Who doesn't love shopping? The best kind of therapy is retail therapy! When you are surrounded by all the sexy fashion and beauty products in the online hemisphere, resisting is tough! The convenience of online shopping – orders arrive at your doorstep while you sit pretty – doesn't help suppress the temptation! As much as we love to go off the rails, our bank accounts might not be too happy with our online shopping sprees if it gets out of hand. You might find yourself asking:

To Shop or To Save?

Now, you never have to pick your poison! Have you been flustered whether to check out your cart or not? For our babes on a budget, we'll let you in on secrets that will allow you to go on an 'add to cart' binge without smashing your piggy bank!

These nifty shopping hacks which will help you slay the virtual racks while staying on budget:

Look for an online retailer with a 'Best Price Guarantee.'

Those three words are music to our ears. Aside from 'On Sale,' stumbling on that phrase means you'll get the most competitive prices. Retail websites, such as Julbie.com, will match lower-priced available items from another qualified website. Read more about it here. You never have to look far and wide to score bargain-priced items. It means you have landed on a flexible online shop that values your money.

Check the Clearance Page

The hidden gem of the e-commerce world is often overlooked. A compilation of everything on sale! You'll be wide-eyed and drooling with all the slashed prices on the clearance page. Despite the discount, you can trust that everything is still in pristine condition. Products are usually bumped into the clearance aisle to make room for new arrivals and more in-season products. Nevertheless, you'll find that the items here in this category still rock! So better get them while they are still in stock!

Spend Less by Getting More

Would you believe that buying more than one would save you money? Adhere to the BOGO practice and get more than your money's worth! Essentials like panties, stockings, and bras are a mainstay in our shopping cart. These are items that you wear out often because of everyday usage. Don't feel guilty about hoarding this stuff, you need it after all! It's worth the one-time splurge if you end up saving more bucks in the long run. Instead of reaching out for the same item with a regular price tag every month, get three months' worth, and cut costs! You want to look for phrases like 5 Panties for 25$, or Buy 3 Get 1 Free Hosiery.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

There are free shipping offers when you reach a specific price point. A lot of people brush off this marketing tactic when, in fact, it makes a whole lot of sense. Shipping fees can be pretty steep, depending on where you are. If you are going to pay that amount anyway, why not use it on something you can wear! Before you stress yourself with the age-old dilemma of high courier fees, find out how you can avail of free shipping.

Organize the Page from Lowest Price to Highest Price

More often than not, the default display of product pages are the featured items or best selling items. These products may not be the cheapest ones, but it might entice you to purchase it without second thought! They are bestsellers for a reason! If you really want to dodge temptation, sort the products to ascending order before you settle on a decision. This will display the lowest-priced item to the highest one. You'll be in luck if the same product from the best selling page also pops up! You can control which price range you want to view according to your budget. If it reaches a dollar over of line, then retrace your steps and choose from what's within your budget! Julbie.com has made it accessible for you to cop the best products at different price points so you can steer clear of compulsive buying!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Promo Codes

Snoop around and look for vouchers and digital coupons you can use for your purchase. By all means, go crazy with all the moolah you are going to save! So leave no stone unturned until you find something that will allow you to get a discount. There's no shame in that! Julbie.com keeps all deals and promos readily and easily available. It's just waiting for you to consume it like freshly baked cookies! Get it while it is still hot! Some discounts are limited-offers. Tick tock!

Sign Up for Promotional Emails

Remember those annoying emails you get after signing up on a site? We bet you've let some of those unread, only to be piled up to the bottom of your email list. But wait! Before you mark these emails as spam, you can actually benefit from it! Especially if you are a frequent shopper of a specific online shop, it pays to pay attention to the emails you get from them. In the world of commerce, patience is an asset. Go window shopping and add items to your wishlist, regardless of whether they are over your budget or not. A little waiting will go a long way when you finally receive the most-awaited letter in your inbox: SALE. Rush to check if the items in your wishlist are included in the new promotion. You might also receive notifications when the items in your cart get a mark-down. Keep your fingers crossed!

CHA-CHING! May Your Wallets, Closets, and Hearts be Full!

Shopaholics can turn into savvy and smart shoppers by following these simple tips and tricks. We can all be happy shoppers just by putting a little tweak into our shopping routine. Julbie.com offers the most cost-efficient prices for the sexiest items you'll ever lay your eyes on. Take a double-dip with the fantastic deals we have for you. Free shipping plus 10% off? Sold! Don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service representative and ask if in doubt.

Do not wait for the shortest horror story ever: Sold out. Take it from us, nothing haunts you like the things you did not buy. Follow our thrifty shopper tips and trust Julbie.com to deliver all the best deals so you can go for a full guilt-free spree! Stay Sexy!

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November 16, 2019 — Nicole