If you want to dress to impress, dress like a seductress.

Every woman has their own style identity. Girly, sporty, trendy – whether it is intentional or not, we cannot help but express ourselves through style and clothing. No matter which trend you follow or which style direction you decide you tread, every woman follows one gospel truth: sexy is necessary.

Sexiness is an inevitable part of any woman. According to the naughty girl’s bible, no matter how you express yourself in the streets, it all changes when it comes to dressing for the sheets.

When you have to choose between naughty or nice, tell Santa sorry but we have to pick naughty! With the unlimited choices of sexy clothing in the market, it can get quite overwhelming in putting together an ensemble perfect for a tease. Here are some style tips to speed up the shopping so you can get down and dirty in no time!

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1. Sexy Lingerie > Nudity

While stripping down in your birthday suit is the ultimate end goal, sexy lingerie is no doubt the naughtier option. Give your lingerie more thought because it makes a world of difference. A flattering lingerie set is heaven-sent when you want to spice things up in the bedroom. Throw away those jammies and trade it for a subtle and seductive babydoll and g-string set. Show a little but also hide a little is the golden rule of the game of seduction. Leaving just a tiny bit to the imagination will leave him thirsting for more. As Sophia Loren once uttered: “A woman’s dress should be a like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”

2. Find Out What He Wants

If there’s anyone who knows your man inside and out, it’s you. Keeping him at the top of your mind when picking your lingerie will make him feel special. According to Robert Greene, author of The Art of Seduction, “What will seduce a person is the effort we extend on their behalf, showing how much we care, how much they are worth.” More than what a piece of clothing makes you feel, it won’t hurt by paying attention to the small details he likes. Reach deep within his fantasies and live it out through your sexy lingerie. Be on the lookout for his interests, what makes him smile and what makes him excited then put your own naughty twist to it. If you find out that he is a Star Wars, a movie marathon while you are in this sensual Space Princess Costume is a force to be reckoned with.

3. Go Bold and Be Daring

Most success stories come from outside comfort zones. If you want to make a splash in the bedroom, then go for something with a dash of spice. Being daring does not have to mean showing the most skin. Go beyond the corners of your wardrobe and try something that you would not normally pick out. As mentioned in Glamour Magazine in their article on How to Dress Sexy: Invest in a dress that looks as good coming as it is going. Put a daring twist to the classic little black dress with this Black Shred Mini Dress. It is business in the front but a party at the back. Peekaboo details at the back are what makes this timeless piece naughty. It is all in the tiniest details. Wear it on a romantic date night and it will surely end in steamy sex!

4. Put the Spotlight on Your Body

A quick and easy measure to make your ensemble naughty and scintillating is making your clothes work for your body. Know your body well and know your best features by heart so it will be a breeze picking out flattering pieces for your body shape. Flaunt your assets and make sure he notices! Drop little hints that you mean business and you are not planning to just sleep the night away. When you pair this Sheer Lace Corset Top with a pencil skirt, it will definitely give the impression that you are in the mood for a wild ride. Do not forget to make sure that you are wearing your sexiest lingerie so that the show does not stop in just the exterior. Be consistently naughty literally inside and out!

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5. Props and Accessories to Amp Up the Fun!

Props aren’t just for a boudoir photo shoot. They are also meant to be used and abused! Spruce up the experience by adding the icing on the cake. You will definitely reign supreme on the naughtiness game when you opt for props and accessories in addition to your sexy lingerie. Leather props and accessories are the pinnacles of naughtiness. No matter what kind of BDSM lingerie you are wearing, a leather whip will make everything completely exotic and totally “Fifty Shades Worthy”. Top off your Dominatrix outfit and make it a notch naughtier with a wickedly chic choker. When you to go for a more vanilla get up, go for your not-so-ordinary leg wear like this Black Mini Diamond Net Spandex Stockings will turn the whole look into anything but chill.

Activate the Naughty in You!

There are a lot more ways on how you could make your outfits turn devilishly sexy. When you have the right pieces put together, it will only take a matter of seconds to turn his switch on. Play with every aspect of your style. From your hair to your nail polish to your heels, you can always turn the dial of dirty if you want him to crave you like never before. So spritz on your most delicious perfume, put on your sexiest lingerie, kick your confidence into high gear and activate the naughty in you!

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May 06, 2019 — Nicole