Dear Men/Boyfriends/Husbands,

Are you familiar with the response "You don't have to get me anything...", but know you're walking into a trap if you don't get her something? Avoid the relationship pitfalls and looks of disappointment by getting your woman something really special! You express your passion, love, and appreciation in numerous ways. Gifts are an undeniable way to show it no matter which love language she speaks. Before you buy her that teddy bear, hear us out!

We know your frustrations, the big gift-giving occasions always seem to be right around the corner. Just after Christmas is done, you are already looking for a Valentine’s gift then after that, an anniversary, a birthday, the cycle seem to go on forever! Not to mention, those “just because” presents. It is easy to run out of gift ideas!

Chances are that you will be repeating the same ol’ flowers, chocolates and the jewelry. Don’t get us wrong, a woman loves those things without end. However, not only do women love surprises, but they love knowing that you chose a gift that YOU would love to see on her. She's sexy AF, and you want to celebrate that! While the traditional bouquet will leave her undoubtedly tickled pink, it will not necessarily make her jaw drop. We have an idea which both of you will absolutely adore.

Always and Forever, Lingerie

The ultimate gift to spice things up is sexy lingerie. Whether you're shopping for a unique gift for girlfriend or a romantic gift for wife, lingerie is a thoughtful gift that perfectly justifies your romance. It is both a necessity and a want. It can be luxurious but also practical. Lingerie will always and forever make a woman feel like a little girl opening her first barbie doll! Besides, lingerie is a win for both of you. It appears in the list of “what women want” and “what men want”, too!

For most guys, lingerie is unchartered territory and it could go in the wrong direction if you dive in head first without testing out the waters first. Lucky for you because is a haven for women’s lingerie shoppers. We will let you in on the tricks of the trade to help you bag the perfect gift for your girl!

Pre-Shopping Preps:

1.Do Your Research

For it to be a complete surprise, it might require a bit of snooping in her lingerie drawers. Tag along on her shopping trips. Keep a close eye on the kind of lingerie she has and does not have. If there’s someone who knows her by heart, it should be you! So be extra attentive. Is she fond of push-ups, thongs? Does she look extra delicious in red or blue? That sort of thing! If you want to go the extra mile then educate yourself on the different lingerie types and which suits her body type well with this Lingerie Style Guide.

If your girl doesn't wear sexy lingerie often, consider thoughtfully what she wears on a date night and that will guide you in the direction of what she considers to be sexy. If your wife loves to match her lace bra with a lace thong panty, why not look for a similar lace bra and panty that you know will be a hit. Women also love sets, consider the full lifestyle package that goes great with lingerie such as: essential oils, soy candle, body perfume, bath bombs, etc. Create a gift package that she will love. It's not just about the lingerie, but everything that goes with it!

2.Know Her Size

One of the most crucial steps in making sure she would like (and use) your gift. Sneak some time to rummage through her stuff and list down her statistics: bra size (e.g. 32A, 36B,etc.), panty size (e.g. small, medium, large or size 0-16, etc.). If you are eyeing a more elaborate lingerie set then also put in her waist and hip size. Just to be sure!

Note: You can always be vocal about it. You can go straight ahead and ask her! Let the kind of lingerie you buy be the surprise. This also gives her a chance to drop a couple of hints, making it easier for you!

Shopping Tips

Online Shopping: The online sphere is the perfect trade tool to go for guys going lingerie shopping for their partner. Look for an online retail store that offers a convenient way to shop. We know some guys do not have the patience to go through racks and peer through the tags but it only takes a couple of clicks here and there when you are in the right website. So be sure to source an organized online lingerie store that ships their orders in discreet packaging. You certainly don't want to ruin the surprise with a branded package showing up at your door! Those who offer free exchanges are recommended. Just in case you read the signs wrong, at least she can have it traded for something that fits like a glove. Use the intel you have gathered pre-shopping to skim through the pages until a spotlight pops up for the perfect lingerie you both will love.

The Occasion: This is a sensitive factor in choosing lingerie. Not all celebrations are appropriate for lingerie gift-giving. Skip Mother’s day, Easter or house-warming events (unless she asks for it). Take the plunge on the following celebrations:

  • Birthday: Get her ready for some birthday sex in something better than her birthday suit. Make it all about her with a bra and panty set which she could use beyond the occasion. A birthday present for your wife should be very sexy. If you have kids and have been married for a few years, re-ignite the passion with crotchless panties or a cupless bra telling her that you still find her dripping in sex appeal.
  • Valentine’s Day: Extra saucy, spicy and sultry lingerie is perfect for the day of love. One this days, a few Valentine's day ideas for her should include food + lingerie. Buy a special box of chocolates and babydoll and tell her that she can't taste them without putting on the lingerie first. Do not go easy on everything with hearts, red, lace that are the characteristics of Valentine’s Day Lingerie.
  • Wedding/Anniversary Night: Celebrate a lifetime of togetherness on a wedding night, anniversary or a bridal party with pristine white lingerie with lace, satin, garters and hosiery. Now that you've upgraded from gift ideas for girlfriend and into the space of 'wifey' gifts, it's time to choose something more timeless and representative of your commitment to each other. With this category, undoubtedly go 'all out' with the dinner, wine, and celebrate the occasion. Include a subtle reminder of what's to come with a sexy pair of lace panties or an open cup bra that indicates you love everything about her. Women love to dress for their man, so get her something sexy that she knows you will love.
  • Christmas: The weather outside is frightful, make the lingerie delightful! Christmas gift ideas for her are endless. Celebrate the season with red satin bow lingerie or stick to something more traditional like a red lace teddy. Make it rain like Santa Claus! On the season of giving, share the love with some themed Christmas Lingerie.

There is no rule book. You can always expand this list according to how you celebrate your relationship and special occasions.

A word of advice: Shop for her and not for you! Well, you might find this an opportunity to inject your fantasy and go for sexy lingerie or lingerie costume which you want to see her in. Set aside your Princess Leia slave costume fantasies aside if you think she would not be up for it just yet. If you've always wanted to try bondage, but know that your girl is too headstrong to be submissive, then don't buy the wrist restraints. However, dominant women can still love bondage and many of them LOVE bondage. Test her comfort zone to see what her style of love making is, and then go with it! Do what makes you both comfortable, after all she fell in love with YOU.

Post-Shopping Reminders:

After you have the delicates wrapped up with a bow on top, the best thing to do is to get her to use it! Plan a romantic scheme like leaving her the gift while you are away, pin a little love note saying you would want to see her wearing it when you get home. Get creative!

Take it from your trusty lingerie shop, a sensual piece of lingerie is enough to woo her! Spoil your woman with a teddy (not teddy bear) and the like. You know she deserves it!

June 06, 2019 — Nicole