We are here to smash the stereotype and break down the false beliefs that have been wrapping the heads of lingerie consumers. As much as you’ve tried dodging your grandmother’s warnings about lacy underthings taking over your ‘morals’, there are some beliefs that cling and just would not budge! Your favorite lingerie store is here to shed some light because we have all the data and evidence to determine which are the truth and which are purely myths! We adore lingerie so much that we could not let it slide that women put off a perfectly good piece of lingerie just because they cannot shake off these misconceptions. So let’s set the record straight once and for all!

MYTH 1: You will have one lingerie size... FOREVER

We all know that your twins stop growing after young adult-hood. Unless you underwent surgery, there’s no reason to change your bra size from college, right? Bodies morph throughout your life and your boobs are also affected. In the same way, your booty is also susceptible to change. Especially, if you are a hustler for squats and crunches! Update your lingerie bottoms like your panties, g-strings, and thongs if you do not want it riding up your crotch or being too loose for wear. Pregnancy, also weight gain or loss, and hormones play a big factor in your fluctuating size. If you notice that your old bra is not serving you as well as it did before, have yourself fitted again. Update your bra size if you haven’t in a while, then go on a guiltless bra shopping spree with your newfound size!

MYTH 2: You have to look like the model to wear lingerie

It’s in 2019. It’s about time to throw stereotypes out the door and get in with the program! Lingerie is for all! Those gorgeous models give the face value but the real essence of lingerie digs deeper than that. Have you ever shrugged off buying sultry lingerie because you look nothing like the model? Don’t be fooled by digitally manipulated photos, real beauty is found within, and lingerie can help it shine! We are telling you to free yourself from the shackles of superficiality. Allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of lingerie per se and bask in the intrinsic benefits it gives: confidence and power. You might see models wearing the lingerie but it does not mean that you have to look like them to be able to rock your own! Most modern female-centered brands (like ours!) promote body positivity. Julbie.com is stocked up with lingerie that comes in a wide range of sizes! Go crazy with our Plus Size Lingerie choices or peek through the product descriptions to see if your coveted lingerie comes in your size.

MYTH 3: Corsets and push-up bras are always uncomfortable and unhealthy

Steel bones, metal clasps, and underwire are words that are not usually associated with comfort. We would understand why a lot of people would think that corset lingerie and underwired bras are torture. Albeit, finding the right fit will prove otherwise. Going through each feature with a fine-tooth-comb will help you get a seamless fit. Corsets and bras could feel like a second skin when you get it in the absolute perfect size for you. While that might feel a bit of a stretch, trust us when we say that it is completely within your power! Keep your eyes peeled for tell-tale signs of a poor-fitting bra and corset. Take your time in nitpicking the dimensions of the product: straps, bones, laces, clasps, etc. in comparison to your cup size, waist size, torso length, and the like. When numbers are too far from each other, or as soon as you feel that it is digging into your skin, consider another size or kind. Well-worn corsets, apart from slimming down the waist, could support bone health and good posture. While well-fitted bras will give your breasts the support and protection it needs.

MYTH 4: Lingerie should be reserved for honeymoons or other special occasions

We could say that lingerie has become synonymous with luxury. Because it has an image of being lavish and special, a lot of women save it for special occasions. Another thing that makes lingerie elusive is its image that luxury means expensive. It is evident by the gush of consumers pouring out whenever there’s a holiday right around the corner. Before the day of love, lingerie shops are always filled to the brim with women hungry for new Valentine’s Day lingerie that will surely leave her man craving for the celebration. In the same breath, some brides splurge on their bridal lingerie, only for it never to see the light of day after the honeymoon! If you enjoy wearing lingerie so much, why wait for an excuse to buy and wear one? It’s time to crush this myth because women deserve to feel special no matter the occasion. Julbie has the most affordable, yet absolutely luxe, lingerie so you can treat yourself every day of the week!

MYTH 5: It’s taboo to wear lingerie in public

Lingerie has the power to tug at our heartstrings so it does not deserve to be concealed in the four walls of a bedroom! This myth was formed from our once conservative world when wearing something that shows a bit too much skin was frowned upon. Lingerie was kept behind closed doors because too much skin peeked through. Now, being comfortable in your own skin is not only accepted but encouraged. In fact, certain lingerie styles are specially designed to be seen by the public eye! Underthings have evolved into something more from just being worn underneath. It has become a statement piece, an expression of one’s style and personality. Camisoles and corsets paired with jeans; Kimonos worn as a layer on top of casual wear; nightgowns worn as dresses under coats; and bras as a substitute for crop tops. These are new fashion rules and we are here to abide by all means!

If something is holding you back from buying that lingerie you’ve been eyeing, we hope we finally cleared the air so you do not have to miss out on all the fun!Break the rules. Ignore the myths. Show some skin. Follow your heart because we know it leads to sexy lingerie!


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November 12, 2019 — Nicole