“I have nothing to wear!” is the usual exclamation of the modern woman facing a closet full of clothes. In this case, it might be the first thing to pop into your head once you have a boudoir photo shoot in the cards. For a neophyte, you need all the help you can get when picking the perfect outfit for your boudoir shoot. One may consider booking a session as a romantic gesture for someone special, but in fact, it is also something you do for yourself.

After answering the basic question: “What is a boudoir photo shoot?”. Another question looms above your heads as you anticipate being in front of the camera. “What should I wear?” Bare naked? Lingerie? Negligee? Those camera shutters and glaring lights can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time so it is highly recommended that you come prepared to rock the house!

Boudoir Photo Shoot Tips for the Best Outfit

No matter if you are scouring an ensemble from your own wardrobe or starting from scratch, a basic rule applies: it should make you feel sexy then everything else can follow. When something makes you feel sexy, consider these other factors when picking an outfit.

- Go with a Theme: Most boudoir photography follows a motif. It is best to learn or choose a theme so that you can work towards making the whole thing cohesive. Aside from arranging the bedroom or hotel room set up, a fixed theme will make it easier to pick your clothes. It can range from ethereal fairy theme, pin-up girl, blushing bride, ‘50 Shades BDSM, and more! Let your creativity flow free. Let the theme extend from your clothing to your hair and makeup. While photoshop can work wonders these days, it's recommended to have your makeup done by a professional makeup artist who can really do your makeup according to the theme you have chosen.

- Make Your Body the Star of the Show: When picking items to wear, make it a point to wear the most flattering pieces. When an item of clothing looks good on your body, posing and finding your best angle will be a breeze! Flaunt those legs with a luxe pantyhose, show off those curves with a waist-cinching corset or work the boudoir with a cleavage-bearing push-up bra. High heels will also help put emphasis on your legs. No doubt, a pair of stilettos will add 10 times more oomph to your lingerie ensemble. It does not matter how high or how killer your heels are, you do not have to walk in it anyway!

- Feel Comfortable: A huge factor in a relaxed photo shoot environment is when you are comfortable with everything, the room, the boudoir photographers and most especially the clothes on your back. A corset might be pleasant to look at, but when you are not fully comfortable in it, skip it. Opt for materials that you are completely snug in so you can let your natural beauty shine bright without any hesitations. If your photographer is a professional in boudoir photography, they will know the positions and angles to capture your best looks. Just follow their lead and let the camera do all the work!

- Bring a Variety of Stuff: Make the most out of a photography boudoir session by bringing multiple outfit changes. No, it does not have to be a suitcase chock full of random items. You can bring versatile Bra and Panty Sets that you can mix and match to switch things up. Bring a combination of casual clothes like your t-shirt or a sheer blouse that you can throw over your micro lingerie for that risque yet mysterious look.

- Bring him into the picture – If you are doing this photo shoot for a wedding gift or special occasion, you can definitely bring a piece of your lover into the photo album. Throw on your man’s oversized shirt underneath your naked body and a pair of knee high socks. Let your shoulder peek a little as you stare piercingly to the lens or give out a candid laugh. It could also be a cap, a watch, his boxer shorts, anything you can grab from his closet. It will definitely have him tickled pink once he feasts his eyes on that masterpiece knowing you put him in your thoughts.

- Pick Items that Look Great in Photos: This is not essentially a factor that you would consider, but since a photo shoot is all about the output, choose the products that will be ‘photogenic’. Jewelry is a subtle touch of sparkle and shine that will translate beautifully on camera. A pop of color is also a great way to add dimension to the setting. Fur, body glitter, props and a lot more accessories can be used to add pizzaz.

These Boudoir Photo Shoot Ideas will help you brainstorm the perfect outfit. You do not have to be a professional model to produce a magazine-worthy photo album. While confidence may be the sexiest thing a woman could wear, a sexy ensemble does not hurt to give you that extra boost of self-esteem. The reflection of your own self-image and beauty can be mirrored back to your outfit and a boudoir is the best medium to express that. Of course, do not forget to have fun!

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April 24, 2019 — Nicole