Roses are red, poison ivy is green, it’s the day of the dead, we love Halloween! October 31 has just come round the bend again. Halloween is more than just spooks or sweets, it is the season to let your imagination and creative juices do their jobs. You can express your creative prowess through organizing parties, decorating houses, and our favorite part of the holiday: costumes! It’s that time of the year when people are frantically rifling through the racks, scouring the internet and racking their brain for a fresh costume idea.

Here’s a solution: dress up as this year’s hot topic! When you go for what’s hot in the pop culture radar, it is always a big hit.

You do not have to unearth a treasure chest to find the perfect costume this year because what we have is pure gold!

Cleopatra Costume | 2019 Halloween Costumes

1. Power and Pride – The feminist and pride movement reached their peaks this year and people (women and LGBTQI++) are sending a message in every way possible. Make your stand this Halloween by choosing a costume which screams “Girl Power!” and “Pride for All!”. The Charlies' Angels movie gives a whole new definition of ‘angel’ with a kick-ass girl trio. The movie franchise is coming up with a reboot this year so this gives you plenty of excuses to dress up as a tough chick. Wonder Woman is another strong female icon which has taken the world by storm. A Wonder Woman warrior costume will show off those curves but will also look like you are ready for combat! Smash the patriarchy by wearing male-dominant characters like a pirate or a cop, and slay all day!

On the other hand, wear rainbow colors or a unicorn fantasy costume to show your support for the pride movement! Inciting social awareness while wearing a show-stopping costume? Why not?

Sexy Pennywise Clown Costume

2. Horror Nights – Halloween isn’t Halloween without bone-chilling dark looks. 2019 was abundant in horror shows and movies that could inspire a string of ‘boo-tiful’ looks! The “American Horror Story: Asylum” caused a stir because of its unusual mix of seductive nuns, bloody murder and aliens! “It” is a horror movie that has gotten everyone shrieking! With its sequel. “It: Chapter 2” premiering this year, you could expect the gruesome clown to be the talk of the town again. Both have such ghoulishly delightful stories which you could retell by wearing a wicked sister nun costume or as Pennywise the clown to look like you are a part of the award-winning cast!

Sailor Costume | 2019 Halloween Costumes

3. Throwback Thursday – Going teenage retro is all the rage right now. As seen in successful shows Stranger Things, Riverdale, and the movie Booksmart, every corner of the world is now brimming with ‘80s throwback fashion. A lot plaid, A notable Stranger Things episode shows lead characters, Steve and Robin, donning ultra nostalgic sailor costumes and it couldn’t be any cuter! Cop a similar one but only in a sexier and sparklier one here! ICYDK: October 31 falls on a Thursday this year so go and bring out those platform heels so you can walk back in time this Halloween!

DIY Angel Costumes | 2019 Halloween Costumes

4. “Don’t Call Me Angel”--The new bop by three of music’s royalty: Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey enchanted everyone with their larger-than-life vocals, their drop-dead gorgeous looks... and their angel wings! Even before their hi-fi music video came out, Claire Danes as Juliet, Victoria’s Secret Models and Jules in Euphoria already made us want to grow our own pair of wings. Recreate the naughty-but-nice look with your besties with a matching dark angel and a white angel wings. You could either wear it with a babydoll, a glimmering corset or a dress. Just a reminder: don’t get your halo dirty *wink wink*!

Disney Costumes | 2019 Halloween Costumes

5. Never Too Young for Disney – Disney gave us a handful of cinematic gems this year and it gave us a chalice full of costume ideas. Going for the youthful route will set your imagination in full blast! The Aladdin and Lion King live-action movies left us with some kind of magic and we’re still entranced! Beyonce being cast as the voice of Nala made the sexy Lioness costume top Halloween costume choice! Of course, that and Princess Jasmine’s costume is part of our three wishes. Pretty please, genie?

Sexy and spellbinding looks are at your disposal here at! We are starting our countdown to the most-awaited holiday and it’s never too early to kickstart your brainstorming and costume planning. Grab your costume early because pretty soon they’ll be flying off the shelves as October 31st draws near. There’s absolutely something here for everyone. We only hope you’ll be attending more than one party because it will be a challenge to pick just one from all the stunning ensembles available!

Find inspiration for your costume by keeping your eyes peeled for what’s fast-rising in the popularity radar. People tend to gravitate towards what is popular – the latest shows, blockbuster movies, a-list celebrities. Chances are, these are already the contents in your messenger convo, so we’re expecting it to be the buzz in parties, too. Your Halloween costume will not only reflect your creativity, but it will also be a chance to show that you are in the loop. A culturally relevant costume will keep the narrative interesting, and it will keep the conversation flowing smoothly. Get your hashtags ready because your costume will definitely be trending. Logo


October 07, 2019 — Nicole