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What to Wear to a Rave

You just bought tickets to what promises to be the most spectacular rave party of the century then you suddenly realize that you’ve never been to a rave party and have no idea what to wear! Just like any other person in this digital age, you hit Google and type in “rave outfits”. You are then faced with a myriad of styles and designs for rave clothing that you find yourself even more lost than when you started planning your rave wear outfit.

So, what exactly do people wear to a rave party?

The simple answer to this question is – it depends. There’s no solid rule for rave wear but if you’ve seen how these parties go down in movies, you’ll know that shorts and tank tops are favorites among ravers. Then there’s also the crowd that really goes all the way and dress up like it’s Halloween – but without all the horror and gore. How, then, do you decide which crowd do you want to be a part of in terms of outfits? Here are a few things you should remember:

Your personal style

As tempting as it may be to slap on some nipple pasties, a bikini, and cover up with neon green fishnet hoodie, first decide if this is something you would be comfortable wearing. Just because a bunch of girls usually dress up like this to a rave doesn’t mean you should too. Always remember that you won’t feel free and sexy in an outfit that does not fit your personal style. Go for a simplistic style such as rave rompers or rave bodysuits with long sleeves that will create a timeless look.

The venue

It’s always good to look up the venue of the rave before you decide on an outfit. Some raves happen in warehouses, while others are held outdoors. Your choice of rave clothing should be suitable for the venue. You wouldn’t want to wear a furry hoodie jumpsuit to a party that’s going to be held outdoors in the middle of summer. Likewise, a mesh outfit won’t be a good idea if the rave’s going to be in an ice plant. When thinking about what to wear to a rave, always consider the theme of the music festival and the venue that it’s taking place. You’ll want to stay comfortable while dancing your heart out.


Those new to the rave scene might be surprised when they find out that not all raves happen at night. There are some which happen in broad daylight and are most often near beaches or in the pool area of a hotel. Don’t be surprised! These days, there are clubs which have swimming pools and throw all day and all-night rave parties. If you’re attending a rave party in a club like this, it’s best to keep your fluffies and light-up fur rave bodysuits safely in your closet unless your aim is to ruin them by getting them wet. Consider a bathing suit with iridescent or metallic material that will keep you looking festive and cool.

Knowing Your EDM Festival

Like we mentioned earlier, there really isn’t a dress code at rave parties. While it isn’t a bad thing to “do you” and dress up in whatever you like, there’s still an unspoken decorum as to what you should wear at certain rave festivals. This is a time to let your creativity run wild and add some tie dye to your life.


The EDC or the Electric Daisy Carnival for example, is a festival that encourages its attendees to showcase their creativity, individuality, and imagination by letting them wear whatever they want and painting their faces however they like. Think: Carnival! Needless to say, you can expect EDC outfits to be nothing less than a spectacular display of color and uniqueness. This rave usually lasts for 2 days so you can just imagine how much planning goes into the outfits of those who attend. While you aren’t required to dress up like a colorful butterfly (complete with wings!!!), you must at least wear something bright and lively.

Electric Zoo

As the name suggests, this festival encourages attendees to let out their animalistic side and even become their spirit animals. You’ll see that ravers in this even tend to choose their rave wear from opposite ends of the spectrum. Some wear the most colorful animal costumes and rompers and pantsuits in animal prints, while others just choose to wear brightly colored tops and booty shorts.

Hard Fest Events

At EDM festivals organized by HARD Fest for one, you’ll find that attendees don’t go through all the fanfare and prefer to wear more basic festival outfits – shorts, crop tops, tank tops, and graphic tees. They also tend to stay away from neon colors and don’t accessorize too much or at all.

Small Rave Events

If you’re planning to hit the rave party at the dance club in your city, you don’t have to worry too much about what you’re going to wear. You can get away with the regular booty shorts, crop top, fluffy boots, and your neon accessories. Smaller rave events tend to be a little lax on the rules of rave wear compared to larger EDM festivals.

It’s Time to Bling it Up!

Rave wear, rave clothing, what to wear to a rave, rave outfits, rave bodysuits, edc outfits, rave accessories, led glasses

Now that you know the basic “rules” of rave wear, it’s time to accessorize! After all, no look is complete without the right blings. Here are some of the things that will not only level-up your look but also heighten your EDM festival experience:

1.Kaleidoscope glasses – the laser light show is as important as the music in a rave event. Kaleidoscope glasses will make the light show look even more spectacular than seeing it through the naked eye. So make sure you have one!

2.Kandi bracelets – nothing says rave party than Kandi bracelets. No one’s sure when this colorful arm candy started showing up at raves or why, but it’s been regarded as one of the icons of EDM ever since. These days, Kandi bracelets have become a symbolism of friendships formed at raves parties because they’re given away as gifts among attendees.

3.LED Gloves – again with the light show! There’s just something about lights at raves that bring people together and a private light show with a pair of LED gloves will do just that.

A few more things…

You have your outfit and your accessories, what else do you need to know? To fully enjoy a rave, remember these few things:

Wear the right shoes (!!!)

Notice our exclamation points there? It’s that important! Wearing the right pair of shoes is crucial because you will be standing, dancing, and jumping around until the break of dawn. Trust us when we say you’re not going to want to wear your killer stilettoes. If your most comfortable shoes are a pair of old Chucks, don’t worry! You can hide them under a pair of fluffy leg wraps. Not only will fluffies hide your dirty sneakers but they will also make your legs stand out! If you want to make your shoes your statement piece, platform boots and platform sneakers are all-the-rage right now. Rock a pair of hologram platform shoes and you will be comfortable while still slaying your rave outfit.

Stock up on energy

The biggest DJs are always towards the end of the artist line up in EDM festivals and rave vets know this. If you want to still be up by the time your favorite DJ’s set is up, make sure to stock up on energy. We’re not talking about gulping down a gallon of Red Bull! Take an afternoon nap and make sure you have dinner because there’s not going to be much food at the rave.


This is just as important as wearing the right shoes. Jumping and dancing around in a crowded area for hours on end will make you sweat – A LOT! It is very important that you replace those electrolytes so you don’t end up passing out in the middle of the dance floor. At EDC Las Vegas, they’re very conscious about keeping their rave goers hydrated. Featured all throughout the music festival are water stations where you can fill up your water bottle or hydration bladder.

There you go… everything you need to know about choosing the perfect rave outfits for some of the biggest EDM festivals in the world! Follow our tips and we can guarantee you’ll fit right in and look like a rave veteran even if it’s only your first time! Have fun!

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