Makeup is our guilty pleasure and Halloween is a perfect excuse to go crazy with our makeup looks! Dressing up is one way to get into the Halloween spirit but putting on makeup will just make the whole ensemble pop!

Don’t underestimate the power of makeup. Sometimes it can stand in the place of a full-blown costume. You can do a 180-degree transformation with just a quick makeup switch. Your plain white dress could be either a gorgeous greek goddess or a killer bride just by the makeup look you choose.

You do not need a pro artist to pull off a spook-tacular look for Halloween. All you need is inspiration and some cosmetic products that will make you glow (in the dark, maybe?). Achieve the most freakishly beautiful makeup look right in the comfort of your own home. Along with some items already in your vanity, these easy-to-use products will help build your

DIY Halloween makeup kit:

  • Body Paint: You are a blank canvass and temporary paint is your medium! Stay on the safe side by opting for easy-to-wash body paint you could slather on every inch of your body especially if you are going for the likes of a female hulk or a Smurfette!
  • Face Makeup: You probably already have every color imaginable from your hoard of eyeshadow palettes but it’s Halloween and your shadows may be too sheer for the occasion. These crayon-like makeup sticks are specially-designed to let you draw your desired look with ease. They are also smooth to glide on the face and easy to wipe off so there won’t be makeup horror stories the day after.
  • False Lashes – The eyes are the windows to the soul so when you are channeling a different persona, eye-popping lashes is a must! Whether you are going for glam, whimsical, or even a ghoulish look, lashes can make a big difference! Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose from bedazzled, or vivid colors, or peacock-like strands.
  • Glitter – Glitter is every girl’s best friend! Sorry diamonds! But glitter is our signature color. Everything is better when it’s covered in sparkles! Add a bit on your lips, eyes, and skin to make you glow no matter what costume you are wearing. It is especially recommended when you have a fairytale, mermaid or unicorn-themed costume.
  • Fake Blood – What’s Halloween without fake blood? Practically anything you throw on will be turned into a bone-chilling look with a splash of bloody red pigment. It will put the ‘gore’ to your gorgeous looks! Splatter some blood all over your sexy nurse ensemble you used for a bedroom role play and it will instantly be Halloween-worthy!

Once you’ve gathered all the goods, it’s time for some creative thinking! We’ve rounded out hauntingly beautiful makeup looks that are insanely-easy to create:


1. Glow-Getter. For those who are going as agreek goddess, gypsy, fairy or princess, a bit of gleam will do the trick! With dabs of unicorn snot gel, apply shine to prominent parts of your face and body. Use it as a highlighter on your cheekbones, shoulders, collar bone so that when the light hits it, you’ll be a glittering goddess. Apply a different color on the lids and add glitter lip gloss to boot. This won’t take the spotlight away from your costume but it will emphasize it! You can go overboard with the sparkle just because it is Halloween! Remember: one who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten!


2. Harlequin Queen. Joker, Harley Quinn or Pennywise the Clown – A spooky or sexy clown can be achieved with a base, and a couple of colored face sticks. On top of your white base or just light foundation, draw triangles under each eye and over the brows; or smudge red and blue colors around the lids for a Harley Quinn inspired look. Over-line your lipstick with to achieve an over-the-top lip size. Add fake blood streaks if you want to go towards the creepy clown direction.

3. Bloodstained Babe. Vampire makeup can be achieved with your usual smokey and dark makeup over a pale/regular base. Just add trickles of blood running down the corners of your mouth and Voila! You are a bloodsucking princess!


4. Gorgeous Ghost – Channel a MorticiaAdams look which is we think is hot despite being cold-blooded! Exaggerated smokey black eyeshadow with a black or red lip is enough to make the dead rise up from the grave! If you are feeling a bit more artistic, draw skull-like features with black face paint and smudge it over the hallow parts of your face.


5. Mythical & Magical! Unicorns and mermaids are a figment of our imagination so a lot of imagination is definitely called for. Apply a bold colored lip and trade your usual blush and contour shades for the colors of the rainbow! Add matching rainbow lashes for that extra fluttering or embellish your eyes with some sticker jewels. For mermaids, go for purple, blue and holographic hues for your eyeshadow. With the same colors, draw delicate fish scales on the temples of your head down to your cheeks which can easily be achieved by tracing fishnet stockings. Unicorn makeup sets and mermaid makeup kits are also readily available if you want to cut through the process.

Found something you like? Time to whip out a makeup kit and get to work!

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October 17, 2019 — Nicole