How to Choose the Perfect Lingerie

Buying lingerie is a very intimate experience. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, knowing what style fits best, can be intimidating. Lingerie looks great on the model wearing it in the ad, but you may feel it won't fit you that same way. Although it is impossible to cover all the body types, here are a few tips to help narrow it down close enough to make your lingerie selection a little easier.

Let’s talk about basic lingerie styles:

  • Corset: These are bras reminiscent of the older days where it used to be worn outside the dress. Now they serve as very sassy lingerie. They mainly accentuate waist and bust, while smoothing tummy and hips. If you are looking to create an hourglass figure or add a bit of curves, this is a nice way to emphasize it.
  • Teddy: This lingerie, like the corset, is a nice choice if you are self-conscious of your mid-section. It's usually a one piece, swimsuit like bodysuit, with various lace and cut outs for peekaboo fun.
  • V Shape Panties, Thongs and Boy Shorts: For the lower half of your body, these panties are shaped in a way to highlight the bottom area. The V shape is a good choice if you are not very full, in order to give a more visual presence of a butt cheek. Along with the thong, if you are more "cheeky", it can highly elevate your curvaceousness. Boy shorts are panties reminiscent of very small, tight shorts. You can find them in regular underwear, but they are available in lace or crotch-less if you are looking to add a little excitement to your private encounter.
  • Nighties and Slips: These are a little bit more versatile. They can be worn nowadays outside of the bedroom. Slips, more commonly known as "nighties" are generally mid-thigh length dresses, usually made of silky, lace fabric. These are excellent for all body types.

Now that we've covered basic styles, the next order of business is to address the affordability. Popular brand name lingerie can cost a pretty penny. Although it can be a nice treat for a special occasion, there are other cheaper alternatives.

Shop online - Sometimes retail stores don't have items priced the same as what's on their website. If you plan to shop, visit that store's website first to see if they have an "online only" sale.

Clearance – There’s nothing like a semi - annual sale or the clearance section. You will find that some lingerie items will be sold half their original retail prices, which is a great way to get a solid bargain.

Discount Stores - This again goes back to online shopping. Discount stores allow you to get lingerie styles or even brand names at a much more budget friendly cost. It is also a great way to discover your preference, as you develop your lingerie style or even try something new at a minimum cost. Blog Logo

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August 09, 2018 — Hilary