Vinyl Waist Cincher

$51.95 $56.95

Will you risk being a unicorn? The Ice Vinyl Waist Cincher from J Valentine is the ideal way to adorn your waist with fun fabric, give the appearance of a more narrow waist, and look stunning in your preferred style. The pink ice and white vinyl color combination leaves skin breathable, cozy, and adorable while bringing out the magical unicorn in everyone! Wear this vinyl waist trimmer to a rave, as part of a homemade unicorn costume, or wherever you need to add some sparkle! 

  • 1 Piece Included: Pink & White Ice Waist Cincher
  • Iridescent clear vinyl waist cincher
  • White lace up front and back laces
  • Side zipper for easy application
  • J Valentine Exclusive
  • Firefly Sanctuary Volume 4
  • Fabric: 100% PVC