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Party Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is one holiday that we can totally go over the rails and try on a new persona without the fear of being judged. Looking pretty much the same 364 days a week can put you into a bit of a humdrum so the mere thought of trading your uptight business pantsuit for a sexy adult costume can be exciting. So, we rush to retails to find sexy Halloween costumes for that special annual celebration. News flash: you still do not know what to wear! Worry not for we have sexy Halloween costume ideas you can pull off when you paint the town red!

Ghouls, mummies, zombies, a decapitated head? It all sounds a bit gory, right? Wearing flirty costumes may be ubiquitous for some. Well, it’s the one day in a year you can let loose, so why choose to be scary when you can be oozing with sexiness? Read up on some of these ideas that do not require blood nor prosthetic to be “killer”.

rainbow sparkle unicorn costume, sexy unicorn costume

Unicorns: Wild Imagination

Unicorns are the very definition of magic. Rainbows, sparkles and all things sweet can be associated with unicorn Halloween costumes. If you are the type of person that wants to be the pop of color and brightness in a dimly lit room, then go for a rainbow unicorn costume. People consider these mythical creatures to be legendary. Whether unicorns are a figment of our imagination or not, sexy unicorn costume for women is always brings a breath of fresh air amidst a room full of vampires and zombies.

Give justice to these legendary creatures by choosing a unicorn Halloween costume for women. There are mini dresses and skimpy rompers that stay true to the magical theme. Pastel colors like pink can be worn from your wigs to your furry leg warmers. Top off your sexy unicorn costume for women by wearing a dainty horned headpiece, whether it be on your wig, on a hood or a headband, because it isn’t a unicorn without the horns! Oh, and remember: do not go easy on the sparkles.

Boss maid, french maid costume, sexy french maid

French Maid: Clean yet Dirty

French maid costumes maybe one of the more common adult sexy costumes in the market but only a few know about its deep history. Your costume may be a conversation starter as well as an attention getter. French maid dresses are simple to put together yet striking enough to get people talking. So, prepare the story of how controversial French maids were in the past because of their reputation for staying up late with the master of the house. Thus, costume French maid was born. Strike up a conversation with your sexy French maid costume and you will definitely get “ooh’s” and “aah’s” in your Halloween party!

There are two ways you can dress up your sexy maid costumes: clean or dirty? Keep it simply sexy by opting for a mini dress with the classic apron and feather duster. You can also go for a naughty nanny look. Wear a French maid lingerie to heat up the bedroom. Bare all as a burlesque lingerie maid and seduce the master of the house with a revealing bra and panty set. This look will definitely keep your beau on his toes, dying to rip those threads from you. Don’t forget to clean up your mess afterwards! *wink wink*

sexy ninja costume, ninja costume cosplay

Ninja: Master of Disguise

Ninjas are hands down badass. If you want to portray a whole new image for a night, then the best way to go is as the master of disguise itself. Sexy ninja costumes omit an air of mystery, yet you can totally pull it off with an air of flirtation. Fashionable + mysterious? Guys will go gaga wondering who’s the chick underneath that cool ninja clothes. Of course, it isn’t only for the guys; nothing spells woman empowerment more than a kick ass character.

Ninja costumes for women is an effortless look. This costume is mainly composed of black, leather, a bit of red and a whole lot of hot fire. Ninja costumes for women can be skin-exposing or the opposite. Choose a romper with mesh or fishnet details for a more revealing and sultrier look or a leather catsuit that is equally sexy when worn skin-tight. Cap off your adult ninja costume with killer heels and killer accessories and you surely will not be left in the shadows.

sexy devil costume, princess of darkness, hot devil costume

Devil: Devilishly Good

All girls, whether you are a baddie or a goody-two-shoes, can pull off a sexy devil costume. Red is undeniably flattering so it will look good on anyone. You can set your naughty self free and have a wickedly good time! Not to mention, sexy Devil Halloween costumes are so versatile and flexible so you can always add your own flare without the fear of bumping into someone in a party with the exact same costume.

Keyword is “hot”. Take inspiration from the devil’s abode and look for sexy devil costumes that are hot as hell. Start off with your dress then work your way to the accessories. Pick a sexy devil Halloween costume that you think would accentuate your curves and all your best assets. Add a mini pitchfork, matching horns and heels and you are good to go!

sexy indian costumes

Indians: Pocahontas Wanna-be

Pocahontas was every little girls’ icon. An unconventional princess that fell in love. She stands for everything a strong woman is: fierce, tough, determined and yet still full of love and compassion. You do not need much to paint all the colors of the wind since an Indian princess costume is already without a hitch: fashionable.

Flaunt those long legs with a sexy Indian costume which features crop tops and miniskirts. What makes a sexy Indian costume exceptional are the details. It has a lot of fringe and fur, so you are definitely not going to be missed in a sea of partygoers. You can further highlight the rich ethnic culture native Indians have by also mimicking other factors like their braided hair and the feathered headdresses.

sexy ringleader costume, sexy ringmaster costume

Masterful Ringleader: Lion-tamer

A circus is always a fun place to be. That is why if you want a fun, fun, fun costume, go for a Halloween circus costume! The circus is one of the most colorful and vibrant places. There are a lot of circus costume ideas to choose from. A ringleader has always been the center of attention. His home is practically center stage after all. So, if your goal is to be the life of the party, then play the part by wearing a ringleader costume.

Like how a ringmaster does it, your Halloween circus costume must be carefully thought out so that anyone who watches you will be in awe. Follow this formula so that you won’t have to walk on a tight rope when thinking of a circus ringmaster costume: stunning red cropped jacket + gold details + a top hat. You can also wear fishnet stockings that would be impeccable to any ringmaster costume. And the cherry on top? A whip – to tame those beasts!

sexy school girl costume, naughty school girl csotume

New Twist School Girl: Teacher’s Pet

You probably dreamed of the life you had back when you only problem was how to get your crush to notice you. Oh, how carefree are the days of a student. Wouldn’t it be nice to go back in time and live over those moments?

This Halloween, channel your inner Britney Spears and tell those guys to “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. A sexy school girl costume is always irresistible. When you wear a school girl Halloween costume, no doubt you will feel preppy, flirty and totally fun! But of course, instead of the traditional dress code uniform, you can liberate your old school girl outfit and turn it into a naughty school girl costume. Leave a bit of that button-down polo unlaced with a little bit of your lingerie peeking and tie the rest of your button down mid-waist to show off that sexy abs of yours. With a matching checkered plaid skirt and tie, it’ll be a mix of youthfulness and sensuality in one!

sexy tinker bell costume, sexy tinkerbell costume

Fairy Tinkerbell: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Three words: fairies, charm and imagination. Much like unicorn costumes, a sexy Tinkerbell costume will boost all things magical. Lighten up the mood and wear a Tinkerbell dress. It will make you feel like you are in Neverland. No one wants to grow up, right? So, here’s an excuse to go back to your childhood, even if it's just through your clothing! A sexy Tinkerbell costume must be a combination of cute and sexy. Once you have a lime green mini dress with lots of glitter plus a cute pair of fairy wings, then all you will be needing is pixie dust because magic will transpire.

costume lingerie costumes, sexy fantasy lingerie

Costume Lingerie: The Halloween After-Party

If you do not feel like going trick or treating this year, then maybe just give your partner a little “treat”. Don a flirtatious costume lingerie and have your own private party in the bedroom! There is a wide array of sexy costumes for the bedroom that will keep the Halloween spirit even after hours. Dressing up doesn’t have to end on Halloween, you can keep up with the annual motif up to the bedroom any day of the year thanks to sexy lingerie costumes!

Turn those erotic novels into a reality There’s no better time to bring out the script you’ve been wanting to play out all year. Keep things interesting with a role play outfit. A man always loves a woman in uniform. You can dress up as a  nurse and have him pretend to be a patient Suddenly needs a “physical check-up”. Bring out your creativity with your costume lingerie such as fairies and goddesses that will grant all wishes to anyone who dares to come close. Maybe keep your bedroom outfit minimal by just wearing an adult lingerie in the form of a bow. Let him unwrap you as you give yourself as a gift. You don’t plan on keeping it on for too long anyway! Let your imagination run wild and have a blast in your bedroom costume.

The Secret: Feel Good in What You Wear!

With all the options laid out on the table, picking a party Halloween costume may be overwhelming. If it feels like a daunting task, then maybe you are overthinking it! Do not forget to have fun. Always remember to pick something that not only looks good but also feels good. The best accessory to any outfit is your smile and your confidence. What you wear will look a hundred percent better if you feel positive in it. As they say: “Clothes make a statement, but costumes tell a story.” So, make sure to add another chapter this Halloween! 

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