It’s officially hard nipple season!

We know what goes down when the temperature drops: holiday parties with a mountain of colorfully wrapped gifts. ‘Tis is the season for gift-giving, so you are bound to take part in gift exchanges just like a white elephant. A white elephant is just like a secret Santa, but with a twist. This interactive gift swap has one rule of thumb: to get away with the best present! One by one, each will pick a random present to unwrap from the pile, and for every turn, one may choose to keep their gift or steal another.

No need to brainstorm the perfect candidate for your white elephant contribution, we have the perfect entry for you: Nipple Pasties! Holidays usually mean it’s time to bundle up and cuddle up, but we like to do otherwise. We like it hot and steamy and these items will heat up the winter wonderland! When you love the holidays this much, everything needs a festive touch – so make sure your nipples are also properly decorated for the season!

We have rounded up the top nipple pasties for the perfect White Elephant gift!

Get ready to ‘Deck the halls with tits and pasties, fa la la la la, la la la la!’

1. If you aren’t expecting a white Christmas this year, these snowflake pasties are the next best thing! They say no two snowflakes are the same, so what better option for a unique gift than a pair of classy glitter pasties? Subtle, simple, and yet, oh-so-stunning, these can be worn underneath a jumper or a sheer shirt for that extra holiday glimmer!

2. It isn’t the holidays without ‘Jingle Bells’ on full blast, and these pasties give the song a whole new meaning! We would totally love to jingle more than just the bells! Anyone would instantly perk up once they put on this pair and wiggle it to the tune of… you guessed it: Jingle Bell Rock! Don’t worry about it falling off because these are made with reusable silicone, which is more durable and long-lasting than your usual adhesives so you can jingle all the way!

3. Trinkets and garlands, red, gold, and green, is there anything that screams Christmas more than these pasties? There are more places to hang up a wreath than your door, and who would’ve thought that it includes your boobies! Wrap up these Christmas pompoms pasties and spread EXTRA cheer! Extra, extra points because these last for more than one use.

4. Imagine the grin on people’s faces when they unveil a pair of candy cane pasties with the note: ‘Have a good lick!’. If that won’t crack a smile or two, then we do not know what will! These candy cane pasties are sweet and hard, just like your nipples in the winter! Plus, they come with extra starry stickers so it can unleash art skills to come up with a pattern that’ll be as good as an alternative’ top’! Oh, what fun!

5. This pair will not require any wrapping since it already comes as a snazzy green and red glitter gift box pasties! A gift that keeps on giving, no less! This product will repel all the ba-humbugs and even everyday ensembles will be jazzed up with these freaking awesome ‘ho ho ho’ Christmas Gift Nipstix Pasties.

6. A dual-purpose, flip sequin, 2-piece set? Top that, Santa! This product is more than what one would ask for because it has items that will help you carry on the holiday cheer beyond Christmas. They can use it as a matching set or wear the pasties and thong on separate occasions! What a steal! Simply flip the sequins when you feel like changing up your look. Sexy + unique + practical – the formula to a perfect package!

7. Give Mrs. Claus a run for her money by taking the Santa Hat game a step further. Santa hats are a holiday staple item, and the chances are high that you are already wearing one for your party. The holidays are the perfect time to go OTT, so it just fits that you add two more hats – this time, for the knockers! ‘Santa Baby’ will surely be hurrying down the chimney when these are put on!

8. Roses are the epitome of romantic, and it has become a familiar flower during special occasions. Take the unconventional route and go for something that does not wilt: Red Roses Nipztix Pasties! Apart from Christmas, these are also great for an evening out, Valentine’s Day, or any intimate rendezvous. The recipient will have a handful of options on when to wear them. This accessory is the recipe for a great gift; it adds two cups of elegance, a dash of erotic, a pop of color, and a hint of quirk!

9. Sparkling chunky baby blue glitters snowflake pasties is the new accessory we never knew we needed. These pasties will make one want to channel an ice queen because the cold does not bother you anyway – especially since your hard nipples will And while the sight of these might want you to break out into a song (i.e., Let it go, let it go!), these won’t ‘let go’ that easily! These last 10-12 hours so you can sparkle all the way!

10. These gold glitter star pasties are enough to get people starry-eyed. Better wrap a pair of sunnies with these pasties because they’ll surely be blinded by the bright chunky gold shimmer! These might be the most fashionable way to steal the show and be the real STAR of Christmas! You can dance ‘til you drop because let’s face it, anyone will be glad to have nip slips in these pasties

Calm your tinsel tits because Christmas is coming!

Make a list and check it twice, because this array of pasties is your arsenal to the best White Elephant present ever! We’re ditching the fuzzy knitted sweaters because these products make sure those winter nips are kept at bay, and they do it with a flair! These stickies for your ta-ta’s might ignite a stealing war. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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November 26, 2019 — Nicole