The Hottest New Swimwear Craze – The Micro Bikini

If the standard bikini offers too much coverage for your fabulous body, this season's hottest new swimsuit promises barely-there coverage that will turn heads whether you are on the beach or laying by the pool. The micro-bikini swimsuit is being seen in all the major fashion magazines, on Hollywood's elite, on social media sites and on television. The micro-bikini suit is not for the faint of heart. What you need to pull-off wearing a micro bikini is confidence!

The micro-bikini swimsuit features a triangle top and string-tie bikini bottoms. While this may sound like a standard bikini, it is far from it; the triangle top offers minimal breast coverage. The micro-bikini top offers slightly more coverage than wearing pasties or tassels over your naughty bits, and you will definitely have some breast flesh hanging out underneath, on top of and on the side of this suit.

The bottoms also do not offer much in the way of coverage. While you will have minimal coverage in front of the micro bikini swimsuit, the backside of the suit leaves little to the imagination. The posterior is not a full thong-style swimsuit, it is a tiny G string bikini back with T strap design; your cheeks will be on display for all to see.

At first glance, this swimsuit looks to be too small on a woman and appears rather uncomfortable. If you love water sports or being active at the pool or while on the beach, this is not the right swimsuit for your needs. Lovers of the micro bikini suit tend to enjoy lying in the sand or in a lounge chair and working on a tan while sipping on fruity drinks with little umbrellas. You have to be very aware of how you move and walk while wearing a micro-bikini suit. One wrong move and you could be ticketed for indecent public exposure.

Since this style has grown in popularity this season, you can find micro-bikini swimsuits readily available online, usually at sexy lingerie shops or g string bikini shops. To pull off this style with confidence and grace, you will need to have thick skin; you may receive an abundance of comments, stares, compliments and cat calls when wearing a micro-bikini swimsuit. But who cares, the purpose of the g string bikini is about meeting and supporting your self-confidence!

Onlookers who are not up to par on the latest trends in swimsuit attire may think you are simply wearing a bathing suit that is too small for your body. You will quickly be able to spot all your fellow trend-setting beauties on the beach this season; they will likely be sporting a playful, feminine and flirty micro bikini swimsuit as well. If you love the skin you are in, enjoy draping yourself in the latest and greatest fashion trends and are not afraid of extra attention and eyes on you this summer, you will love how this season's hottest bathing suit trend makes you look and feel.

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August 19, 2018 — Hilary