How many times have you gone to a sexy lingerie store and bought a piece of lingerie that YOU thought was super sexy... only to come home and have your man tell you that he thinks it's unflattering. It only takes a few disappointing moments like this to realize that men and women have very different tastes of what they think is sexy.The motivation of this article is better understand: What kind of lingerie do men prefer to see on a woman? 

As it turns out, this question can't be answered without doing a little homework. All men are not created equal, at least when it comes to what turns them on. Is he an ass guy? Is he a boob guy? What does he fantasize about? Does he want you to role play? Sometimes choosing the right lingerie comes down to asking a few upfront and frankly blunt questions. It may also be helpful to show him pictures and test his reaction to some of the styles. Keep in mind, wearing lingerie should also be important and fun for you. Wearing lingerie that makes you feel confident and powerful in your own skin is just as important when it comes to finding lingerie that he will like. 

When it comes to buying lingerie, women care much more about quality and cost than men do. A Lingerie Poll conducted by the Huffington Post [link to study] reveals that men can't tell the difference between a $200 bra vs a $68 bra. What should this tell you? When it comes to lingerie, men are purely visual and they care about how it looks rather than the type of material or designer. That's good news because you don't have to spend lots of money buying designer lingerie, but rather broaden your options to different styles and brands. 

Once you've done some detective work and figured out what he likes, we've compiled some pieces from our sexy lingerie store to help you identify lingerie that will work:

Babydoll Lingerie

Sexy babydoll lingerie

Boob guys LOVE babydolls. Babydolls typically have a low cut or v cut neckline that accentuates the breasts and draws the eye to those lovely assets. Babydolls are soft with a flowy mini dress that also allows for flexibility (and bendability) in the bedroom. Even if you don't have big boobs, no fear, the sexy cuts and lines of a babydoll help you work with what you have and accentuate your breasts. Take a few tips from The Tiny Gals Tricks of Trade that give helpful tips about accentuating your breasts for the man who may have a fetish for big boobs. 

Bodystocking Lingerie

Red Crotchless full length bodystocking lingerie

Bodystockings are erotic and unlike any traditional style of lingerie. Guys who aren't into traditional lingerie, sometimes find themselves drawn to bodystockings. Bodystockings come in all shapes: dresses, full body, teddy style, long sleeve, halter, and the list continues. The fun part about bodystockings are the eroticism they create. Bodystocking lingerie is tight fitting and exposes much a woman's figure. They can appeal to boob guys, ass guys, and guys who are into certain fetishes. They also take out most of the hard work that men hate when it comes to removing lingerie. Bodystockings make YOU accessible, many come in crotchless or cupless styles making it much easier for him to access you. Plus, bodystockings are new and something completely different for his imagination. Again, if you're not sure if your guy is into bodystockings, just show him a few sample pictures to see if he thinks they're hot. 

Costume Lingerie

Naughty School Girl Costume with Pink Plaid and Underwire bra matching pink skirt

Men love using their imagination to conjure up a sexy encounter in their minds. Whether it's a fantasy about scoring with an innocent school girl or hooking up with a bad nurse, most men have a fantasy that turns them on. Depending on their fantasy, find costume lingerie in this sexy lingerie shop to fulfill just that. If you want to take it a step further, once you have your costume lingerie find other sex toys or items that match your costume to really create the full effect. Find the right toy to match your outfit on Good Vibrations, one of the best sex toy selling sites. 

Teddy Lingerie

Sexy Cut out teddy with lace-up detail and pink thong

"Ass" guys want lingerie that accentuate the cheeks and teddy lingerie typically come in thong style or cheeky style. Teddy lingerie also come in corset, deep V, or low cut styles making it also a great option for boob guys. Teddies are versatile and feature different cuts and styles making it easy for you to find one that will be a match. If you want to work on your glutes and get a bigger butt naturally, try the helpful tips from How To Shape Your Butt that assesses the shape of your butt and exercises that help to shape it. Be cautious with teddies, some guys view the leotard style a hindrance by the way it locks up the goods. If you're thinking about a teddy, first ask your guy or show him a picture to get his opinion. 

Garter Belt Lingerie

Red Garter Belt Lingerie with Red Stockings

Garter belt lingerie are a classic staple to any lingerie outfit. Men who love thigh high stockings on a woman, also love garter belts. When a man sees a woman wearing a garter belt with stockings, his mind goes wild with the taboo nature of compromising you while you're still wearing clothes. An oldie but a goodie, see if your man wants you topless while you wear a garter belt with stockings or if he likes garters part of a full outfit. 

The conclusion to make after reading this is that all men view lingerie differently. It completely depends on guy's personal tastes and fantasies which can be completely different from yours. However, just know that men love a woman's confidence, and when he sees how confident you are in lingerie, it will make him that much crazier about you.