Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear showcase your personality with your lingerie? We are not just talking about color, you can definitely express yourself in a whole lingerie set! Picking sexy lingerie to match your uniqueness is a great way to feel liberated and confident in your own skin.

Not quite sure which set has your name on it? No worries! You can explore a cornucopia of lingerie sets until you land on the perfect reflection of you. You may find that while you’re demure on the outside, you’re a feisty firecracker just below the surface. Dressing up is an easy way to probe into parts of yourself that you wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.

Titillating Temptress: For the Daring and Adventurous

For the woman who has always been fearless, edgy lingerie is certainly for you. When your middle name is “risk-taker”, there’s no room for subtlety and mediocrity. Leather and Vinyl Erotic Lingerie should be in your top drawer! Don’t be afraid to experiment with hard details like studs or buckles. This 4-piece bondage lingerie set includes a bralette, thong, handcuffs, and eye mask! An unconventional lingerie set like this will speak volumes to your devil-may-care soul. Rough details and even fetish wear will make a big impact on the bold girl who knows no limit.

Vogue Chic: For the Fashion Forward Girl

If you are the kind of girl who is always scanning the radar for the latest in fashion, who says you cannot be super stylish with your lingerie? You can still be the ultra-cool girl that you are with some mesh, fur and a whole lot of bare skin. Strut your stuff in this Young at Heart Mosaic Lingerie Set, which comes with a halter-neck bralette and a matching high-waist skirt. To add more fashion credibility, top it off with a long coat or leather jacket and you are ready to take over the runway.

Classic Charm: For the Old Soul

There are some things that will never go out of style – including lingerie. Fads come and go, but there are certain pieces that are eternal, such as corsets and little black dresses.Take a page out of Gatsby or Marilyn Monroe’s style book with vintage yet timeless lingerie.You can manifest your classy self with a Victorian style corset with thong set and this Pin-Up Girl Polkadot Top and Garter ensemble. If you still want to keep up with the times, you can always pair vintage pieces with more modern accessories.

Quirky and Kinky: For the Artist at Heart

You simply cannot settle for the ordinary and humdrum. If you’re always leaning toward the periphery of the mainstream and prefer to march to the beat of your own drum, you’d look great in nontraditional fabrics and colors. Try an eccentric cut, like this bodystocking with cutouts in an electric blue shade. Don’t shy away from bold colors and fabrics. Your body is a blank canvas and you can wear your lingerie like art!

Passionate Reverie: For the Hopeless Romantic

If you are a passionate gal, your lingerie has to be something that enraptures the senses. It has to be something that taps into your sensuality and makes you want to get beneath the sheets and make love. Valentine’s Day is your favorite holiday and you wish it was every day. You can spread love through romantic lingerie sets that you will absolutely love! Red, satin and everything passionate will help you shout out your desires without uttering a word. This Play with Me Red Bow Bra Set is the perfect display of affection through lingerie.

Baby Spice: For the Girl Next Door

Sugar, spice and everything nice. If you’re a lover of all things girly and soft, try wearing something delicate and flirty that showcases your feminine side. Highlight your feminine silhouette with tight-fitting and airy materials. Try out ruffled embellishments and flirty details to take this look to the next level. This Very Sexy Pink Lace Lingerie is the epitome of girly. It has lace, ribbons, and is Raspberry pink. Everything you need to keep in tune with your feminine self is in this 2-piece set.

It has been an unwavering pursuit to express ourselves through our clothing and our lingerie should not be neglected. Lingerie has always empowered women - whether for the intention of letting anyone take a sneak peek or for your own personal pleasure. When you apply your own personal touch to the lingerie you wear, your confidence and sense of power will all become natural. Now all you need is to be yourself. Be sexy, be you!

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April 12, 2019 — Nicole