Every couple has their ups and downs, even between the sheets. When you get used to your regular bump and grind, things fizzle out and start to become a routine. Don’t wait for your relationship to come to a standstill. Before the fire starts to die down, rekindle the flame until it bursts into a mushroom cloud of passion!

Who else would set the bar for remarkable romps other than porn stars? With sex as their profession, there are a lot of adult movie stars know that we don’t, making them masters in the bedroom! Bringing to life that screen satisfaction would seem like an intimidating task, but not an impossible one. Most of their bits are purely for entertainment purposes which sometimes give an unrealistic picture of what really happens behind closed doors, but we cannot deny that these stars have the upper hand when it comes to sex. When you bring their on-screen escapades to life, there’s no telling how much sizzle it would bring to your relationship.

Be a 'sexpert' with these ten pornstar-approved tips! Follow these pleasure hacks that will take you to the top of your sex game.

1. Tune in!

Nothing like visual stimulation to get you in the mood. Instead of the usual TV or Netflix, turn on some erotic videos. Hard-core porn will not only give you ideas, but it will also want to get down and dirty and pronto. If you’re up for homemade movies, hit play and push rewind! Put on a different kind of show – a peep show – by pleasuring yourself while you leave the bedroom door slightly ajar.

2. Pucker Up!

Do not underestimate the power of the mouth when it comes to intercourse. Nibble, blow, suck, lick, kiss, and even the slightest brush of your soft lips or a flick of your tongue on his ears, neck, or navel can already strike a chord. Notice how porn stars rarely have their mouths closed! Use it to your advantage by reaching for the most neglected erogenous zones of your partner's body or start humming while you are in mid-blow.

3. Surprise Me!

Spontaneity is something you need to practice if you want to be a sex dynamo. Waiting is not an option if you want to get it on. There will be times when the bedroom would not be an option. When an opportunity opens to do it on that marble kitchen island, put that whipped cream to use and eat each other up! Get some action before you hit the sack when you substitute your nighties with a brand new crotchless and open cup lingerie for that element of surprise.

4. Switch it Up!

It’s time to do some explorations. Do from a new point of view and bring out your Kamasutra skills. If you’ve gotten used to your usual missionary and doggie, explore new positions. It takes a little effort to read up and muster the courage to bend and contour your body in an unfamiliar position, but it will definitely intensify your partner’s craving. Switching it up can also mean taking on the other’s role. If you are normally mellow and vanilla, unveil your inner dominatrix and wear an erotic vinyl outfit to boot. If you are the Dom, step back and let your partner take control this time around. For those who haven’t found their alter-ego yet, use your sexy time to figure out the Dom/sub.

5. Take it Slow!

When you move past the honeymoon stage, going straight to the action without putting that much thought and effort to it. Big mistake! Making this a habit will lead you both to a dead end. Building anticipation will heighten the climax. The faster you peak, the faster you crash so take your time rather than jumping right into it. Move from making out, to doing foreplay and then to the deed. Leaving each other wanting more will make both of you more satisfied.

6. Play Around!

A little friskiness in the bedroom wouldn’t hurt. Being playful will release your enthusiasm and imagination. Pick a sex toy or accessory and get those creative juices flowing! Role-playing is another option. Take on a role that both of you fantasize about and put on sexy costume lingerie to make it come to life. You may want to live according to Mr. Grey and use a leather whip, or handcuffs for a little rough play. Scavenger hunts are not only for kids. Leave clues about where to find every piece of your lingerie all over your home. Of course, the treasure chest should be a butt-naked you!

7. Talk Dirty!

Break the silence by brushing up on your bedroom lingo! Dirty talk will make his imagination run a hundred miles per hour. Other than driving your partner crazy with pent up sexual tension, you are also able to communicate your wants and expectations in bed, even if it comes in an explicit message. Turn on the volume on those moans, smacks, and verbal play. Be generous in giving steamy affirmative phrases, letting your lover know that it feels good. This is a sure-fire way to lift up the arousal! If you are apart for the whole day, send them vaguely erotic text messages that will make their hair stand on the end that they’ll be rushing home in lightning speed!

8. Dress Up!

Sex is not all about the looks, but the visual appeal will make a ton of difference. Putting on luscious lingerie will always make him do a double-take. Put a see-through lace chemise underneath an apron while you serve him dinner, just like an opening scene from a porn movie. It will make him want to ravish what’s underneath that apron instead of what’s on the plate! Slip on sexy high heels and keep it on even until every bit of your lingerie is on the floor!

9. Spoil Yourself!

Take a warm bath, pamper yourself in a spa, groom ‘til every bit of you is squeaky and shining. Go shopping and dress up. Spend a bit more time with your hair, your skincare, your makeup, and your outfit to amp things up. It will make you feel good and feeling good about yourself will always be an ingredient for better sex. Do it with the lights on and let him see you – every bit of you.

10. Let Loose!

Leave your inhibitions behind and simply let go. Engage in mind-blowing sex without overthinking it. Whether you like it rough, slow, gentle, or fast, it will all go with the flow. Touch yourself when you feel like it, be vocal, and simply let your wildest fantasies roam free.

Put these easy tips on your “To-Do” list and we guarantee that you will never be stuck in a sexual rut. Routine and normality will kill your sex drive so it is important to switch up your bedroom repertoire.

Just pick from Julbie’s menu for a sumptuous sexcapade that will cater to you and your partner’s passion and intimacy. Your lovemaking will make you feel like you are still in the honeymoon phase, or make you feel like you are starring in a porn movie, depending on how you take action. But one thing is for sure, the sex will be too damn good that you’ll always be hungry for more!


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October 02, 2019 — Nicole