From East to West and North to South, we've compiled the ultimate list of nudist destinations for the "adventurous" traveler in the U.S. and Canada. Depending on the type of atmosphere and vibe that you are looking for, this list will give you the perfect idea of where to plan your next trip. If you're a beginner or experienced with the nudist culture, the best way to try any nudist or clothing-optional beach is to wear a bikini that is also versatile with the environment. Bring a sexy micro or thong bikini to help you dip your toe into becoming a nudist for your "bare-it-all" trip.

Pacific/West Coast, USA:

Black's Beach, San Diego, CA

Black's Nude Beach located between La Jolla and Torrey Pines State Beach is a secluded getaway thanks to the 300-foot high sandstone cliffs that line the beach. Be aware that not all of Black's Beach is nudist-friendly, the south end is considered the city-owned section and will enforce a ban on any nudity. Most people say that they love this beach for the freedom of tanning without a swimsuit. There tend to be more men than women, but if you're going alone then try to find a woman or couple and ask if they don't mind. 

North Baker Beach, San Francisco, CA

When you think of nudist beach, North Baker Beach is the icing on the cake. Known for its large crowds and social atmosphere of drums and frisbee, this beach is fully accepting of nudists. In fact, if you're wearing clothes you will be odd-man out in this situation. 

Collins Beach, Sauvie Island, Oregon

This one-mile nude beach is located northeast of Sauvie Island and rated No. 7 worldwide for public nude beaches. Known for its cool laid-back vibe, this beac is known for outdoor activities like volleyball, badminton and physical activity. This public beach is very accepting of nudists making you feel right at home! Take a few lessons from GoLocal's list of Cool and Not Cool things to do at Collins. 

San Gregorio, San Mateo County, San Francisco, CA

Known as the country's oldest nude beach, San Gregorio in San Mateo County is a privately-owned beach that charges admission. The nice thing about a private beach vs a public nude beach is that people know exactly what they're getting into. Few gawkers means more meaningful nude time for you. The nude section is just north of the Hazardous Surf sign, or the public beach rangers will cite you for nudity. Just know that the beach has wooden drift structures and people are known to have sex in the structures when there is a T-shirt hanging on one of the poles. 

Pirate's Cove, San Luis Obispo County, CA

Pirates must have known long ago the booty they would find at Pirate's Cove at Avila Beach in Central California because this is a favorite for nudist goers. Named after the pirates who smuggled liquor into the area, this public beach dones sea caves along the bluff. Gawkers are pretty prevalent, but if you don't care then bare it all!

Kehena Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

If you're looking for privacy and minimal gawkers, the black sands of Kehena Beach (otherwise known as Dolphin Beach to the locals) is your destination. The locals add to the spirit of Kehena with their free-spirited and social scene with their beach parties and drums, you will find a wide variety of people and animals who may be naked, or not. The scene is very tolerable of nudists, so if you choose to go bare you will be accepted. Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor of the nudist vibe you can find at Kehena. 

Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii

While the clothing optional status of this beach is unofficial, the word-on-the-street is Little Beach has been attracting nudists for years to their secluded beach on the south-side of the island. The beach is occupied 95% of the time with nude sunbathers who partake in naked frisbee or walking the edge of the water to even out their sun tan. Enjoy this beach if you want to surround yourself with other nudists, but beware that many gawkers stop-by check out the naked scene. Little Beach is hands-down one of the most nudist acceptable beaches in Hawaii. Check out the Pros and Cons of Little Beach on the helpful Maui Information Guide- Little Beach blog

Central/East Coast, USA:

Hippie Hollow, Austin, TX

Nudists can be found on the shores of Lake Travis in the city of "Keep Austin Weird". This classic nude beach is known for its wild boat parties and LGBT scene. Enjoy the open atmosphere and fun beach activities, the parties are definitely a sight to see. As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. 

UFO Beach, South Padre Island, TX

Known as Texas' most popular nude beach, UFO Beach on South Padre Island is the perfect nudist beach for beginners. Rangers patrol the beach regularly providing safety for your nude-self. The beach is very isolated and secluded offering you the perfect opportunity to test out the nude lifestyle. The each is frequented by nudists and the atmosphere is very open and accepting of the nudist practice.

Haulover Beach, Miami, FL

Known as one of America's top 10 clothing optional beaches, Haulover Beach in Miami Florida boasts its beautiful beaches and open minds. According to, over 7,000 people visit the beach each day and up to 85% of visitors use the nude designated portion of the beach. 

South Beach, Miami, FL

While South Beach is not nudist-friendly, it is most certainly topless friendly. Doning women from all over the world, this beach frequents practices of other cultures and behaviors. If you take your top off in South Beach, many women are sure to follow suit. 

Herring Cove, Provincetown, MA

Although illegal, the National Park Service that patrols the beach ignores nudity at Herring Cove in Provincetown (Ptown), Massachusetts. The cove is broken up into four areas based on preference: straight, lesbian, gay men, and nude. The nudist portion is further down the coast, but straight women will be found topless at the lesbian section. Read this helpful guide in the Provincetown Journal about directions and etiquette on the Herring Cove Beach. 

Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Part of the Sandy Hook Beach, the Gunnison nude beach is tucked at the north end of the beach. The beach has a strong culture of nudity with their motto being "get naked, or get lost" and encourages a ban on cameras. Many people who attend the beach describe the feeling as liberating and free. Let's get naked!


Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Known as North America's largest naturist beach, Wreck Beach is just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver and sports on average 12,000-14,000 visitors daily. With a culture of body acceptance, Wreck Beach bosts a variety of activities that range everywhere from holiday parties, sunbathing, beach music, sports, body art, and more. 

Beaconia Beach, Lake Winnipeg

Located between Patricia and Grand Beach in Manitoba, Beaconia Beach is divided into three distinct areas: clothing mandatory, straight/clothing optional, and gay clothing optional. The beach is completely secluded with no man-made structures and visitors can often find protected species of birds. South of Beaconia Beach is the nude beach area that is visibly distinct by the sand dunes. 

Hanlan's Point, Toronto

Only portions of the beach are designated clothing-optional, so keep an eye out on Hanlan's Point for the signs. The beach is a little less-developed but makes for the perfect naked experience. 

Oka Park, Montreal

While not an officially recognized nudist beach like Wreck Beach and Hanlan's Point, nudity is tolerated at Oka Park just north of Montreal. The rangers are friendly to nudists and are only looking for bad behavior. The 3 mile-long beach contains a majority of nudists and a variety of different points to either congregate with others, or find more seclusion.

Crystal Crescent Beach, Halifax

Beautiful beaches with white sands, Crystal Crescent Beach near Halifax is a favorite of many tourists and locals. About a third of the beach is designated for nudists, The Bluenose Naturist Society holds a strong membership at the beach to encourage beach etiquette and ensure that nudists are welcomed.  


Now, you are undoubtedly ready to hit the clothing optional beach for your next vacation. Hit the side of the island that's known for its nude sunbathing and its carefree vibes. Whether you visit Haulover Beach or the seclusion of Torrey Pines' Blacks Beach, get ready for the exhilerating freedom that you will experience as you unveil your buns for the first time.