“I have nothing to wear!” said the woman staring at her closet full of shoes. The problem is not how large the shoe collection is, but how to pick the perfect one from the pile!

Every situation calls for different footwear. Wearing the same pair of shoes for every single occasion could earn you a ticket from the fashion police. It’s easy to fall prey to what the tide brings in, but pretty soon you’ll be swapping out your trendy pieces for new ones. It’s fine to dive into what’s hot in the market, but make sure you have the classics to keep you company when trends overturn. Here in Julbie.com, we believe that there’s always a classic pair of sexy heels to solve all of your fashion dilemmas.

Stocking up on high heels are the perfect way to kick start your capsule shoe wardrobe. Heels are a way to say who you are without having to speak. Here are six staple high-heeled shoes that will help tell your story:

1.Bootie Heels – It may seem like a challenge to stay ‘hot’, in all senses of the word, but a pair of badass booties will always be a two-in-one gem. Practical and pretty booties will take every outfit up a notch. It will look great with skinny jeans, mini skirts, dresses and everything in between. Ankle high heeled boots will be your best friend when you want to look effortlessly chic and sexy. Bootie heels will accentuate the booty while also giving your confidence a much-needed boost! You can play around with styles that can go from equestrian to edgy to erotic!

2. Nude Pumps – There’s a reason (make that several reasons) a pair of nude heels are a cult favorite. For one thing, it does wonders for one’s silhouette. The skin-tone color heel is known for elongating the legs. I mean, who doesn’t want longer-looking legs! We expect this kind to be on heavy rotation whenever you need some sprucing up because they go with just about anything! We find it best paired with red dresses, floral and lacy lingerie and for your sexy costumes.

3. Black Girl-Boss Heels – On the other side of the fence, we have the footwear that means business: black high heels. This pair hits both sides of the spectrum. It is the most office-appropriate shoe but it is also the most used shoe of a dominatrix! It is simple enough not to clash with your outfits but also bold enough to make a statement. You can sport a pair of black platforms for a date night or a big meeting. Whether you choose black dressy sandals or closed-toe stilettos, you will always find yourself reaching for a pair of black heels.

3. Red High-Heeled Shoes– Even if you are not a fan of bright colors, red shoes are a no-brainer. This shoe is found in the top tier of the footwear triangle because of its bold color. Because red is such a powerful hue, it is often used to make a strong impression. Instead of just going for your usual red lipstick for red-letter occasions, why not double it up with matching scarlet shoes as well! We love wearing red heels for monochromatic outfits such as the one Sandy in Grease wore with her all-black leather ensemble for her dramatic transformation. Of course, you can also wear it with denim, white shirts, sheer lingerie or nothing at all! The power of red high heels can turn any plain Jane into an instant sex symbol.

4. Unique Statement Shoes – You never know when you might need a pair of head-turning heels. Pick pair that is just a step out of your comfort zone. While neutral shoes are essential, heels with flair are quintessential in taking the spotlight! This type of shoes can elevate your mood and express your wildest fantasies, all while giving you a lift (height-wise and esteem-wise). In choosing the statement shoe for you, ask yourself this: “If my personality was a shoe, what would it be? "A neon yellow heel for the bright and cheerful gal, a green sequined thigh-high boots for the disco-dancing mermaid wannabe, and maybe a red and white lace-up sneaker heel for the cheerleader at heart. A sexy pair of heels that also speaks to your soul can affect your outlook and the way people perceive you.

5. Platform Shoes – Need a lift? The most daunting thing about sky-highs is learning how to walk in them. Consider platforms as the ace up your sleeve. That extra chunk of shoe beneath your toes makes walking in stilts look easy. Like wedges, it aids the wearing in walking properly while giving you the extra height. It is far from being a walk in the park, but it sure helps! Platform shoes can be a sexy alternative to your daily footwear. Toss your sneakers for a fun pair of leopard print platform creepers. Switch up your summer flip flops for gladiator-like platform sandals. Platforms can easily be your casual everyday shoes when you pick a comfortable height in a chic design.

6. Clear Heels – Transparent high heeled shoes might be the most versatile pair in your arsenal. From primping your dress to attend a wedding to getting down and dirty during the after-party, clear heels always seem to be a perfect fit. Its minimalistic style is a cinch to style! It is known to be the staple stripper footwear for a reason! This modern-day glass slipper gives the illusion of being barefoot so that taking off your shoes is optional even after you’ve stripped off the last piece of your clothing. Once you’ve jumped on the transparent train, sexy time would never be the same without your clear heels.

Love, adventure, passion, and power. What your feet are rocking will make a world of difference in telling your tale. With the right kind of shoes, the world is at your feet! You could happily don a simple shirt and jeans combo and still look smokin’ with the right heels! Julbie realizes the importance of footwear in hustling and getting things done that’s why we’ve made sure you have everything you need and more. Browse our specially curated collection of sexy shoes at your disposal. Start building your shoe wardrobe so you never have to go a day without being sexy!

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November 07, 2019 — Nicole
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