You might think that the “perfect pair” would be a pair of red bottom stilettos, a pair of diamond earrings, or a pair of high-class sunnies that would turn your outfit around. Have you ever considered putting on a pair of gloves?

From winter soirees to red carpet events, one can always associate a pair of gloves to ultimate sophistication. Women’s gloves have come a long way from just being a fall/winter staple. Gloves cover up but they do so much more when you know how to style it. We are here to unearth the magic of this underrated accessory.

A Brief History on Women’s Gloves

Gloves have been warming up people’s hands since ancient times. It was originally designed for utilitarian purposes as a cushion from the coId or as extra protection during warfare.

It has then become a status symbol and the rich were always seen wearing a pair in church, out for dinner and practically everywhere! It was regarded as a symbolic accessory for the elite and the high-rollers. Queen Elizabeth II herself cannot be seen without her custom pair of white gloves when she goes out to meet and shake the hands of the people.

Audrey Hepburn has made a lot of fashion breakthroughs and long satin gloves are one of them. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been one (if not the most) iconic looks in fashion and movie history. It became a staple item for those who wanted to take their floor-length or cocktail dresses up a notch. Long gloves were often chosen to match the color of the dress.

It paved the way for gloves to be more than just a utility accessory or a status symbol. It is now a must-have for every girl who wants to turn their outfits stylish and sexy in an instant!

Where, When and How Should You Wear Gloves?

Since the exclusivity of gloves has become a thing of the past, uses of gloves have popped up like mushrooms. Though we are used to wearing and styling gloves for the t can get tricky to style it beyond the fall and winter seasons.

  • Costumes

A lot of costumes entail additional accessories. Add that much needed polish to your Sexy Halloween Costume when you slip on a pair of gloves to match it. A 1920’s Flapper Girl costume will become more convincing if you put on these luxurious black satin gloves worthy of Gatsby’s outlandish parties.

It does not stop there! Gloves are so on-trend that a lot of our most-loved fictional characters also wear a pair. If you are dressing up as Mickey or Minnie Mouse, you would not do the cartoon icons justice without a pair of their trademark mouse gloves. Reuse your costume gloves for the next costume party when you dress up as Lola Bunny! This playful gloves can be reutilized numerous times, just let your imagination run free!

Cartoon characters are not the only costumes that you can incorporate gloves. Go full-on mermaid with a pair of elbow length mermaid gloves which comes in a variety of colors! No matter if the costume is store-bought or DIY, it will make the whole thing look more unique and genuine.

  • Rave

Rave parties are domains of eccentric sartorial expression. Full of color, skin show, bright and fun clothes, raves are known for outlandish and flamboyant outfits. Gloves are all about the fun too! You might focus too much on dressing up your torso and legs with the brightest items, why not give your arms some of that love too! Take a hue out of your rave outfit’s color palette and pick out a matching glove to go with it. A neon fingerless fishnet gloves will add pizzaz and extra color to your sexy rave outfit. You do not have to worry about the gloves restricting you, the fishnet detail and fingerless style are designed to make you comfortable even while dancing under the blazing heat of the sun.

  • Wedding

After exploring the fun and playful purposes of gloves, this time we go for a more delicate, dainty and elegant direction – weddings. While a pair of ivory gloves on your wedding day might not seem at all necessary, but it makes your dress look more beautiful and more elegant. Depending on the kind of wedding dress you opt to wear,

you may choose from fingerless, elbow-length, wrist-length, lace, satin, as long as it is in WHITE. If you have a fairly simple, minimalistic dress without any kind of sleeves, gloves will be a sophisticated and pristine addition. Look like a princess with your sleeveless or short-sleeve wedding gown when you have a pair of gloves to match!

  • Bedroom

There’s something about gloves that make the effect of lingerie more sensual. You might think that more skin show equates to a higher level of sexiness but covering some parts can also be a turn-on. This added layer of mystery adds to the sensuality your lingerie brings. It might be the feeling of the material against bare skin or the scent of it while you caress your partner. A pair of these beauties can make a man hot with desire. A lot of people have actually developed a glove fetish is stimulated or obsessed with someone wearing gloves. Make this pair of wet look leatherette gloves a mainstay when you want hot and wild sex. When you make this as your second skin, watch him go wild with desire!

A modern woman needs her of pair gloves. Aside from being practical as a barrier from getting frozen fingers, it is undoubtedly stylish too! You have full control of your gloves will serve you. Style it casually, practically, playfully or seductively. Gloves are more than a fashion accessory, it is a statement! Get your own pair and see how your look transforms in a snap! Homepage

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May 28, 2019 — Nicole