Top 5 Nipple Pasties – 2020

Nipple pasties are the new boob revolution. Wearing them has become second nature to the modern woman. When brassieres are out of the question, and censorship does not allow us to #FreeTheNipple, pasties have got you covered in all senses of the word! They were once designed to be ‘invisible’ underneath clothing, but it has since become more than just a nip-slip Band-Aid. Nipple covers have taken over rave scenes, festivals, beaches and beyond.

Now, women are finding more ways to show them off. At Pastease, we have come up with some stunning designs that you won’t want to keep all to yourself!

Since pasties have become a full-blown fashion staple on its own right, we are here to celebrate the creme de la creme. Put your assets on display with our top five nipple pasties this year.

Red Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue, when nipples are hard, these pasties are for you. Roses have always been in the center of romantic celebrations. The color red, in particular, symbolizes passion, and pleasure. Red roses are the epitome of romance but who needs a wilting bouquet of roses when you can get a pair that’s waterproof, fun proof and sweatproof! These fan-favorite pasties are feminine, sensual and has a generous helping of glitter to make eyes glued on what matters. You can make it your top-drawer item when you want to get some action because this pair is guaranteed to turn the heat up! Keep with the program when you seduce your man with your petalled papayas after an intimate date.

You can also choose the more come-hither route with not-so-subtle message slapped across your chest with these “Fuck”, “Lick Me” and “Eat Me” roses. While everything about it might seem to be designed for some lovin’, romance isn’t their only purpose. They can be used as an ornate accessory under a classy mesh top or a gorgeous subject of a boudoir, burlesque or high-fashion photoshoots. Roses wilt eventually, but not with these pasties!


Rainbows symbolize everything magical. A bit of color (or a lot) can be a refreshing take on life’s monotony. When we think of rainbows, we always associate it with pride and positivity! That being said, Pastease rallies behind liberation and all its glory. Which symbol best reflects freedom other than iridescent nipple covers? We cannot think of anything else! Rainbow pasties have become a mainstream sight in raves and festivals. It comes with no surprise since color is always at the top of the list when planning a party outfit. Hard-core ravers love the fact that they can take that positive bursting energy and drench themselves in color, sweat, without a worry of any fashion faux pas.

Not only because it is a cute statement piece, but also because it goes so well with so many pieces! You can pair it with your tie-dye, denim, equally colorful clothing and it won’t ever look tacky! There are so many styles you can work with: a cutie-pie rainbow cloud pasties, a clear declaration of pride or take the stars in your eyes to your breasts with rainbow star pasties. Whether you make it the highlight of your outfit or wear it as a fun accessory, it always works! Talk about chasing rainbows with such a versatile and fool-proof number!


Go on an all-time high with some pot-shaped nipple pasties. Green and glitter is a deadly combination. These bedazzled beauties make your breasts a work of art. These nipple pasties are clear-cut conversation starters. Ward off any buzzkills with the confidence you get from the dynamic synergy of these pasties against your boobies. Indica pot-shaped pasties will prove that you DGAF! Customers love the badass confidence a head-turning piece like this gives. Hey, if it’s any consolation, anything this pretty should be illegal! Your MO? Your killer looks!

If green isn’t your color, you can still opt for the classic pot outline but in rasta colors or a holographic material! It’ll ease your mind to have a pair that seems so simple but packs a lot of punch. Smokin’ nips are what you will have and that’s a guarantee.


A pair of neon pasties gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “glow up”! They say your beauty glows from the inside out. Well, this time you can make it shine brighter than ever before. This bestselling variation of pasties is all the rage because of its fashion and function. It keeps you covered yet still makes your beauty radiate the room! Don’t be sad if there isn’t a blacklight to keep you glowing, you shine regardless! With neon pasties, you can freely own the night and be the glow-getter that you are! Even after the lights have dimmed, your twins can still be highlighted with these glow-in-the-dark nipple covers.

Up the ante of your EDM ensembles with all the shapes, sizes and hues you can choose from: neon green hearts, neon pink splatter or neon blue crosses. These are always flying off the shelves during the festival season, so it is recommended you have an arsenal ready for any night-time parties you get invited to. Neon pasties are top choices for festival wear with see-through tops or even a super tight tank top.


We are sure that this is the look Ariel was going for. This pair makes us want to break into a song! Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? And, neat it definitely is! Who needs a bikini top, when you can have mermaid shells instead?

Every aspiring mermaid needs a pair of these ‘thingamabobs’! Summer vacation means painting your world with bright, multi-colored details overflowing with these opal and black changing sequins seashell pasties, and pastel tie-dye holo snake-print shell pasties. Break out a pair of seashell pasties at a clothing-optional resort. Rookies use this style to dip their toes in nudist beaches before they completely take the plunge. It’s the perfect transitional “outfit” that’s slightly more modest as compared to going completely commando.

Make a splash when you pair these with your sexiest micro bikini bottoms or your see-through swimsuits. These seashell pasties are better than bringing any bauble or trinket by the sea!

Erotic, exotic and incredibly hypnotic – Pastease makes them with a whole lot of love!

Nipple pasties might be itsy-bitsy in form, but the impact they give is like dynamite! Pasties have become a whole new fashion genre on its own and there’s no stopping the avalanche of designs and styles waiting to be plastered on a women’s tatas! This list only highlights a fraction of all the creative and sexy pasties that you need to try. If you haven’t tried everything on this list... nip that in the bud and go on a shopping spree for your nips!

Indulge in the wide selection of Pastease products handmade with love in Sandpoint, Idaho. Every product boasts apparel grade textiles and medical grade adhesives. Plus, they’re waterproof, sweatproof, latex-free and ultimately fun proof! Advocates of the #BralessMovement since 2003, every Pastease pair is made with sugar, spice, and everything nice for your nips!

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April 20, 2020 — Nicole