole dancing industry saw this as an instrument rather than just an accessory. It was probably a lightbulb moment for one designer with strippers on top of mind. Eventually, the full-on naked shoe was birthed and naturally, the stripper market dove in headfirst for the opportunity to show off every bit of their skin without having to take your shoes off.

Even though it has entered the mainstream, strippers still lay claim to the legendary shoe. It has become a business card of sort. Clear shoes have inevitably become part of the branding. The stripper industry is home to the good, the bad and the nasty. Clear heels are obviously part of the good! We are here to explain what’s all the fuss about this sensational shoe:

Reasons Strippers (and Practically Everyone in the Planet) are Crazy About Clear Shoes

It lengthens the leg. The anatomy of the stripper shoe already does wonders to the silhouette. A huge chunk of an effective strip routine is making those legs work overtime! It is necessary to make your legs look stunning all throughout the performance. Clear heels help in making you look taller because it allows continuity from your legs down to your feet. It is the holy grail shoe for those who need a little bit of ‘stretch’ when it comes to height. Clear platform shoes in an insane heel height such as this Clear 10" Ankle Strap Heels will cheat your genes! The flattering mix of the extra length and see-through material will make you look even more enticing from the inside out!

It saves time and money. It matches pretty much anything so styling this is a no-brainer. It saves you time for more important tasks such as perfecting your craft! It also saves you the moolah because no matter what your ensemble is, a versatile clear platform shoe is all you need. Especially if you are grinding your way to financial stability, you can reserve your extra money for things aside from shoes. There are a lot of affordable options, adding to the fact that clear shoes will already go with so many looks. The transparent trend is one of the most economical trends there is. Put your money where your mouth is and cop pumps with a 'tip' slot which you can literally put your money inside!

It is better than going barefoot. Less is more when it comes to the art of strip dance. The job mainly consists of dancing and taking off your clothes. The end goal is to bare all. This is why some prefer going barefoot to commit to the strip routine. However, you can just imagine the number of germs, dirt, smoke, beer spills that are sprawled around the floor of the strip club you are dancing on. Protect your money-maker (your body) from injuries and health risks by slipping on a pair of transparent pumps which are just as good as going in the nude.

It is sexy and sophisticated. When you are in the career of strip dance, looking elegant while being erotic does not always seem easy. It is entirely possible to benefit in twofold if you slip on the right pair of shoes. This Clear Lucite Pump is a page out of Cinderella’s look-book but is still worthy to be swung around a pole. The glitz of the rhinestone is such a treat and it would be so pleasurable to do all your tricks in this pair.

It does not take the spotlight from the body. Clear heels will emphasize the confidence within because there’s literally nothing that gets in between you showing off every inch of your body. The thing about clear heels is that makes it such a popular choice for strippers because it does not snatch the attention away from the most essential: the body and the skills. All eyes will still be glued on the stripper’s body instead of what is on it.

Complete Your Stripper Uniform with Transparent Heels

After every piece of your stripper outfit is ripped to shreds, taking off your footwear is optional when you have your see-through heels on. With the promise of being “Sexier than Ever”, you’ll get all the attention you desire. Show off what your momma gave you and look jaw-dropping from head to toe! Strippers swear by this type of footwear but you do not have to be a pro to be worthy of donning one. Take it from the experts, it is clearly worth the try!

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September 06, 2019 — Nicole